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Mario Kart Double Dash Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario Kart Double Dash

Mario Kart Wii Guide
Mario Kart Double Dash Guide
Our guide to everything in Mario Kart Wii
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A large collection of cheats which includes codes for turbo and super shells, unlocking cups and how to reset all data.

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We have 77 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Kart Double Dash please send them in here.

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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheats

Special Cup:
Win the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cups at 100cc.
All Cup Tour:
Win all cups at 150cc.

Unlockable Bonuses
Green Fire:
To unlock Luigi's kart win the Mushroom Cup at 50cc.
Battle Buggy:
To unlock Baby Luigi's kart win the Mushroom Cup at 100cc.
Luigi's Mansion Battle Stage:
To unlock Luigi's Mansion Battle Stage for multiplayer win the Mushroom Cup at 150cc.
Bloom Coach:
To unlock Daisy's kart win the Flower Cup at 50cc.
Waluigi Racer:
To unlock Waluigi's kart win the Flower Cup at 100cc.
Turbo Birdo:
To unlock Birdo's kart win the Flower Cup at 150cc.
Para Wing:
Win the Star Cup at 50cc.
Bullet Blaster:
Win the ..

How to unlock everyone and everything

All Cup Tour
Special Cup - 150cc - Gold
Mirror Mode
All Cup Tour Cup - 150cc - Gold
Green Fire - Luigi's Kart
Mushroom Cup - 50cc - Gold
Bloom Coach - Daisy's Kart
Flower Cup - 50cc - Gold
Para Wing - Paratroopa's Kart
Star Cup - 50cc - Gold
Bullet Blaster - Bowser Jr's Kart
Special Cup - 50cc - Gold
Battle Buggy - Baby Luigi's Kart
Mushroom Cup - 100cc - Gold
Waluigi Racer - Waluigi's Kart
Flower Cup - 100cc - Gold
Toad and Toadette
Unlock one of their karts
Toad's Kart - Toad's Kart
Special Cup - 100cc - Gold
Luigi's Mansion Battle Stage - 2p Only
Mushroom Cup - 150cc - Gold
Turbo Birdo - Birdo's Kart

Yoshi steal

This only works if your play as yoshi,so try it out!
First,make yoshi do all the weapons,then when someone gets next to you,no matter how far away they are,he will punch them!
A friend of mine taught me this, and it works!

The Golden Car

To get the Best car in the game,you must acheive everything.That's right.You got to beat all the cups on every mode(easy,medium,hard,mirror)and you must have a gold trophy on all of them.You will then get the Golden Car.

If you beat all the cups in 50cc through 150cc y..

If you beat all the cups in 50cc through 150cc you will recieve the Mirrior Course.
You will recieve these if you beat the Mushroom, Flower, Star, Special, All Cup Tour Cups:
Mushroom Cup:
Toadette Kart
Flower Cup:
(I don't know what the name was but it is a battle mode stage)
Star Cup:
Petey Piranah & King Boo With Piranah Pipes
Special Cup:
Boo Pipes
All Cup Tour:
Parade Kart

Secret shortcut

You'll find this shortcut in Waluigi Stadium. When you get to the part where the giant wooden pirahna plants are. Start drifting when you get to the last pirahna (making sure you build up a mini turbo.) Release and go up the hill thingy. (Carefull not to crash into the gaurd rail, and jump to low.) When your kart takes flight. You'll go toward the ramp. If you do it right. You'll see that your thrower, yell like a baby. If done right' you will see that lakitu takes you to the front of the ramp. All you have to do is continue racing.

P.S. Takes lots of practice

Unlocking petey pirahnna and King Boo

Once you unlock mirror mode play mirror mode and choose the star cup. Come overall in first place in the whole cup and you will recieve the two characters plus petey's warpipe kart

Reset all data

Press L, R, Y, A at the main screen(title screen)

Dry Dry Desert

When you begin there will be the item boxes (note: if you do not get a mushroom this will not work)Make sure you get one of the item boxes, and if it's a mushroom by the time that you get to the fallen pillers by the catus monster things use a mushroom right before you get on the sand, you will jump over to the other side...its just easier than turning, lol, bye

How to drive faster

If you choose wario and then birdo, if you have wario drive, he would drive faster that when birdo would drive since it is his kart.

Dodge annoying items

Hello mortals. It is I, Cez, the master of gaming. Today I will be telling you how to be nearly as good as me at Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
1. How to Dodge Red Shells
When you can see a Red Shell in the warning bubble behind your kart, go into a power-slide and charge your mini-turbo. Release the turbo when the Shell is about to hit you, and it should miss and skid off the track or into a wall. Alternatively, drop a banana/Green Shell/Red Shell before it hits you. The Red Shell wil hit your weapon and break. DO NOT USE FAKE ITEM BOXES! THEY DO NOT WORK!
2. How to dodge Lightning Bolts
When a Lightning Bolt is about to hit (easier in multiplayer since you can see who's got one), try and hit a banana/Green Shell/fake item box/anything else that's ..

