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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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A huge collection of cheats for you to check out including how to get unlimited rupees, killing Gorons and Wolf mode. We'll also tell you where to find Golden Chu Chus.

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Sacred Grove Statue Puzzle Solution

The following is the solution to the Sacred Grove Statue Puzzle after completing the 3rd temple: Left, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up.

Control a Cucco

When you hit a Cucco about 8 times you'll be able to control it for a short period of time which is unlike other Zelda games where if you hit the Cuccos you would be attacked.

Bomb Bag Upgrades

There is a total of 3 Bomb Bags to collect and 1 Capacity Upgrade that will affect ALL 3 bags.
Unlock Bomb Bag 1:
Buyfrom Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko after 2nd temple. Unlock Bomb Bag 2:
Free the Goron from the giant lava rock located underwater in Zoras domain.

Unlock Bomb Bag 3:
Destroy the rock barriers for the River Canoe mini-game owner.
Unlock Bomb Bag Capacity Upgrade (Double):
Score 25 points or more on the River Canoe Mini-Game.

Unlock Quiver Upgrades
Play the 'Star' game which is located in the large tent in Southeast Hyrule Castle Town to upgrade your arrow capacity.
Unlock Big Quiver - 60 Arrows:
Beat 'Star' game level 1 (Clawshot Required)
Unlock Giant Quiver - 100 Arrows:..


In the Gerudo Desert find the 'Gerudo Mesa' and the 'Cave of Ordeals' to unlock Fairies and later Great Fairies at each spring around Hyrule. The smaller Fairies can be bottled and will restore 8 hearts when they are used. Great Faires will give you a full bottle of Great Fairy Tears which fully heal you and temporarily increase your attack if you have an empty bottle and no Tears in your inventory already. Both have an infinite supply when they have been unlocked.
Unlock Fairies in the Ordon Spring:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 10 rooms.
Unlock Fairies in the Faron Spring:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 20 rooms.
Unlock Fairies in the Eldin Spring:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 30 rooms.
Unlock Fairies in the Lanayru Sprin..

Robbing guards in castle town

Okay so turn into a wolf (if you're that far) and go to castle town. Go where the fountain is wait for the guards and use the B move to scare them and they should leave stuff behind.
Ps I did not find out this cheat


You know that bird outside the forest temple? if u don't pay he will attack u the next time. but I know a way to get free juice without him calling u a thief.

1. go to his shop
2. take something but don't leave yet
3. save and quit then go back in

infinte ruppes

To get infinte ruppes you have to first go to the game where you use the bomb arrows to blow up the jars.Then,when you get twenty five points or more you will get a fifty ruppe. Then jump into the water to the left take out the clawshot and aim at the sharp wall (remember to z target and hold left on the nunchuck)when you get into the wall swim out and fall you will be back in the boat and every time you do it you will get a 50 ruppe.
Hope I helpedSmileThis is my first cheat!

Free & easy red potion and oil!

Well, you guys all know the bird's shop near the forest temple, eh??
..And you also know that if you steal, he'll attack you and call you a thief?

Well, i discovered, (by accident,) a way to get some free red potion and oil without making the bird attack you or calling you a thief!!

First of all, make sure you got at least one bottle. Then, fill it with red potion or lantern oil. Then, save and quit your game. But DON'T exit the shop before you quite the game. Otherwise, it might not work. After you quit, come back in the same file.
If you did it properly, you should have red potion or lantern oil in your bottle, and the bird shouldn't hate you!

Happy thieving!
-Amy, (also known as Midna)

ball and chain darknut link

first put on the iron boots and then put on the magic armor (make sure you have no ruppies) and then get out the ball and chain. you have became ball and chain dark nut link. to maxamize the efect go to the city in the sky.

