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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

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A large collection of cheats that includes how to beat SSJ4 Gogeta with Baby or Super17, easy Infinite Z item fusions and character codes.

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We have 68 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi please send them in here.

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Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi cheats

Unlock Characters
Android 16: In Z Battle Gate defeat Cell with him. Android 17: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Piccolo. Android 18: In Z Battle Gate defeat her with Ssj Vegeta. Android 19: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Ssj Vegeta. Android 20: - Dr. Gero: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Piccolo

Burter: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Goku

Dabura: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Gohan

Dodoria: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Vegeta

Frieza 2nd Form: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Kid Gohan

Frieza 3rd Form: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Vegeta

Frieza Final Form: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Vegeta

Ginyu: In Z Battle Gate defeat him with Goku

Goten: In Z Battle..

Character Codes

The following codes are used to unlock maxed characters. Go to Dueling mode under COM vs. Com to enter the following codes.
Unlock Android #16:
AE)WCd $aqSVf r&U+f+
Rpdmw$ ydxwgE LVzc?s

Unlock Android #17:
&i#Ukc nNbas$ ldSI%e
&rNm!O XXrogS ffXEZw

Unlock Android #18:
PqBR*T aJzQvf &IVyaZ
WpXwag #NAUci %dXGa%
Unlock Bardock:
FQe+Fb DI%zPP #AelgE
KJYE#t javVcs yFoWI$
Unlock Broly:
Vq&Eu? TJNnqR NPAtlW
BIiZhZ gV%oJm nkJYHe

Unlock Captain Ginyu
XltHwa DRoDYW yeYt#P
#eRoDw ft(sMm kvzck#
Unlock Cell Junior:
CZ(*&M um!SVG cuSAFE
$JSc!t %wBP?s reTHoP

Unlock Cell:
ZyMVH) HJ%E#N lcltwc
BfKjKg RjZztc Zw(Iwr



Theres this thing where goku and vegeta talk before battle seclet them in any mode super sayinen 1 2 3 4 any of them but they have to be the same power levels like goku super sayien 1 and vegeta super sayien 1 have to be the same type of super sayien or regular and they will actually talk to each other rather than saying their fraces like I show you my true power like they usualy do hope you have fun.

How to get all z battle gates

To get all z battle gates you have to beat most fo them but the last one yu need all dragon balls then unlock the true marcile arts tornoment

How to easily win all "survive untill time runs out"

win the battle starts jump imidiatly then get to your opponet and press square,square, this again after you see the wave of impact.and over and over till time runs out.


Unlock Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and max out all of his stats(mostly Super Finishing Moves) and use 100x Big Bang Kamehameha on your oppenent in practice or duel mode and you'll have a 1 hit ko!

Easy Dragon Balls

O.k. What you have to do is go to the Z Battle Gate: Saian Saga.
Go to the battle where you are Tien and you have to fight Choutzu. Once the fight starts, knock him down and then blow up the time chamber.
There is a dragon ball in the ruins.
Pick it up and win the fight. Repeat this entill you have all 7.

Super 17 earlier

Hey guys, the way to get Super17 is fuse the evolution z item from the fight against android 17 and super17. But if you fight 2 times android 17 you get the same evolution z item. So to get Super17 earlier fight android 17 on Z Battle Gate twice!
Good Play!

Easy Way to Clear survival battles

An easy way to clear survival battles is to punch/kick your opponent, then quickly hit X. This will stun your opponent , then punch/kick him again then hit X again.keep doing this until time runs out.
With Hercule, just hold down the guard button, because hercule is so weak, that the punch and x combo doesn't work.
Hope this helps =)

How to get all Dragon Balls the Easy Way

Ok you might know or not know the only way to get the Dragon Balls is to destroy mountains,buildings,and other things.
But there is an easy to get them fast.Go to the Saiyan Saga then choose the fight with either Yamcha (You) Vs. Krillin,Krillin (You) Vs.Yamcha,Chaizou (You) Vs. Tien,Or Tien(You) Vs Chaizou.
Then go behind the big main building there,then power up then use your finishing move.Once you have destroyed the building you will see the Dragon Ball.But the computer will keep attacking you so get him out of your way BUT DONT KILL HIM!
Get the Dragon Ball then defeat the computer and repeat this until you have all the Dragon Balls then Shenron will grant you a wish.