Get Piranah Pipes!!

Piranah pipes is Bettie Piranah's car.
Get it by beating the star cup in mirror mode.


Get 1st Place in the Mushroom Cup on 50cc to unlock the Green Fire (Luigi's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Flower Cup on 50cc to unlock the Bloom Coach (Daisy's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Star Cup on 50cc to unlock the Para Wind (Paratroopa's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Special Cup on 50cc to unlock the Bullet Basher.
Get 1st Place in the Mushroom Cup on 100cc to unlock the Rattle Buggy (Baby Luigi's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Flower Cup on 100cc to unlock the Waluigi Racer (Waluigi's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Star Cup on 100cc to unlock the Special Cup.
Get 1st Place in the Special Cup on 100cc to unlock Toad, Toadette and Toad's Blue Kart.
Get 1st Place in the Mushroom Cup on 150cc to unlock Luigi's Mansion (a Battle Mode Arena).

Getting an easy mushroom in Mushroom Bridge

You can get an easy mushroom by a shell( red or green).When you see a red car with white dots and shaped like a mushroom, hit it with a shell. It will pop out a mushroom. This way is more convenient than bumping your Kart into the car and slower your speed, and you can even get a mushroom by using a green shell when you're in 1st place.

Best combination

Bowser first then King boo on boo pipes or parde kart. Or King boo first with mario.

All of the Shortcuts

Ok, Let me just wrap up the missed shortcuts...
Luigi Ciruit:
1.Before the chain chomp, go to turn right and take another path (the chomp can still get you)
2.when you see tunnels when you are going straight, turn right for another shortcut that is identical to the first one.
3.On the turns, there are speed boosters. 4. Above the speed boosters, there is another track, though it's useless.
Peach Beach:
1.As you are going into the beach area, go left and you will find a shortcut (ONLY USE ON LAP 3 UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR CART TO BE FULL OF WATER).
2.When you are going up the hill near the end with the rolling item boxes, turn left instead of going straight for a double item box.
3.Near the beiggening, turn LEFT on the first turn to go into ..

Staff Ghosts

Beating the staff ghosts doesn't earn you anything, but it does give you something to brag about. If you beat the time, you will unlock the staff ghost. After the time is the driver/passenger "kart". I don't know the times it takes them to go around the track.
Luigi Circuit: 1:29:000 Luigi/Mario "Red Fire"
Peach Beach: 1:18:000 Peach/Daisy "Bloom Coach"
Baby Park: 1:13:000 Baby Mario/Baby Luigi "Mario Buggy"
Dry Dry Desert: 1:52:000 Birdo/Yoshi "Turbo Yoshi"
Mushroom Bridge: 1:31:000 Koopa/Paratroopa "Koopa Wing"
Mario Circuit: 1:42:000 Mario/Luigi "Red Fire"
Daisy Cruiser: 1:51:000 Daisy/Peach "Peach Coach"
Waluigi Stadium: 2:00:000 Waluigi/Wario "Wario's Jalopy"

More Specials

This hint is for the beginners.If you pair up different pair you will get more specials.

Never fall off

If you want to be stable and not fall of the bridge on the donkey kong level near the finish post do this.If you are falling to the right of the bridge click the L button and if you fall to the left click the R button. Good Luck!!!!!

Red Shells

After you throw a Red Shell forward, it doesn't ricochet; it homes in on the nearest rival kart like a guided missile. It has a long but still limited range and can be avoided if a driver shoots a Green Shell backward just before impact or outswerves the shell with a mini-turbo boost. In Grand Prix, you'll very likely get a Red Shell from an Item Box if your in the middle of the pack.

better chance of winning

your going to need two players for this cheat to work.
first,select baby mario as driver and baby luigi as weapons.when you get into a race don't switch around,just keep it how it is.make sure your riding either the rattle buggy(unlock!),or baby marios kart(can't think of the name).This should increase your chances of winning!

All stuff

The cars you'll have from begin:
red fire(marios kart)
DK jumbo(donkeys kart)
wario car(warios kart)
heart coach(peach'kart)
turbo yoshi(yoshi's kart)
goo-goo buggy(baby marios kart)
koopa dasher(koopas kart)
koopa king(bowsers kart)
Karts you can receive: level:
rattle buggy(baby luigis kart)mushroom cup 100cc
para wing(paratroopas kart)star cup 50cc
barrel train(diddy kongs kart)star cup 150cc
bullet blaster(bowser Jr. king)special cup50cc
green fire(luigis kart)mushroom cup 50cc
bloom coach(daisys kart)flower cup 50cc
turbo birdo(birdos kart)flower cup 150cc
waluigi racer(waluigis kart)flower cup 100cc
toad kart(toads kart)special cup 100cc
NOTE:by this kart you'll get toad a..

