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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition, was released in 1998 and is an enhanced version of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. At the time of release of the game, Nintendo also released a special edition Yellow Game boy Color! Twenty years later, Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! were released which are are remakes of Pokémon Yellow.

There are loads of Pokemon Yellow cheats that can be entered in the game, these are done by using a GameShark device attached to your Game Boy Color, or by entering specific codes in the cheat menu if you are using an emulator.

You'll find Pokemon Yellow Cheats both on this page, and also on our Pokemon Yellow GameShark Codes page along with full instructions on how to use them.

Pokemon Yellow Cheats

All cheats in Pokemon Yellow are entered using codes that you put into the cheat menu of your emulator, or into a code manager of a GameShark attached to your Game Boy Color.

Most of our Pokemon Yellow cheats are over on our Pokemon Yellow GameShark Codes page. Here is a selection of some of the best ones.

Best Pokemon Yellow Cheats

1. Master Ball Cheat

Get unlimited Master Balls at the Poke Mart for free with this cheat.

2. Walk Through Walls Cheat

You can walk anywhere on the map with this Walk Through Walls cheat which includes some tips on how to use it.

3. Rare Candy Cheat

Level up your Pokemon with this rare candy cheat.

4. Pokemon Yellow Cheats

Great collection of Pokemon Yellow cheats which includes cheats to encounter any Pokemon in the game, and codes to set the Pokemon levels as well as a load more. Browse through this collection which has loads of positive feedback to find some interesting cheats for Pokemon Yellow.

Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow Tips

While it's easy enough to cheat in Pokemon Yellow, it's always great fun to play these great Pokemon games in the way that the developers intended which is why we also have loads of Pokemon Yellow tips if that is your preference. All the tips we have for Pokemon Yellow are on this page, just scroll down to see them all, here we have selected some of the best tips so that you can discover them more easily.

Best Pokemon Yellow Tips

1. Catch Mew without cheats

Mew is one of the favourite Pokemon in the whole series and in Pokemon Yellow you still do not need to cheat (although you can find a cheat to catch mew here) to catch Mew. This tip will tell you what you need to do in the game to catch mew without cheats.

2. Catch Dragonair and Gyrados More Easily

A cool set of instructions to help you catch these two Pokemon without cheats.

3. Cycling Road with no Bike

Here's how you can travel Cycling Road with no bike. No sure how useful it is really, but it's an interesting thing to do!

4. Get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle Quickly

While you can get the three starts with cheats this page gives some tips on how to get them early in the game with no cheats.

Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough

Our Pokemon Yellow walkthrough is a complete guide to the game and includes information on glitches, changes between the original and digital versions, all Pokemon locations and loads more.

Also check out our Pokemon Yellow Questions and Answers for hundreds of answered questions about the game, you can also send in our own Pokemon Yellow question too.

More Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition GameBoy Cheats and Tips

We have 111 cheats and tips on GameBoy. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition go to:
Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition Questions & Answers page.

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Get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

Unfortunately, in Pokemon Blue and Red, getting all three of the Main Starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) takes about half or all of the game to do. Pokemon Yellow isn't the same. In fact you could have all three by the time you have completed as little as 3 or 4 Cities!

It starts with Charmander. Get to Cerulean City. This is the Blue City with Misty as the Gym Leader. First defeat Misty. You're Pokemon must be around Level 20 or higher if this Gym is a breeze. Then go North where there's two passage ways. If you go up the Right one you notice there's a wall blocking which means you must go up the Left one.

Beat all of the Nugget Guys, including the final guy at the top. Once again, make sure your Pokemon are Level 20 or higher for this challenge t..