The Jumping Glitch

The junping glitch is really hard to do, first go to Kakariko Village (in human form), and either climb on the Goron to launch you up to the top of Barnes Bombs Shop. Or if you haven't completed the 2nd dungeon yet go into his shop and up the ladder at the top of the stairs onto the roof. Then turn directly right, and stand right on the edge of the cliff where the fence is gone. Look slightly down and you'll see the chimmeny to the shop, try and jump on it, even though there is a top on it, and if you jump on it just right you'll fall through the top and be frozen in the chimmeny, since the game thinks you're still falling! But if this glitch dosen't happen the first 10 or even 20 times, no suprise it took me only 2 times though!

Link in Twilight with dungeons still locked and unable to use it

Okay if you do the "back in time" cheat your screwed right? If you don't save that is. Well if you keep going and die after you do the cheat you have one heart left. Die again. Your horse is by the HUGE goblin. Well die again until it asks for you to retry and then your on your horse :O now complete the quest by saving colin and then playing chicken with the goblin. Once your done doing that you have colin in your arms and if you look behind link........ You see the twilight background but no one is a spirit? After you leave the town to go to the path Death Mountain is to "save the gorons and allow the humans to be in the mines again" you find that now your still human and you climb the top of the chain fence thing and you see a spirit..... The guard for down here? Yes but if you keep go..

Free potion and oil

Go through the forest temple till you get the occo then teleport out fill the bottle of the item you want drink it or use it then re fill with red potion (not required) then teleport back into the forest and there you go
The bird wont care eather

200 easy rupees

If you go to Kakariko village, turn into a wolf and climb on top of the sanctuary (the building closest to the spirit spring). If you shoot a bomb arrow at the bell on top, a silver rupee (200) will fall out.


Okay, first off, you know how when in the manual it says that when you save in a dungen and turn off the power you have to restart from the first room? Well, my cheat that figured out is the loop whole. If you've met occco and occco jr., when you are in the goron mines just about to be facing the new Darbus, use occco, save, then turn off the power or restart, then you will be in the room connected to the room before Darbus. And there you go. It's just perfect if your mom, roomate, or any other person tells you to turn the wii off, or if they want to play a different game.
P.s. Make a cheat that says that this cheat works on other dungens, if it works at any other place.
DarkDrago out.

Stun Ganondorf (Final Battle)

Equip your fishing pole during the final battle between link and Ganondorf and shake it around and it should daze him enough so you can get a couple of slashes in!

Better infinite money

If youve already been to lake hylia, you can use the cuccus or wahtever to take the left path and land on the spinning platform. Under that is a heart piece and on the spinning platform is 100 ruppes, then you can get the other treasure chests and poe if you haven't already got him. But wait diont think for a second that you can stop here because it's not infinite, because it is. You just have to take another ride up through fyer's normal fight take the same cuccu path and there it is another 100 rupees. And if youre going to use this cheat to get majic armor you need 530 ruppes already and when you use the cuccu you have to go through the middle ajusting your speed to get to the spinnig platform and get another exactly 100 ruppes to get 600 in total. ( you only really need 598 but colle..

secret cave!!!!

In lake Hylia(not under-water) there is a secret cave with a very special item in it...but you need to use a bomb to get inside!plus,the item isnt just in the begging...u have to go through a maze like thing...and you will NEED A LOT of bombs...hope this helps!;3
PS:the special item is.....nah! I'll let you find out for your selves!(yes I am evil,just deal with it!!!!! X3 Tame bai!)

gold and green chuchu

Ok on floor 19 there is a gold chuchu if you can stop him from joining with another chuchu first you can get his goo alsoon the same floor is a red and yellow if you make them join together then there will be a green chuchu. Although the green one does nothing it's a really rare chuchu.thx for reading!!!!

How to get a silver rupee

First yuo teleport to kakariko village then go to the tree as a sanctuary then go to the tree that says you can climb it with minda then you change back into human once your up there then get out your arrow and combine it with your bombs then look for the clock (On top of the sanctuary look all over your head)Then shoot it with your bomb arrow and then you will see a silver rupee come out.Hope i helped =D


In the game once you get a the bow and i think you need the quiver upgrade. I'm not sue but in differnt places throughout hyrule. There are crows that fly around in large bunches. One of the bunches is in the grraveyard in the village. I for got how to spell it but it begins with a K. But anyways once you kill them all gems of differnt colors will fal ex( blue yellow and greens) will fall together for sure. this is a esay way to get money.