Weird Glitch?

Okay I am not sure if this a glitch or not but it is really weird. I would do this in duel mode. First have SS4 Goku face Off with SS4 Vegeta. Have SS4 Goku Win. Then he will speak in japenese and sound like a girl. Weird.

How to get last saga

Get the 7 dragonballs and wish for ' true world tounament'.

Great Ape(vegeta)

Wat ever you do donot go near him will will always kill you keep doing finisher moves so he stays back.if he comes then you press Square, sqaure, square then triangle repeat this untill time runs out.
Hope I helped


To unlock Brolly, fuse the purple Potara skills Super Saiyan and Brolly.

Quick and Easy Dragonballs

I have one of the easiest ways to find dragonballs. In the Z-battle gate, in the Majin Buu Saga, go to the fight where you are Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks fighting Super Buu. When you start the battle, knock Buu off with the up + X combo. Then go directly backwards so that you are on one side of the building in the middle of the lookout and Buu is on the other. Fire off a ki attack so that it destroys the building. (This attack will go in the direction of Buu, where ever he is, so just make sure that the building is around the middle of you and Buu.) On the center pedastal of the building you just destroyed will be a dragonball of whatever number of stars. This will always work.
Hope this helped. Cao Ren out. Smile

Easiest way to unlock Dragon balls :o

If you want to use this cheat, you will have to be able to access the battle in the Majin Buu Saga between SS3 Gotenks and Super Buu. Once you're there, make sure you manage to knock destroy the temple of Kami's Lookout without a KO. This is important. The easiest way to do this is by using the Super Finishing Move, Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball, but you must make sure it does not kill him. Once you manage to destroy the temple, there will be a Dragon ball in the rubble, which you can collect.
This is by far the easiest strategy for unlocking the seven Dragon balls, purely because there are so many ways to destroy the temple if needed. Here are other possible ways to do it.
Lock on to Buu and make sure he is positioned behind, on top of, or in front of the templ..

Alright everyone says to go against super Buu wi..

Alright everyone says to go against super Buu with SS3 gotenks to get the dragon balls. I agree on this but I don't agree with the method of getting said Dragon ball. Getting the dragon ball would be much easier to get by getting rid of your lock on and holding R2 and flying through the building in turn destroying it with much less trouble.

how to Beat SSJ4 Gogeta with baby or super17

1)When the battle starts these moves
Super17:Hell blitz
Baby: Final Flash
Then dash forward and do a combo until you got enough ki to blast another.
Tip:get him as close to the wall as possible so he can't attack back =)


Majin Buu(Ultimate Gohan Absorbed)= Ultimate Gohan + Absorption
Bardock= Kakarot + Hatred of Saiyans
Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta= SS4 Goku's fusion + SS4 Vegeta's fusion
Majin Vegeta= Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta + Babidi
Janemba Psyche= Orge + Peoples Maliciousness
Cooler Final Form= Frieza's Older Brother + Super Transformation
Bojack (Post Transformation)= Galactic Warriors + Seal Release
Super Saiyan Gogeta= Goku's Fusion + Vegeta's Fusion
Majin Buu(Pure Evil)= Majin Buu(Good) + Wicked Person's Bullet
Majin Buu(Gotenks Absorbed)= Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks + Absorption
Ultimate Gohan= Super Saiyan 2 Gohan + Elder Sumpreme kai
Great Saiyaman= Gohan + Transforming Hero set
Super 17= Android 17 + Android 17 ..

Easy Infinite Z Item Fusions and Dragonballs

In order to get a lot of Z Item Fusions you must fight lots and lots of battles, right?
Wrong. You can get Easy Z Item Fusions by playing the Saiyan Saga battles 5-9(Yamcha vs. Krillin and vice versa and Chaotizu vs. Tien and vice versa). These four battles are the easiest way to build up a lot of Z Item Z Fusions and are the Easiest battles to get the 7 Dragon Balls to get all 7 of the availible "wishes".

The Truth Behind Dragon Homing Count!