Shortcut on Yoshi level

Here's the shortcut. On mirror mode do the cup with the level shaped like Yoshi.
You need a mushroom or a starman to do this.
At the eye on yoshi(you'll see it on the map)with the mushroom speed off when the gate ends and comes back you'll see a little ramp.
Ramp off.You will go into a little highway type place and come on the tip of yoshi's nose.
Thats the shortcut.

mini boosts

Mini boost: On any turn, drift (hold L or R while turning) now, using the control stick, and still holding L or R, go left to right the sparks turn red.
Now go left right again the sparks turn blue.
Release L or R. youl get a small but fast speed boost....

Festival car

Beat all cup tour on 150cc.

Kart seletion

To beat the game eaisier choose heavy wieghts for 50cc choose middle wieghts for 100cc and light for 150cc its what i do and i always win gold.
PS. If you have super circuit for G.B.A don't be fooled by the Waluigi cheat, it does not work.

Turbo start

Press b just as the green light flashes at the start of a race

Green Shell

You can shoot a Green Shell forward or backward. The shell will zip in a line until it hits either a kart, which will take a nasty spin, or a hazardous item like a Banana, which the shell will blow off the track. A Green Shell will ricochet for a long time- making it a persistent nuisance. In Grand Prix, you'll more likely to get a Green Shell the closer you are to first place.

How to Dodge A Red Shell

Here is how you dodge a red shell when you see the sign
Of the shell pop up wait like 2 or 3 seconds or more then switch your
Player by pressing Z it is hard in 2 player mode when you have the drive 1p
And the thrower 2p cause you have to click Z together so use Z when you're alone

Hope you like my cheat

The bullet blaster:not the fastest!

if you check the speeds of the bullet blaster to the speed of the buggies,the buggies are faster!

All the people you can unlock

These are all the people you can unlock during the game.(I'm not going to say the characters that are already unlocked when you start the game.)
King boo
Petey Piranna
I Think those are all of them that you can unlock.I'm feeling nice today.So I'll also tell you the karts you can unlock and how to unlock it.
Toad and Toddette kart:You will receive this when you unlock Toad And Toddette.
King boo's kart and Petey Piranna's kart:Found when you unlock King Boo and Petey Piranna.
Bullet Blaster:Found when you complete special cup on 50cc.(Easy Mode)
Barrel Train:Hmmmm...I forget.I'll submit how to get it when I remember.
The Parade Kart:The ultimate Kart.You can get this once you complet..

luigi circuit:50CC

On luigi circuit if you go to 50cc, there are no shortcuts like there are in 100cc and 150cc, there should be a road behind the chain chomp, and also right near the finish line at the end of the hill that you go up on, hope this helped, love ya all...wait... That sorta came out rong...anyway thnx 4 readin(btw, I'm a guy, so don't think I'm not just because I said "luv y all", k, k)

What players you can be!

Well first of all there is more characters in this game than 64 and you get to be in the same car.
I know a few there is peach, mario, luigi, yoshi, bowser, bowser-jr, baby-mario, waluigi, donkey.k, diddy.k, daisy, king-boo, petey-piranha, koopa-paratroopa, baby-luigi, wario, toad, toadette and birdo.
I actually think that this is them all and it is because there are 20 there I hope you get to like all the characters.
If your wondering who waluigi is, it is another one of marios evil brothers except he is in purple!

Get All-Cup Tour

Win the Gold Cup on the Special Cup 150cc.

Don't waste items

If you have a banana peel and you're in first place and thinking I don't need this, guess what? You do need it because if you're squeezed in a wall to wall and you know you're opponet has a trap behind you and you have a banana peal, you can put as much as you have to avoid them and race away to the finish line.
I always use this trick to win.

Tips for Starters

If your a starter for this game here's some tips you can use. First thing you have to pick characters.
Pick characters that are in the light weight class (e.g Diddy Kong, Parakoopa, Baby Mario, etc.).
Then pick a kart that has low speed but high acceleration. This kart could help you on levels when you go off road.
On sharp turns use drift (R button) to make you turn better.
This will not decrease speed. If you get use to this you can try a mini-boost. To do a mini-boost you first do a drift. Then you point the control stick the opposite way.
Keep on holding the drift button. Then you let go of the control stick. Then you point the control stick the opposite way.
This will perform your mini-boost.

2 extra battle levels

I forgot how I got these levels but you can get 2!
The first: Tilt-a-kart
The second: Luigi's Mansion
I am really sorry I forgot how I got them but now you know you can get those levels!
P.S. The music of tilt-a-kart is the same as baby park and the music of luigi's mansion is the same as bowsers castle!
Just if you want to know!

Red Shells

For some reason Red shells travel faster if the CC is higher. For example they travel slow in 50 CC, medium speed in 100CC and fast in 150CC making them trickier to dodge.


Hello. I am marthman. I am new to this so this is my first cheat.
On any turn if you hold L and R trn left/right while wigling the control stick left and right. Do that and then red sparks shoul come up then blue sparks come up. Let go and you get a small booost it works trust ME


To get tilt you have to beat flower cup on mirror difficulty
To get luigis mansion you need to beat the mushroom cup on mirror difficulty

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