Get Heart Pieces Easy

When you go see the fortune-teller in Castle Town, and you ask for a love fortune, there's a heart piece around the area that she shows you, however I can't explain how to get the heart pieces in that area.

Be A Chicken

First go to Ordan town with your sword, not the wooden one but the one you get from being a wolf.
Find a chicken, slash it over and over, and then the screen will turn black for a second and you're a chicken for 2 minutes.

Golden Bugs and where to find them!

Here is a list of Golden Bugs and where to find them:
Male Ant: Back of graveyard in Kakariko Village, look behind the tree.
Female Ant: House in west side of Kakariko Village.
Male Beetle: Near a tree in the Faron Hyrule Field. Between the two hills.
Female Beetle: On a tree located on a ridge in the far west side of the Faron Hyrule Field. Male Butterfly: Located in a patch of tall grass in east Lanayru Hyrule Field.
Female Butterfly: In a patch of tall grass in east Lanayru Hyrule Field. Climb up the ivy to reach the ledge where it is.
Male Dayfly: Easier to find at nighttime, the male dayfly is located in the south/central area of the Gerudo Desert.
Female Dayfly: South of the goblin camp and west of the Cav..

The Arrow Quivers Holder (Upgrade)

In Castle Town, there is a large tent in the eastern part. Go inside and the ringmaster will ask you to play a star chasing game. Use the clawshot (hookshot) and collect all of the orbs in the cage within the time limit. Doing this challenge once gives you one upgrade.The ringmaster will then have a second challenge. If you win this challenge within the time limit, the man will give you the Giant Quiver to hold up to 100 arrows!

The Location of the Rare Chu!!

On the path from Kakariko Village to Death Mountain, there's a little cave in the wall with vines hanging from it that can be grabbed with the clawshot. Use the clawshot to pull yourself up, and inside is a rare chu. If you are quick to kill it before it merges with the more common purple chu, you can get yourself some rare chu jelly which behave like Great Fairy Tears (the stuff the topless fairy gives Link that restores all life and enhances attack for a short while).

Fly for a little bit

Ok,if you want to fly,just follow thes steps.
1:Go to a high place in a village were you can summon a hawk.
2:Summon the hawk.
3:Aim the hawk at a chicken.
4:Let the hawk go on the chicken,and it will bring it back to you.
5:Hold the chicken,and jump off the high place you are at.
6:Now you are flying!
,Lucario987 Smile

How to get the chest!

You know how in Lake Hylia there's that big thing with the treasure chest on it
And it's spinning on the platform? Well here's how to get to it. Go into the
Cannon house and ask for a normal flight (If you have already been to Gerudo
Desert) and then you land on that one building with the chickens. Next you go
Into the chicken house and pay the one clown. Grab a chicken and jump off.
Then, Take the path of rupees on the right. When you follow the path, you
Should be just above the moving platform. Then, immediatley, you take on and
Off your iron boots. With the correct timing, you will land. (I suggest using
The black chicken.I don't why! I just like the color black!)
Rayquazaman_7 , o..


Ok, when you get the Clawshot, go back to the first village (Ordon) and use the Clawshot on the waterwheel, and it will make water ripples in mid-air!


Okay. The solution to zeldalover13s problem is kind of simple, first you need to find at least one golden bug thats not part of a pair. Then give it to agitha at agithas palece and she will give you a wallet that holds 600 rupiees and there you go. Problem solved.