Buy Master Balls For Free 01017CCF

All Pokemon On Your Team Look Like Mew, In Battle 0115d8cf

Make Your Opponent Pokemon Burn and Sleep 0115e8cf

Catch Wild Articuno 014ad7cf

Catch Wild Zapdos 014bd7cf

Catch WIld Motres 0149d7cf

Catch Wild Dratini 0158d7cf

Catch Wild Dragonair 0159d7cf

Catch Wild Dragonite 0142d7cf

Catch Wild Mewtwo 0183d7cf

Catch Wild Mew 0115d7cf

Catch a Pokemon at Level 5 010526d1

Catch a Pokemon at Level 10 010a26d1

Catch a Pokemon at Level 15 010f26d1

Catch a Pokemon level 20 011426D1

Catch a Pokemon level 25 011926D1

Catch a Pokemon level 30 011E26D1

Catch a Pokemon level 35 012326D1

Catch a Pokemon level 40 012826D1

Catch a Pokemon level 45 012D26D1

Lvl 100 Mew after the first 2 gym leaders

First you must not have beat the person with the lvl 17 slowpoke after the nugget bridge or the person left of the nugget bridge in the tall grass. Also, you must have an abra and a Pokemon that knows growl. Now go to the top of the nugget bridge and position yourself on top of the trainer in the tall grass but you can't see him on the screen and SAVE. Now step once down and quickly press start before you battle the person in the tall grass. Choose abra and teleport back to cerulean. Go back up the nugget bridge and battle the person with the lvl 17 slowpoke. Use you're Pokemon that knows growl and use growl 6 times and then defeat the slowpoke. Now go back to the nugget bridge. On the way, the start menu should pop up. Press B and you will face against a lvl 1 MEW. Catch the Mew and the..

Dance Pikachu dance!

Jump off a ledge. When the ledge is between you face pickachu. Keep pressing a then pickachu will start to dance!


First you must not have beaten the gambler outside of the underground path near Celadon city and the youngster near the nugget bridge with the level 17 slowpoke and you need then you go to celadon the go to the underground path step outside and save just incase you mess up then take one more step down and pause the game real quickly then fly to cerulean and your start button shouldn't work then battle the youngster with the level 17 slowpke and win then your start button should work then fly to lavender and walk the path to the left then your start button should pop up. Exit out of it and then you should be facing a level 7 Mew good luck catching it

Strongest Pokemon Possible

If you want the strongest Pokemon of any type possible, you must follow there are a few things you need to know.

1. Pokemon grow stronger with a trainer than in the wild. If you catch a wild level 30 Pokemon and compare it to a lv 30 Pokemon of the same kind who has been trained from a lower level, you will see that the trained pokemon's stats are higher. Try to catch the Pokemon at the lowest level possible and train it yourself. It takes longer but is worth it if you want to raise a truly powerful pokemon.

2. Don't let anybody babysit your pokemon! Pokemon also gain less stats per level in the care of a babysitter. Keep them with you, and they'll grow the best.

3. Evolve your Pokemon as soon as possible! Higher stages of Pokemon gain more stat points every time the..

Catch Mew

Ues you can caych mew without a gameshark heres how first of all dont fight the gambler outside of the underground path next to celadon city or the youngster near nugget bridge with a level 15 slowpoke first get the hm fly then go to the underground path and save then go out and step foward once and immediately press start next fly to Cerulean City the start button wont work but go fight the youngster you didnt fight dont walk up to him or the game will mess up beat him then the start will work fly to lavender town and go west and the start button will pop up by itself and a mew will appear it will be at level 7 and will only no pound pokeball go.

Easy Dragonair and Gyarados

Hello, it is me again. Well, this is a very easy trick to do. You know that in the Safari Zone there are strange Dratinis in certain pools. Well, in the water pool just up of the entrance of the Safari, you fish with the best rod possible and maybe you will get a rare Dragonair.

This is extremely frustrating as it runs away very easily so to catch him for good throw him a single rock and as many Safari Balls as needed (do not throw bait, as it becomes impossible to catch).

When you catch it, try to take it up to a level from 50 up, and it will evolve into the most rare of all dragon pok�mon: Dragonite.

That was for Dragonair, now for Gyarados. In the same Fuchsia City where you caught the Dragonair, got to the house of the Guru that gives you the good r..

Dance Pikachu dance!

Jump over a ledge then keep pressing a on picachu. Then he starts to dance!

A fast and easy way to beat brock.

This is the best way to beat Brock with out trading from another game. After you get pikachu and get pokeballs go to Viridian city.

From there go west until you get to the first area of grass. In there you will find a Mankey.

Catch mankey. Train mankey to level 9. At level 9 it will learn low kick, let mankey learn it. That move is super efective on Brock's pokemon. Thats how to beat brock.

