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Mario Party 7 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario Party 7


We have 27 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Party 7 please send them in here.

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Duty Free Shop Unlockables:
Buy things from the Duty Free Shop by trading Milage Points
Cruise Mileage (Secret 1) - Pay 500 Mileage Points

Cruise Mileage (Secret 2) - Pay 500 Mileage Points
Annoy Mode (All Taunts) - Pay 500 Mileage Points
Team Secret - Pay 500 Mileage Points

Aquarium Secret - Pay 500 Mileage Points
Bowser's Crazy Torch - Pay 500 Mileage Points

Desert Chocolate - Pay 500 Mileage Points

Fuzzy Sheep - Pay 500 Mileage Points
Top Hat Chocolate - Pay 500 Mileage Points

Windy Cheese - Pay 500 Mileage Points
Gong Clock - Pay 500 Mileage Points

Grand Canal Cookies - Pay 500 Mileage points
Ancient Jar - Pay 500 Mileage Points

How to Unlock Bowser's Place

When you win all the levels on single player (including Bowser's place), then face Bowser.You'll get Bowser's place on Party and Delux Cruise.

Reset Game

Hold buttons: Start + B + X

Annoying opponents

Buy annoy mode and mabye if your opponent(only human) gets annoyed, he will screw up on what he is doing. It may not work for CPU's.

A good way to get mileige points

You 8 player mini games and make it 5 games to win then if you win you will have about 100-300 points!

Mic Stuff

Hey if you select one of your souvenirs and say(surprise)clearly your souvenirs will do something.

Souvenir actions

Say the word in the description that appears in green for souvenirs in the microphone.

Mileage Points

In the Mini-Game mode, when you unlock the "King of The River" by buying it at the Duty Free Shop and you start playing it, here are the Mileage Points you'll receive in the three difficulties:
-Easy Mode: Between 1400-1750
-Normal Mode: Between 3000-3500
-Hard Mode: 4500-5500
Note: Going to the "King of The River" is the best way to receive tons of points for you to buy buy those Souveneirs and other stuff.

Annoy Mode

When buy Annoy Mode for 500 Points and you start a game, press L or R and the characters you choose and controlling will do weird noises like for example: Luigi, when you press L or R, he sneezes loud and say, "Oh. Sorry!"


To get certain Souviners, do certain things like do Mini-Games in the Mini-Sub for a Mini-Sub Souv., Party Games for a Party Cruise Souv. And others.

Pokey Pummeling, Sumo Wrestling, and other repeatedly-tap-A game

A lot of the time it will seem that your opponents are superhuman at repeatedly pressing A. This feature makes it easier. Some controllers these days have a feature called turbo. It's a button like Z, but on the other side. If you hold it and press A you'll turn it on. If you hold A afterwards,it will act like you are repeatedly pressing A (quite fast, too) rather than holding A. However in games where you have to jump (like Funstacle Course) it will hinder you rather than help you, so hold turbo and press A again to turn it off. Quite ingenious, isn't it?

Bowser's Enchanted Inferno board

Successfully complete all boards in Solo mode and defeat Bowser to unlock Bowser's Enchanted Inferno board in the Deluxe and Party modes.

Cheatish Previews...

So informatives, it's like Cheating before you get it.
Mario Party 7 will feature 80 new minigames, the return of the unlockable player Toadette, plus two new playable characters, Dry Bones and Birdo. The microphone for Mario Party 6 will make a huge return in a mode called "Mic Grand Prix Mode." And Finally, you can play up to 8 characters at a time during party mode, AND YOU ONLY NEED 4 PLAYERS! (You control 2 players at the same time.) The game will be released later this year, to sometime in 2006, but you can expect BEFORE the release of The Nintendo Revolution.

Souvenir actions

Say the word in the description that appears in green for souvenirs in the microphone.

Duty Free Shop Stuff

All the "regular" souveneirs and secrets you want to buy cost "500 Points" and the "rare" souveneirs, the two secret games, and other good stuff cost "1000 or more Points."

Bowser's Enchanted Inferno Board

When you unlock and now have Bowser's Enchanted Inferno Board and you start playing it, you'll see that there's no Bowser Spaces on it, but only Bowser Jr. Spaces appearing on the board.

Easy Win: Flashfright Mini-Game

Play the Flashfright Mini-Game and be one of the three guys against the flash person. When he/she chases you, just run around one of the two bridges until time runs out. He/she won't be getting you and if you let time run out, you'll win easily. Now that's cool!

Hip-Hop Drop Record

The only record you can get for this game is 00"27'01.


In single mode, you can only carry 3 orbs. In 2 VS 2 or 8 Player Way, you can carry 5 Orbs. Orbs are half price when in 3rd or 4th Place. Always use as many orbs when in the last 4 turns and Also Buy alot of orbs for a Shopping Orb Star or USing Orbs Star.

More Criuse Milage Points

Play a lot of mini games
Happy Gaming ;)

Bowsers inferno

In bowsers infrono let the computer fight bowser first because the floor he dies on you start on it makes it easy to win but always have a star even when bowser challnges you don't say yes intill the computer fights him

Reset Game

Hold the buttons: Start + B + X

Facing Bowser

If you have a star and you are going to the middle for a match, go to the arrows on the other islands for a quick face.

Easy, easy, easy milege points

First buy king of the rapids for 2000 milege points then play it and if you beat it you can get from 5oo-1500 points on easy keep on doing that and you will be able to afford anything.
ps: when you buy a trophy look at it and say "surprise" something cool happens.

Tired of having an easy win if ,so read this.

If you want to challenge your self buy brutal at the duty free shop for 1,000 milege points.If you want to see who's better you or staff buy staff records also at duty free shop for 500 milege points and you can tell all of your friends you are better than staff. please rate this

Soviner secret

When viewing a souiviner (ex:Cheep Cheep) Say "surprise" in the mic. The souviner will do something according to what it is.


Did you know that you can just start the game, then quit for faster mini-game points. I try it and it helps.

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