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Mario Kart DS Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats for you to check out and include unlocking bonus karts and level 7. We've also got the Sky Garden shortcuts.

More Mario Kart DS Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 157 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Kart DS please send them in here. For more Codes for Mario Kart DS go to:
Mario Kart DS Action Replay Codes

You can also ask your question on our Mario Kart DS Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Alternate Title Screen:

Finish all classes with Gold Trophies on all cups

Unlock Daisy:

Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 50cc

Unlock Dry Bones:

Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 50cc

Unlock Waluigi:

Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 100cc

Unlock 3rd Kart for All characters:

Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 100cc

Select from 7 Karts for each character:

Get a gold trophy in every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 150cc

Unlock 150cc Mirror Mode:

Finish 150cc Retro Class with Gold trophies on every Cup

Select from any Kart for each character:

Get a gold trophy in every cup in Retro Grand Pri..

Secret character

On mario kart theres a hidden character R.O.B!!!{hes on super smash bros brawl} to unlock him you have to beat the lightning cup on 150cc mirror in first and you unlock him.On the action replay if you do unlock all karts and characters you wont get him.Hope this helps!!!! Please rate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlock Bonus Karts

Unlock 3rd Kart for ALL Characters:

Win Gold trophies on ALL cups in the Nitro Grand Prix in the 100cc class.

Unlock 7 Karts for ALL Characters:

Win Gold trophies on ALL cups in the Nitro Grand Prix in the 150cc class.

Unlock ALL Karts for ALL Characters:

Win Gold trophies on ALL cups in the Nitro Mirror mode in the 150cc class.

Secret Mushrooms and Stars in DK Pass Level

Select the 'DK Pass' level, any character and a vehicle that is suited for offroad driving. As you reach the top of the mountain turn off the road and climb the steep snowy bank covered with trees to the top where there is a single item block. It does not matter what place you are in you will either get 3 mushrooms or a star. This also works in Wi-Fi mode.

How to "NOT" get hit by a flying Blue Shell.

As you are driving and you see a blue shell coming drift until the Orange sparks show then let go of the R button when the is coming down to hit you. Smile

Jumping Higher and Sandy Pits

Jump Higher:

The good news is that when you are going over a jump all you have to do is press R to jump higher, the bad news is that it requires precise timing which isn't easy to do and may take you a while before you get the hang of it.

Save Time at Sandy Pits:

Don't get slowed down by the sandy pits on curves, just use a mushroom to cross over them.

Star Next to Name

When you win ALL cups in ALL classes with a 1 Star or greater rank a star will appear next to your name in Multiplayer mode and next to your name on the 'Records' screen.

Development Team Ghost Times

When you complete the following circuits with a time less than the target it's development team ghost racer will become unlocked with the corresponding best time.

Nitro Cup: Airship Fortress: 2:10:000

Nitro Cup: Bowser Castle: 2:20:000

Nitro Cup: Cheep Cheep Beach: 1:45:000

Nitro Cup: Delfino Plaza: 1:55:000

Nitro Cup: Desert Hills: 1:35:000

Nitro Cup: DK Pass: 2:15:000

Nitro Cup: Figure-8 Circuit: 1:38:000 (1:36:481 best time)

Nitro Cup: Luigi's Mansion: 2:00:000

Nitro Cup: Mario Circuit: 1:57:000

Nitro Cup: Peach Gardens: 1:53:000

Nitro Cup: Rainbow Road: 2:17:000

Nitro Cup: Shroom Ridge: 2:06:000

Nitro Cup: Tick-Tock Clock: 1:55:000..

Laps Glitch

My buddy invented this glitch and I figured out how to reverse it.

On any circuit were you can drive around the opposite direction, (of the original direcion) then drive around the circuit the origional direction, you won't advance to the next lap.(It wont say your on your secound lap)

I.e. If you drive around the circuit 5 times in the opposite direction, then for the first 5 laps (driving around the correct direction) it will say you are still on your 1st lap.

This glitch has been tested on the us and pal versions and work fine

Please rate it.

Ice Mario-Beanie

R4 Cheats

Misc Codes: Freeze Time, Start for Final Lap, Virtual D-Pad Patch, Paddle Controller Handler, Crazy Sounds, Disable Background Music

Unlock Codes: Unlock Nitro Courses, Unlock Retro Courses, Unlock Characters, Cars and Classes

Engine CC: 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 300cc

Size Modifier: Increase Size, Mini Size

Gravity Defying: High Jumping

Always Use Kart: All Karts

Always Use Character: All Characters

Always Play on Course: All Courses

Change Circuit: Change into Circle, Change into Different Course

Item Codes: Always have any Item

Mission Codes: 3 Star for any Level

Red Shells in Battle Mode. All the time.

When in battle mode, and you get a mystery box, press the 'L' button twice when your ammo box begins spinning,spaced two seconds apart. If done with the right timing, you get a red shell or three red shells everytime.

Sky Garden Shortcuts

On the sky garden track there are these shortcuts.

