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Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories

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We have a collecton of cheats that includes unlocking DarkNite, Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon, Axe of Despair and Time Wizard. We also have codes for powerful cards.

More Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories Cheats and Tips

We have 23 cheats and tips on GameBoy. If you have any cheats or tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories please send them in here.

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You can also ask your question on our Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories Questions & Answers page.

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Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock DarkNite:
Defeat each duelist in Ancient Egypt 5 times.
Unlock Yami Yugi:
Defeat DarkNite 5 times

yugiohs grandpa

Go to passwords and enter this code:65437205. Effect: everytime you win an duel against someone he will give you an additionall card to your supply.


Hey I just want to give you some codes that I feel are helpful.
Axe Raider 48305365
Big Shield Gardna 65240384
Crush Card 57728570
Dunames Dark Witch 12493482
Hercules Beetle 52584282
Insect Queen 91512835
Kairyu-Shin 76634149
Metal Zoa 50705071
Thousand Eyes Restrict 63519819
Gemini Elf 69140098
Kuriboh 40640057
Dark Elf 21417692
Goddess of Whim 67959180
Skelengel 60694662


Exodia the forbidden
Here some cheats when you beat DarkNite
Yami Yugi 70715281
Yami Bakura 07119986
Nitemare 43504084
Shadi 70592699
Marik 06987398
Yugi's grandpa 65437205
Suijin 98434877
Sanga 25955164
Kazejin 62340868
Black Luster Soldier 05405694
Blue Eye White Dragon 89631139
Ultimate B.E.W.D 23995346
Dark Magician 46986414
Jinzo 77585513
Millennium Shield 32012841
Magical Labyrinth 64389297
Dark Magician Girl 38033121
Meteor Black Dragon 90660762
Meteor Dragon 64271667
Magician of Black Chaos 30208479

Hope I help


Good cards

Here are some passwords
Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon 64335804
Axe Of Despair 40619825
Time Wizard 71625222
Summoned Skull 70781052
Giant Soldier Of Stone 13039848
Bleu Eyes White Dragon 89631139
Ryu Ran 02964201
Spellbinding Circle 18807108

Few Passwords

Correct password for 'Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon is-64335804.
Some usefull monsters-
B.Eyes Ultimate Dragon-23995346
Black Skull Dragon-11901678
Black Luster Soldier-05405694
Zera The Mant-69123138
Magician of Black Chaos-30208479
Gaia the Firce Knight-06368038
B.Eye Toon Dragon-53183600
Change Of Heart-04031928

For those in need

Try these cheats
in the
password section
Flame Cerebrus
Mystical Elf
7 Colored Fish
Flame Swordsman
B.Eyes W. Dragon
All work 100%
Till next time.

The Ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories Walkthrough

Yu-gi-oh! Dark Duel Stories
1: Duelists
3:Good decks

1:Whatzup fellow duelists!?! I amPorygon2. This guide is for the GBC Game, Yu-gi-oh! Dark Duel Stories. Well, let's cut to the chase. As in the Table of Contents, I should be talking about the duelists... Okay I'll get on with it.
Domino Town 1:
Tristan Grey: He stinks!!! He has Relinquished in his deck and doesn't use its effect!!! LOSER!!! As I was saying... he has no 5*+ monsters. All level 1 and 2.
Joey Wheeler: He ain't half-bad. When you start the game, he's harder than Tristan (Everyone's better than Tristan!!!).He can fuse Time Wizard with Baby Dragon... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

Black Skull Dragon(sorry) 11901678Fortress Whale..

Black Skull Dragon(sorry) 11901678

Fortress Whale 62337487

Great Moth 14141448 I promise that is a real cheat truly.

He are cheatsBattle Ox 05053103swordstalker 5000..

He are cheats

Battle Ox 05053103

swordstalker 50005633

cyber jar 34124316

metal fish 55998462

lord of d. 17985575

remove trap 51482758

silver bow and arrow 01557499

To get all pieces of exodia and exodia the forbi..

To get all pieces of exodia and exodia the forbidden onput in these codes:
Exodia's left arm:07902349
Exdia's left leg:44519536
Exodia's right arm:70903634
Exodia's right leg:08124921
Exodia the forbidden one:33396948

This is not a cheat but I have and have lost the..

This is not a cheat but I have and have lost the cheats for blue-eyes ULTIMATE dragon black luster soldier and black skull dragon.

I will try to find them and happyly tell every duelist in the country WHEN I have found them.