You may have seen, on this site or elsewhere, that people have said that the items "Dragon Homing Count +1", "Dragon Homing Count +2" and "Master's Skills" increase the speed of which your character dragon dashes. That is not true. Speed capsules increase your character's movement speed, no matter what method of movement you use.
The three items that increase your dragon homing count increase the amount of times you can attack your opponent from a dragon dash. When you attack your opponent, the bar in the bottom right corner fills up.
When it is red you can, by holding down the punch/kick button, knock your opponent back quite far. If you press X, or the dash button if you have changed it, immediately after you have hit your opponent you will dragon dash towards y..

Can You Do This?

It might be a glitch but when I was playing as SSJ Gojeta((im him)) vs. SSJ Gohan when I used ultimate kamehamha I pressed R1 R2 L1 L2 X O Square Triangle UP DOWN RIGHT LEFT before he could finish it((oh by the way you have to hold all of those bottons)) he turned all orange around him and then made 3 of him.
The three of him started to attack the enemy and then and then started to use the ultimate kamehameha and then made a huge hole then went threw the earth.Can you do this?Or is it just a glitch in my game?
Cause when ever I use SSJ Gogeta and do the bottons it will do that!And it will kill the enemy auto matic and send him threw the hole in the earth and into space with only a body!God this rocks!
Give me some feed back if you can do it or not.

World Tournament Levels

There are four levels of World Tournament in this game: Novice, Adept, Advanced, and the Cell Games. Each puts you up against fighters that are stronger than the next in more ways than one. Instead of facing Krillin, Kid Gohan and other weaker warriors, you are put up against fighters that are just naturally stronger, and their power is increased. Here's how to unlock these tournaments:
Novice - Naturally comes unlocked with the game.
Adept - Defeat the Novice tournament.
Advanced - Defeat the Adept tournament.
Cell Games - Defeat the Advanced tournament.

Oozaru cheat

This is a cheat to beat oozaru & oozaru (vegeta).
To beat normal oozaru keep doing special beam cannon and eventually you will win.
To beat (vegeta) oozaru keep blating ki blast and when he's down power up .
I hoped this helped


Base Long Haired Future Trunks - Successfully complete Z-Battle Gate

Monster Zarbon - Defeat Monster Zarbon with Vegeta

Mystic Adult Gohan - Fuse Two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan 2 and Elder Supreme Kai)
Saibamen - Successfully complete Radditz Saga 100%
Semi Perfect Cell - Defeat Semi Perfect Cell with SSJ2 Gohan
SS Adult Gohan - Defeat Buu
SS Long Haired Future Trunks - Successfully complete Z-Battle Gate
SS4 Gogeta - Fuse Two Purple Potaras (SS4 Goku's fusion and SS4 Vegeta's fusion)
SS2 Adult Gohan - Defeat Buu
SS2 Gogeta - Fuse Two Purple Potaras (Goku's and Vegeta's fusion)
SS2 Teen Gohan - Successfully complete Z-Battle Gate
SS2 Vegeta - Successfully complete..

Easy way to do your ultimate move on your opponent if playing ha

When you play hard in the game you will see that every move you do on him he keeps teleporting. This is the way to get it on the. Wait untill you and your opponet get energy gauge then try to power up to the max when done your opponet will try to get the max power too. Wait for your opponet to reach their max be ready to do your ultimate move on the. As soon as he reachies max be quick and do your ultimate move on them because the max leaves them defend soon as he says ha quick to it on them don't waite untill he regain his or her defense back. It's 100% of geting your opponet when you use this trick.

Dragonball Round up

If you need help achiving Dragonballs go to the level where Vegeta, Radditz and Nappa come to earth. Go to the level with Krillin vs. Yamcaha on Kamis Tower.
Then break the main building and you'll find a dragonball keep doing this until you have all 7 of them and grant your wish. You can keep doing the same thing again and again until you unlocked everything.

Frenzy Of 1000 Punches

This is mainly a glitch in the game that cause you or your opponent to be wide open for a nice powered up attack. Here's how you do it , first off you need a person that knows the afterimage technique and your opponent has an attack that causes him /her to charge at you example: high speed rush , wolf fang fist etc. Now to make this work first, use the afterimage and keep running away until he/she uses that attack to get to you then Dragon Rush torwards your opponent so you can get into that frenzy-thing where the person with the most punches knokes the other one back and your afterimage will activate causing your opponent to go into a endless , harmless punching sequence then all you have to do is to charge up and blow them away. Peace
P.S if anyone knows the address to the Ninte..