How to get 70 rupees over and over again

So you want to be rich.
1.well just go to lake hylia. to the oh so magical cannon guy.
3.then get shot out of the giant cannon.
4.then when you land you should be in a place with chickens after you go through the door to the weird looking guy and pay up.
6. Then grab a chicken and jump out the window.
7.turn a little to the right and you should see this platform thats spinning in circles around a pole yeah so land there.
8. Open the chest and you got an orange rupee. Now I know what you're thinking "well now it's gone" well if you jump off go do step 1-7 and the first part of 8 all over again GUESS WHAT. CHA CHING!!!! Another orange rupee! WOOHOO

Wallet upgrades

Collect all bugs and you get a awesome giant wallet!

convert to chicken view from wolf view

when you are a wolf, go to the village by the ranch, attack a chicken any chicken, attack it about 15 or 10 times. after that it will convert to the chickens view. the chickens view for you will only last for about 10 - 15 seconds. so spend your chicken view time wisely. also you can do this cheat as many times as you want. have fun

Hyrule Castle Graveyard

When you first enter the castle grounds (the outside portion of the castle) enter the west part of the outside (the place with all the fences and where the trolls and hogs that you can ride and destroy fences with are). Towards the back of this area you will come to a spot with a bunch of pillars with switches on top of them that you need to activate with the gale boomerang. You should also see some leafy sort of patches on the ground near this area. Turn into a wolf and look for the sparkling spot in one of the leafy patches and dig into it. You should now be in the hidden Hyrule Castle Graveyard.

Faster Swimming

After you get the "Zora Suit", if you want to swim super fast, then rapidly tap (a) as you wish and even the longest of swims don't seem so bad!

Beat Ganon easy and it's kind of cheap

Like I said this is kind of cheap, but when fighting Ganon take out your Fishing Rod and throw it out and Ganon will just stare at it then throw it up and he will look up giving you a perfect chance to strike.

60 Poes for Infinite Rupees!

After gaining all 60 Poes go to Jiovani. Talk to him and he will return to normal human. He will give you a silver rupee. Leave castle town and then go back to his house. His cat will say that he left and wants to know where he went. When it is day time go to the bar and talk to him. He will whine about his ex-girlfriend. After that go back to his cat talk to it and you can now go to the cat to get more rupees!

Faster Travel! And amusement!

Need to get to that other place faster? Well then keep rolling, it makes you go faster and it is amusing. Just watch out for cliffs, enemies, and walls. Also you can circle around your favorite little villagers.
Go to the Ranch place, go in front of a goat thing, press and hold down the A button. You should flip the goat, it will get up, glow red, and charge at you. When it hits you it takes no damage, but it's funny. Go near those huge packs of goats and tip them all for a stampede.
~At the village where you start your game at. Go ovr by the second pumpkin field, the one in front of the waterwheel house. Then look at the cliff and you should find a ladder, climb it. Continue upwards and look at the roof connected to the land, climb the ladder, you should be on ..

Easy Warping (Works For Transforming Too)

Ok Heres How To Warp In Towns When People Are There.
1.) Find A Spot That Midna Won't Let You Warp
2.) Run Behind Areas That People Can't See You (EXAMPLE IN KAKARIKO VILLAGE) Like in Hide And Seek
3.) Teleport Or Turn Beast Form


In arbiter's grounds at the begginning run straight and fall in the sand, when Link's hand is about to sink press HOME and reset(this is very difficult), if you did it right you should appear at the great bridge of eldin, DON'T PRESS ANY BUTTON, there is not music, not enemies, nothing,You can only press the buttons in the nunchuck, die one time,now there should be a map, now you can press the buttons, take the path you use to go to castle town, you shoild see Epona, get on her and go to Lanayru province, you don't really go to Lanayru province you start like running in the air, is very cool, if you die, you should appear again in the bridge of Eldin and the animation when you arrive to Hyrule Field for rescue Colin would appear,in the animation Epona will appear alone, there you play in..

Wolf Start

I know I had trouble figuring this part out;
When you first become a wolf, you are stuck in a cell. The way out is through a hole in the bar base underneath the box. You have to Z target then attack it not dash it. Sorry to those who already know this, I just believe that many people may have difficulties.
Happy Gaming,

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