Shorly after the start there will be a grey/brown ramp on the side of a bend, drive up it using a mushroom shortly before to miss the bend.

You can do this again on a different bend further round the track. If you don't have a mushroom then next to the second bend there is a boost-jump which you can use.

Ultimate Battle Attack

This is the ultimate battle attack, first go to battle mode. (balloon battle)

Choose your character and go to Pipe Plaza, start with two balloons find an item and hope you get a Bob-omb. Press and hold the Y button. Be close to an opponent that will enter a pipe and throw it, it will blow up quickly. It is ultimate because you may hit more than one opponent. CAUTION: If you get hit, you may fall off the stage and lose two balloons.

Good darkrai wants you to rate..

Good Items

All you have to do in gracd prix is tap L a few times and you'lle get a bannana, a red koopa shell, or an item box most of the time.In ballon battle when you hit an item box, slow down and you get the same results.


Ok Heres What Your Can Unlock

Misson Mode Level 7:Beat All 6 Levels With 1 Star Ranking On Each One.

Unlock Star Cup:Beat Mushroom Cup And Flower Cup.

Unlock Special Cup:Beat Star Cup

Unlock Leaf Cup:Beat Shell Cup And Banana Cup

Unlock Lightning Cup:Beat Leaf Cup

Unlock Daisy:Beat Lightning On 50cc

Unlock 3 Karts:Beat Special Cup On 50cc

Unlock Dry Bones:Beat Special Cup On 100cc

Unlock Waluigi:Beat Ligntning Cup On 100c

Unlock 150cc Mirror Mode:Beat Lightning Cup On 150cc

Unlock 7 Karts:Beat Special Cup On 150cc

Unlock R.O.B:Beat Special Cup On 150cc Mirror Mode

Unlock 36 Karts And New Backgound:Beat Lightning Cup On 150cc Mirror Mode

See you later!

Did you know that on bowser's castle you can take a shortcut!

On the spinning wheel instead of going off the spinning wheel keep going and avoid the fire and you will find a shortcut and you will save at least 20 seconds of your time per lap! And the computer karts only follow you in mirror mode but they don't always!

Best charectors in terms of handling and skill:




Best karts:

Yoshi's main kart (egg shaped)

Luigi's main kart (looks like a vacuum)

Mario's B dasher (his main kart)

I hope this helps!

Mario kart ds cheats on how to unlock 1-10 missions

Hints: on the 10th missions level 1-10... You must drive backwards in figure-8 circuit. To pass: you must drive backwards to 1-10... On the 2nd level out of 10... To pass: you must drive backwards against mario in wario stadium play as yoshi. In 3rd out of 10 missions, you must complete 150cc on created race (if you created one) then replay it 2x or more (8x,16x,20x) on the 4th out of 10 race... Race against the giant bullet bill. In... Airship fortress.

How to unlock level 7

To get level 7 unlocked you have to get a star for each of the other 6 levels but I'm not telling you who the boss is.But what I will tell you is he is a little hard to beat.You have to race him on the mushroom bridge but a easy way to beat him is to go up that hill with the dirt road and let him hit you.

P.s.Yoshi in standard cart is the beat to use in the races.

Jump farher

to get farther off jumps press are as soon as you get off the jump and yo willjunp 20% farther. It helped me win 150cc

Turbo start

In any race while the count down tap A until 1 comes up then hold A

Cup Unlockables

Leaf Cup- Acheive Gold on Shell and Banana Cup

Lightning cup- Acheive Gold in Leaf cup

Star Cup- Acheive Gold in Mushroom and Flower Cup

Special Cup- Achieve Gold in Star Cup

Getting Rid Of Blooper Ink Faster

To Get Rid Blooper Ink Faster, Just Use A Mushroom Or Go On A Dash Panel

Note-- Mini-Turbos Will Not Work

Requires Action Replay

Requires Moon Jump (Hold B):94000130 fffd0000 B217acf8 00000000 00000260 00001800 D2000000 00000000

Jump across space in time trial mode!

Easy-Sky Garden

Medium-Rainbow Road

Hard- Baby Park (Harder than it looks jumping over the middle!)

Unlocking characters in mario kart ds

There are four unlockables, Dry Bones, Daisy, Waluigi, and are.O.B. For Dry Bones, you must win a gold trophy in all of the50cc Nitro Grand Prix cups. Same thing with Daisy except you have to win a gold trophy in the 50cc Retro Grand Prix cups. For Waluigi, you must win a gold trophy in the 100cc Retro grand prix cups.

For are.O.B., you must win a gold trophy in the Mirror Mode Retro cups.

Delfino square shortcut

In time trials select any person with any car. While racing, find a small entrance to your left. Use all of your mushrooms. You will jump on a brown platform. Can be used in vs and grand prix races too.

All Characters

All the characters in Mario Kart DS.