How to win Ultimate Battle

Use SSJ4 Vegeta (the best!!!!!!) it should be easy untill you get to videl on like number 11 or 12 or something, then it is hard to beat her. All you have to do is when she does her special techinques and she flys at you, you have to dragon dash (fly really fast) at her then when you colide with her you will have to spin the control stick as fast as you can and beat her. Thats how to stop her special techniques the rest is easy and up to you.

Hey I now something you don't know

In the ultimate battle section I won the whole thing with every single charater and I only won this stupid miracle thingy thats what I only won so what the point of doing that.

How to kill hard people

I suggest be some one with very strong beams or all beams and then go a far distance after locking on and charge up, but watch for ki-blasts and keep shooting beams at them non-stop until they die.

Dude it's a glicth because I tride the gogeta ka..

Dude it's a glicth because I tride the gogeta ka-me-ha-me-ha and it didint work

Dragon Wishes :o

After you collect the seven Dragon balls (in any order, they don't care), the dragon is automatically summoned to grant you one wish. Unfortunately, you can't just wish for women and money like you really want... you have to wish for something they want you to.
The choices are as follows:
True World Tournament - the final saga in the Z Battle Gates
Password - using passwords, unlock characters from Budokai 3
General Tao - unlock General Tao in any mode
Master Roshi - unlock Master Roshi in any mode
Kid Goku - unlock Kid Goku in any mode
Great Ape - unlock Great Ape in any mode
Great Ape (Vegeta) - unlock Vegeta's Great Ape form in any mode

Destroy broly

Attack with only energy attacks punches and kicks are ineffective to him so use only energy attacks.
Hope I help.

Easy world tournament

Yo to win world tournament easy you have to:
1. Raise ki level to max on super 17.
2. When you start world tournament as soon as it says fight, quickly lock on
And finally
3.your ki should already be at max, so then when you lock on use hell's storm
And usually it will make them repel back and it should be a ringout.
Note:if it doesn't work the first time absorb your opponent's ki (press O when they fire) and keep on trying.
Happy gaming

Evolution Z

In Evolutoin Z thier are some fusions you need to make with each other to unlock certain characters. Do the fusions below to unlock the characters.
Gogeta: Goku's Fusion + Vegeta's Fusion
Ultimate Gohan: Super Saiyan 2 Gohan + Elder Sumpreme kai
Scouter Vegeta: Vegeta + Scouter
Perfect Cell: Super Saiyan Goku + Cell Perfect Form
Super Saiyan Super Trunks: Super Saiyan + Super Saiyan Trunks
Baby Vegeta: Tuffles + Artificial Bruits Waves
Super Vegito: Super Saiyan + Vegito
Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta: SS4 Goku's fusion + SS4 Vegeta's fusion
Great Saiyaman: Gohan + Transforming Hero set
Majin Buu Gotenks Absorbed: Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks + Absorption
Cooler Final Form: Frieza's Older Brother + Super Transformation
Super 17:..

Get dragonballs quicker

Go to the sayain sage in pick somebody who can go tokami lookout in who ever you fight fist lock-on in blast him far away in run behind the big build in blow it up in the dragonball will roll it pick it up in win the fight in you got keep doing this to get all of them

Get Everything

You are supposed to get everything like all characters all dragon balls and all the sayians.

More Ghosts!.

OK, you remember how you can make more Saibamen by rotating the Analog Sticks on Budokai Three?, well if you take out the game disk while Gotenks is making his ghosts, more will appear, eventually he will stop.

+ 6 z items and get +4 equipent slots

Health +6 = fuse Health+3 with Health+3
Ki+6 = fuse Ki+3 with Ki+3
Attack+6 = fuse Attack+3 with Attack+3
Defence+6 = fuse Defence+3 with Defence+3
Speed+6 = fuse Speed+3 with Speed+3
Favourite Technique+6 = fuse favourite technique+3 with favourite Technique+3
Finishing move+6 = fuse finishing move+3 with finishing move+3
Super finishing move+6 = fuse super finishing move+3 with Super finishing move+3
Fuse a +3 Equipment Slots Capsule with a Dragon Power Capsule to get a +4 Equipment Slots Capsule.

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