P.S. bring some potions with you when you battle Brock just in case.

Glitch City

Ok lots of people are asking how to get to glitch city in the questions section so I'm posting it here.

1. Make sure you have a Pokemon that knows fly or teleport in your party. Then, go to the safari zone. When the man asks, say yes. Go in the Safari Zone, then immediately go back in the building. 2. The man will ask, "You still have Safari Balls and time left. Would you like to finish now?" (Or something like that). Choose the answer that lets you back into the Safari Zone.

3. Save.

4. Turn the gameboy off, then back on. Go though the house. When you reach the man, he asks if you would like to pay 500 to go back in. Say no. Exit the house, and fly to Cinnabar Island. 5. Go to the right, and surf along the edge. After about 500 steps...

6. Din..

Catch mew

Ok, I know youre all thinking "mew can only be obtained through an official nintendo-sponsored event or a game shark" but just listen to this please- I couldn't believe it at first but now I've got one

First go to saffron cityand go to the right until you go through the building. Walk past the old man and up towards the house. Stand just below the door of the house and quickly press down then start. Your menu should apear, now fly to curullean city. If done correctly, the man should start a battle, but you will fly away.

Go up to the bit with the hedges now YOU MUST battle the youngster with the slowpoke and win. So to re-cap, fly from the man's battle and battle that pacific battler straight after. When you win, fly to lavender town and walk to the left, as you go ..

Legendary catch rate

Ok, you know how hard it is to catch legendary Pokemon as the pokeball nearly always misses. The trick is to catch a Pokemon like haunter or hypno that can learn hypnosis. Train it up to level 45 for the three legendary birds (articuno, moltres and zapdos) and level 65 for mewtwo but KEEP HYPNOSIS. Then when you come across the legendarys use hypnosis and the pokeball will always catch the legendary.

Good Luck in catching the legendarys


P.S. Remember to bring revive and hyper potion.

Easy victories int the beginning

Walk around Viridian Forest for a while.You can find a pidgeoto (sorry for my bad spelling) Lv. 8-9! [Make sure you have an alternitive Pokemon if Pikachu is too strong for it! And bring lots of Poke balls!]If you catch it you have a pretty strong Pokemon that can beat most of the wild pokemon! Also after you get Pidgeotto, [or before] catch a caterpie, and train it into a metopod, then a butterfree. This makes it easy to beat brock. Or to beat him catch a Mankey to the West of Viridian city and train it until it knows Low Kick.

Hopefully I helped some of you out there!

Thanks for reading!

Who to catch dratini and dragenair

go to the safari zone in fuchsia city and use the super rod and you can catch magickarp dratini and dragenair

How to get all three Eeveelutions

Jolteon- Apply a Thunderstone to an Eevee.

Flareon- Apply a Fire Stone to an Eevee.

Vaporeon- Apply a Water Stone to Eevee.

Get an eevee

Go to celadon and go behind the top shops and enter the only building you can go in. Go to the top and on the table in there there is a pokeball with a level 30 eevee. Becki10

Awesome Cheats

The following cheats are rated 100+ by my friends, so please rate.


Beat Elite Four and Gary.

Go to Cerlean City.

Cross Nugget Bridge.

Go to the left all the way.

Go down until you see water.

Surf on it.

Go down until you see a cave.

Go in.

Go to the end and battle Mewtwo.


Do not use a Master Ball.

Get it's HP to RED then use Pok�Balls or Ultra Balls.


After the Mewtwo crap, get a National Dex(ALL Pokmemon from Pokemon YELLOW/BLUE/RED and CRYSTAL/GOLD/SILVER)

Go to the Mewtwo Cave.

There is a hidden ladder that is hard to find. You find it bye using Rock Smash on Brownish-Black rocks or walk through the certain ones.(NO GameShark!!!)

You'll see fo..

Get onto Cycling Road without a Bicycle!

Okay, so you may have deposited your Bike in your PC or never even bothered to get one, and you really can't be bothered to pick it up so you can get on Cycling Road.

There's a simple solution. When you enter either of the guardhouses that separate Cycling Road from Celadon/Fuschia City, walk so that you that the counter is right next to you. When the guard stops you and says that you need a Bicycle, keep on pressing Left on the D-Pad and after he's finished speaking you will walk past him anyway.