B Dasher

Standard MR

Shooting Star


Poltergust 4000

Standard LG




Standard PC

Light Tripper


Egg 1

Standard YS




Standard TD

4-Wheel Cradle

Donkey Kong

Rambi Rider

Standard DK




Standard WR




Standard BW



Power Flower

Standard DS

Light Dancer

Dry Bones


Standard DB

Dry Bomber


Gold Mantis

Standard WL





DK Pass Hint :)

On DK Pass, there is a large field of snow to the left about a third of the way through the track. After that there is a large hill with an item box on top - grab that item. No matter what place you're in, it will always be a Super Star or a Triple Mushroom.

Balloon Battle

Just a few tips:

Always play on two balloons as the less balloons you have the better your item chance is. Don't play on one as it is too risky. But if you get hit and go down to one balloon collect and item box before you blow a new balloon as then the item will be good. And whatever you do, make the best use of shrooms as you can.

Special Items Trick!

I made this trick up and I hope you guys like it!

What you need:

1. Mario Kart DS

2. ANY car (I recommend a car with high speed and good items ranking)

3. Item Boxes

4. A short, easy track (like the Mario Baby Park)

What to do:

1. Make sure you are 8th, or last. You should be quite far away from the 7th person.

2. Then slowly start driving and drive into an Item Box. When you are last, or near last position, you will usually get good items from the Item Boxes!

3. When you get good items (like the Golden Mushroom and Bullet Bill), you then continue driving as usual and keep up with the group. Try to be at least 4th.

4. Then use your special item, like Bullet Bill or the Golden Mushroom, which I HIGHLY recommend. Then you will h..

Get rid of Bloopers

Bloopers always squirt ink at you and it can be very annoying so to get rid of the ink you must be on a racing track which has the rainbow boost or you can have a mushroom, go on to the rainbow boost or use your mushroom and the ink will wash away.

Battle and grand prix hints

Here is my grand prix hint

If you have 7 cars unlocked go to any character with the r.o.b.-b.l.s. Car because it has great speed and handling.i used it and beat the rest of the game in a few hours including bathroom breaks etc.

Here is my battle hint

In case you haven't noticed, there are 4 yellow baloons at the upper right corner of the top screen.theese are your extra baloons. Hold down select while you are not moving and a baloon should start inflating. Hold select until the baloon is done inflating but you can't have more than three baloons. In case you run out, you can use a mushroom and run into someone and steal there baloons

P.s. Cheese is better than pancakes


When your playing in time trials it helps to stay straight if your racing against a big racer like bowser or wario each time you tap left or right to try to straighten out or whatever they move a little bit forward if you wiggle a lot theyll get ahead of you.

Secret item box

On DK Pass there is a secret item box. Start from the starting line you will pass a area to one side covered in snow with a red fence I think. The second one is like a hill with a couple of trees. Go up it. At the top is an item box that will give you either 1 mushroom 3 mushrooms or a star no matter what place you're in! Yoshi in egg1 rules!

Shortcuts for people using ARs with moonjump

In bowser castle 2, use moonjump to cut corners of the track. In desert hills just use it to skip over the places you would usually use a mushroom for. Don't try using moonjump in waluigi pinball because it will just put you in last place. In banshee boardwalk you can skip over big parts of the track when you come out of the house and you can skip the second corner right after the finish line

Hope this helps!

Floating powers.

On ballon battle press and hold select and hold the d pad left.when I did this I hade the moonjump code on my ar activated.

Turbo Boost After Lakitu Retrieval

If you fall off the track or get stuck underwater for more than a couple moments, Lakitu comes to pull you out and place you on the track again. When he picks you up, wait until you're dropped onto the track again, then press the acceleration at that exact moment and you'll get a turbo boost if you timed it correctly.


Ok when you aren't moving on like a battle or something, mover the D-pad left and right with R.O.B and it will look like hes dancing

Extreme Drift on Twilight House Balloon Battle

If you drift on the inside rooms in the course Twilight house balloon battle, you may experience this. You can infinitely drift, until you well decide to stop. Since it's on balloon battle, you can run into item blocks while drifting and play normally. I discovered this myself, and it's NOT A CHEAT. Since the course includes a lot of turning, it's a perfect course. I find it easier to win since you can dodge and attack at the same time while moving. It may not work for you, because it may take time to learn a more advanced level of this game. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes it's easy, so try it out and improve your Mario Kart!

How to beat ghost data very easy

Get an r4i card or action replay.

For r4i download mkds and go on cheats go to always have weapon codes enable the bullet bill.

For action replay you have 2 type the code in.

Go on mario kart and single player.Go to time trials mode and choose a level.First you race on you're own.After the race go to choose another track.go to the track you were just on press a. Then it will come up with nintendos staff ghost and how long it took them for that track.In that race against the ghostkeep pressing are or x for the bullet bill. Eventually you should beat the ghost.

Unlock Daisy and Dry Bones

To unlock Dry bones you have to win special cup in nitro grand prix on 50cc.

To unlock daisy win lightning cup in retro grand prix on 50cc.

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