Card Numbers

Hey guys, I'm a newcomer so this is my first cheat post.
This is my REAL deck so use it in the game and gain many victorys.
Dark Magician-46986414
Red Eyes B. Dargon-74677422
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon-78984772
Tyhone #2-56789759
Gaia The Fierce Knight-06368038
Summond Skull-70781052
(For Dragon Master) Meteor B. Dragon-
Launcher Spider-87322377
Amphibian Beast-67371387
Manga Ryu Ran-38369349
Slot Machine-03797883
Crawling Dragon-67494157
Bottom Dweller-81386177
The Earl of Demise(good card)-66989694
Time Wizard-71625222
Shining Abyss(dont know if works)-87303357
La Jinn-97590747
Maha Vailo-93013676
Celtic Guardian-91152256
Baron of the Fiend Sword..

God Cards

A lot of people have said this all ready,you CANNOT get the God Cards on this game,I've tried.Though Marik says he has Ra,he don't,like Tristin don't have any rare cards. O.o
Oh,and here's my deck:
White Dolphin
Skull Servant
Mountain Warroir
B. Eyes white Dragon
R leg of forbidden
L leg of forbidden
R arm of forbidden
L arm of forbidden
Exod. Of forbidden
D. Magician
Harpie Lady
Harpie Lady sisters
Red-eyes black dragon
Elegant Egotist
Harpie's pet dragon
Gemini Elf
Panther Warrior
Curtain of Dark
Yamatano Dragon Scroll
Mystery Hand(3 of them)
Phantom thief
The melt
Man eater bug

More characters

I beat everybody including DarkNite and Yami Yugi and I want to know more characters I can battle.

good use for ritual cards

For those with low-ish deck volumes but decent duelist levels, you can still use your higher cost cards in your deck. Just use the 0 cost ritual cards! Put them in your deck, & whenever you draw them, just discard them. They're only fillers in this way, so you can use them without having any of the requirements to play them. I find it quite useful, because I find the ritual cards to be extremely useless. Especially when I need better cards in the later stages.

Some Password Shows ''Can't record with this password...'' which

Some of the passwords of few monsters such as-Monster Reborn,Soul Exchange shows ''Can't record with this password.Try another password'' when entered in password mode. It means those monsters doesn't exist in this game. But the same monsters exist in Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelist Soul with same password.

This isn't exactly a cheat. but does anybody kno..

This isn't exactly a cheat. but does anybody know how to get the egyptian god cards or darkfire soldier 1 or 2.

Because my card codes won't work on the soldiers.

I think it might work

I'm not quiet sure if this fusion works but I think it could so try fusing blue eyes, ultimate dragon with black luster soialdor.
You should get a guy that has 5000 atk and 5000def.
It may not work so try it against tristan for test.
If this does not work for you - sorry!

Cheats for darkduel

Abyss Flower 40387124
Acid Crawler 77568553
Acid Trap Hole 41356845
Air Marmot of Nefa 75889523
Akakieisu 38035986
Akihiron 36904469
Alinsection 70924884
Alligator's Sword 64428736
All-seeing Goddess 53493204
Alpha the Magnet W 99785935
Amazon of the Seasons 17968114
Ameba 95174353
Amphibious Bugroth 40173854
Ancient Brain 42431843
Ancient Elf 93221206
Ancient Jar 81492226
Ancient One of the Forest 14015067
Ancient Sorcerer 36821538
Ancient Tool 49587396
Ancient Tree of Enlightenment 86421986
Ancient Water Turtle 11714098
Angelwitch 37160778
Angry Sea God 18710707
Ansatsu 48365709
Anthrosaurus 89904598
Anti Raigeki ..

Whuddup people?? i have some cheats!!Dark Magici..

Whuddup people?? i have some cheats!!

Dark Magician - 46986414

Skull Dice - 00126218

Card Destruction - 72892473

Lord of D. - 17985575

Flute Of Summoning Dragon - 43973174

Thousand-Eyes Idol - 27125110

Jigen Bakudan - 90020065

Twin-Headed Fire Dragon - 78984772

Ryu-Ran - 02964201

Summoned Skull - 70781052

Launcher Spider - 87322377

Gaia The Fierce Knight - 06368038

Curse Of Dragon - 28279543

Monster Reborn - 83764718

Change Of Heart - 04031928

Silver Bow And Arrow - 01557499

Luminous Spark - 81777047

Gyakutenno M..

24311372 5070507186164529 8756435228279543..

24311372 50705071
86164529 87564352
28279543 17881964
94566434 64271667
33064647 01435851
38552107 90660762
10202894 15480588
84080938 94773007

A Good Way To Use Dark Hole

If you have 2 monsters on the field at the start of your turn and you have a dark hole and a monster that requires 2 sacrificces in your hand, sacrifice the 2 monsters on the field and then use dark hole. You can then summon your level 7-8 monster to attack your opponent's life points directly. This also works with a level 5-6 monster in the same way. You can only have one Dark Hole and one Raigeki in your deck.

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