A very convenient and useful glitch!

Erika Koga Gary

To win Erika or Koga,You need to get Hitmonchan which can learn Fire Punch.

To get it,defeat the Dojo in Saffron City(In the left GYM)and also train Hitmonchan to Level 50(or higher)and also you can train your Charmander.

Gary will evolve his Eevee into Vapaeon.

So train your Pikachu

Poke,great,ultra balls act like master balls

I know your thinking this isn't going to work but just listen this is not a lie. When it says ______ threw a ball push in on the control pad and rotate it clock-wise but do this quickly.and at the same time press a and b at the same time(press repeatedly)this should catch the Pokemon with out any works 100% of the time..................seriously! This may take some practice for people with very very very poor handicordination.

Trainer fly to get any pokémon

Most of you are already aware that you can do the trainer fly cheat to get Mew in Cerulean City.

However, in Yellow/Red/Blue if you can find a trainer to trainer fly on you can basically get any Pokémon in the whole wide game.

First of all, we'll explain the trainer fly trick.

What you basically need to do is to step in FRONT of a trainer, not sideways, or this trick will not work.

Make sure you save your game before doing this trick.

Now, walk in to the trainer's field of sight and before the trainer can notice you, quickly press start(you'd be good to do this if you spam the start button while walking forward, but stop when you know you're in the range where the trainer can actually see you), and what you want to do now, is to either have a Pokémon that knows..

How to get charmander

Go on route 24. After you defeat misty and after you walk down the path the first guy you see go up to him press "A". He sould give you charmander, if not then wait a while then try again.

How to get to Glitch City

SAVE WARNING - Once inside Glitch City, DO NOT save your game. If you save your game within Glitch City, the save file will become corrupted and you will not be able to load it properly, forcing you to abandon your playthrough and start a new game. As utilizing this glitch involves Flying to Cinnibar Island, an area only explored during the latter half of the game, it means you'll probably have played for numerous hours that you don't want to lose, so use caution with this glitch.


Follow these steps for the only known way to access Glitch City, a 'city' comprised entirely of 'glitched' pixels:

1. Enter the Safari Zone in Fuschia City. Pay $500 to play the Safari Game. Once inside, exit. The clerk will ask if you're "Leaving alreadY?". An..

Beating Surge, Koga, Blaine, and Giovonni with ease

Hey, the old Pokemon games are old, but there's always new stuff to be learned about them. For instance, in R/B/Y versions, there is one Pokemon that you can catch that will make defeating the Third, fifth,seventh and eighth simple and easy. His/Her name is Dugtrio; a little trio of moles [digletts] that can be caught in the tunnel near Cermillion City. Dugtrio is pretty much the ultimate straight ground type in the game. He is found at level 29-30 and knows the move Dig when yu catch him. This move is going to be one of your favorites for defeating the gym leaders I mentioned earlier.

Surge may be tough with his level 24 Riachu, but fear not, nowwith your new partner in crime Dugtrio, you can beat him easily, and his cute little electic attacks won't affect you. Now it's tiem for ..

How to beat Brock in a few easy steps This ..

How to beat Brock in a few easy steps

This is practally the only way to beat Brock without trading from off your other games. Trust me, I beat Brock in two minutes with this.

1.) After getting your Pokedex, buying Pokeballs, ect., go to the Viridian Forest.

2.) Capture a Caterpie or Metapod and train it until it evolves into Butterfree.

3.) Train Butterfree until Level 15 or so.

It should know Confusion and a few powder techniques by then, so go beat Brock! Good luck ^_^!

A guy who corrects stuff read this

The Unknown Dungeon and Cerulan cave r the same thing but with 2 different names so it dosen't matter what u call the cave....


If you let one of the Snorlax escape, you can catch another either next to cycling road or south of lavender town.

Surfing Pikachu

(this is only for people with Pokemon yellow/red/blue, Pokemon stadium and the game adaptor) You want a surfing Pikachu but don't want to get a Gameshark? Well, here's how. first, get your pikachu from pofessor oak and train it and some more pokemon to level 100. then, get your pokemon onto pokemon stadium and get up to R2. To get to R2, beat the entire stadium once. after the credets roll, beat the stadum up to the part where you are at the master ball cup. then, make a team of no rented or regestered pokemon. Pikachu must be with you while you are going to vattle, but he doesn't have to fight. bt the way, if you continue, this won't work. anyway, after you beat the last person, a screen should pop up and ask you if you want Pikachu to learn surf. say yes and then your pikachu will lear..

