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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

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Plenty of cheats for you to check out including how to get secret weapons, easy Boss Rush mode, how to slime a door and how to go through the waterfall.

More Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow please send them in here.

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Cheats and Unlocks

Do not use Souls:
Enter your name as ‘NOSOUL’
Do not use Items:
Enter your name as ‘NOUSE’

Hard Mode:
Get the good ending when you have completed the game.

Play as Julius Belmont:
Enter your name as ‘Julius’ after beating the game with the good ending and after the introduction you will be playing as Julius Belmont.

Play as Julius Belmont in Boss Rush Mode:
Beat the game normally with Julius Belmont then select Julius’ clear game file when you start the Boss Rush mode to play as him.

Unlock Sound Test Mode:
The Sound Test will appear on the Main Menu when you have successfully completed the game.

No item use and no souls

No Souls: Enter the name NOSOUL to play the game with no souls.
No Item Use: Enter the name NOITEMS to play the game with no items.

Fly with julius

Do the backdash thing off a ledge and hold R and youll start flying

How to slime a door

Go to grahams place and put on the slime soul. Defeat graham and when he turns into the dracula guy, go to the door to the left until you can't move forward anymore. Then slime the door. The slime will stick to the door and it will make a buzzing sound.

How to get the Chaos Ring!

To get the Chaos Ring, first you must have 100% of the enemy souls. Then go to the Chaotic Relm and to the room with the Erinys. Enter the previously empty room on the side and it will be there.

easy boss rush mode

First yuo need the chaos ring and the red minotuar soul. The chaos ring keeps your MP full always and red minotuar does alot of damage. So keep using red minotuar and black panther and youll be done in no time.

Beat Graham!

For some of you how are stuck at Graham I have one thing to say to you people before I tell you how to beat him. YOU SUCK! I MEAN HE'S SOOOO FREAKIN' EASY!
Anyway, to defeat Graham, all you need is the Claimith Solias. I forget how to get it. You should be at Lv. 40 AT LEAST! All you have to do is slash at him and avoid his attacks (duh!). Having the Sucubuss soul makes the battle slightly easy.

To Be Dragular

To Be Dragular Equip FD,GB And S Then Defeat The Final Boss(I Forget The Names.FD Flame Dragon.GB Giant Bat.S Is That White Beautiful Nightmare.)

How to go through the waterfall

First you need to get the curly soul. Then go to the underground resivoir or cemetary. When you get into that room with the waterfall, use the curly soul from the begining of the room and youll go through the waterfall.

get secret weapons

Valmanway/pozitron rifle/ excalibur- you have to beat boss rush mode in under 4 minutes 3 times to get all of these. Check out my cheat called " easy boss rush mode " to make it easier.

Death's scickle- go to the place where you fight death. The room right before it , there is a thing in the upper right corner of the screen by the save point, use giant bat and you got it. This is only obtainable on hard mode
Death's robe- somewhere in the clock tower, there is a liitle whole in the side of the wall with the robe in it. Use giant bat and you got it but only in hard mode though.
Silver gun- in hard mode, go to the place where you get balmung, you will also get the silver gun!

Test Your Skills 1

I found out a way how to test how good you are at this game!
First go to the first save point of The Abyss then select the souls you want and save. Here are the rules:
1.NO USING ITEMS OR HEALING SOULS (potions, mind up,succubus,alura une,etc.) can't just skip all the monsters, you have to kill them may not sleep or save your game becuase that heals you changing weapons or armor must get to the end of the abyss and save at the last save point which is next to the boss door where you fight chaos.
6.No gamesharks/action replays or any other cheating devices
Here are the results
1.UNSTOPPABLE-you make it to the end with full health
2.EXCELLENT-you make it to the end with MORE than 3/4 of your health filled..

Secret in boss rush

You need to finish 5 times in boss rush and you have ancient belt
And 15 times in boss rush for excalibur And so on!

All the cheats that I know for this game

To start with no items, type your name as NOITEMS.
To start with no souls,type your name as NOSOULS.
Finally, my favorite cheat, Type your name as JULIUS to start out as Julius Bellmont.

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