Get Squirtle

You get him after you beat the the gym at Vermillion City. (Talk to the person in the middle of the town)

Don't want your Pokemon to grow up?

If your Pokemon starts to evolve and you want to stop it, press B. This will not work if a Pokemon is evolving by friendliness or by stone evolution. This can be helpful if you want your Pokemon to learn moves earlier, because the younger the Pokemon is, the sooner it learns attacks.

Beat the Pokemon League and Crush Gary

The easy way to beat the league is do the Mew glitch and, have charizard, balstoise, venesaur, pikachu, and articuno on your team. They all PWN each person of the league.


To get Mew as a glitch (which he was not ment to be one,so continue at risk) you can not have faced the gambler on route 8 in front of the underground path or the youngster near bill's house with a lv 17 slowpoke and you MUST HAVE FLY.

1.Go to Celadon City

2.Go to the unerground path east of Celadon city

3.on the other side go up the stairs and ou the door and don't move

4.SAVE with your back turned towards the door (IMPORTANT TO DO THAT IN CASE U MESS UP)

5.Then take one step down and and imedeitly press start as fast as you can and the menu box will pop up before the trainer sees you. 6.then go to your flying Pokemon an fly to cerulean city (NOTICE WHEN YOUR IN CERULEAN THE A,B,AND START BUTTON WONT WORK)

7.Go up like your going to bill's house intil..

Beating brock easy

First get a metapod and get it to change to a butterfree and then get it to learn confusion and it is really easy to beat him (i did this to beat him)

How to beat Brock easily

Actually, the easiest way to beat Brock without training your Pokemon so much, is to catch a Mankey. I caught mine in the block of grass just south of Pewter City. When you catch it, it should know Scratch.

However, if you get lucky, you might find one that knows Low Kick. I caught mine at Level 6, and I trained it to Level 10 in the grass and the trainer before Brock.

Since fighting is Super-Effective against rock, it will be easy. You can also catch a Nidoran�� (Nidoran�� is the purple one) and then train it to learn Double Kick. That will, however, take a lot of training, and it may have to evolve into a Nidorino first.

Keep in mind that I think Mankey is very rare in that spot south of Pewter City (took me about 20 tries) so catch it the first chan..


If your down to your last Pokemon, you don't have any potions, he is poisoned, and low on health this will help.

It will take awhile but walk 3 steps, since you have to walk 4 steps for your Pokemon to take any damage it wont take any damage, after you walk 3 steps save it and do a soft reset or you can turn the game off completly. Load the game walk another 3 steps and your Pokemon still will not take any damage and you can do this till you get to a Pokemon Center without losing any money.

Get Hit By Confusion Less

When the game says you are confused, press A. Before the question marks pop up, hold A until it says your Pokemon hsa attacked. There you have it.

When to use Rare Candy

A little trick you could is when you have a rare candy use immeadiatly after your Pokemon goes up a level.

It will be a whole lot more useful!

Easy Way Out

When you need to calm Cubones Mothers soul in Lavender Town. Instead of having to Defeat Giovanni in Celadon City, Just throw a Poke Doll at the ghost.

Beats Gary 2 times near the Pokemon League gates and get Mewtwo

At the begining of the game you will have pikachu after you have him leave the lab and Gary will stop you to battle him. win or lose ir does not mater, train Pikachu up to level 12 and go to whe Pokemon leauge and gary will and so going to the Pokemon Leauge? forget it you most probally dont have any badges and he will battle you.

He will have a level 9 spreaow and his eevee will be on level 10 or 11 beat him and he will walk away, if you get any badges before you do this gary wont be there. collect all badges and he'll be there again beat him and you are well on your way. beat the Pokemon leauge and the cave with the man blocking it will be gone. in there Mewtwo will lie on the deepest dungen.

Once you catch Mewtwo with master ball DO NOT over write recover. Mewtwo..

Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition FAQs

Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition Walkthroughs