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Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

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Check out our cheats which incude unlocking New Game+, extra puzzles and dungeons.

More Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Cheats and Tips

We have 22 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls please send them in here.

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Unlock Dungeons

When you defeat a fiend a secret dungeon will become unlocked. There are four hidden dungeons in total and they include boss battles from other Final Fantasy games.
Unlock Earthgift Shrine
Defeat Lich near the Temple of Chaos.
Unlock Lifespring Grotto
Defeat Kraken near the canal by Melmond.
Unlock Hellfire Chasm
Defeat Marilith near the Dragon Islands.
Unlock Whisperwind Cove
Defeat Tiamat in the rivers by the Ice Cave.

Unlock Sound Test

When you have beaten both games (Final Fantasy I & II) the sound test feature will become an available option.

Unlock New Game+

When you beat the game wait for the prompt after the credits have finished to save the game and the New Game+ feature will then become an available option.

Extra Puzzles

In Final Fantasy 1 when you're on a ship hold A and press B 23 times and the slider puzzle will come up.
I'm pretty sure these are all of the prizes
30 seconds or less: X-potion
30 seconds to a minute: Dry ether, Elixir, Emergency Exit, Hermes' Shoes, Remedy
1 minute to 2 minutes: Blue curtain, Blue Fang, Red Curtain, Red Fang, White Curtain, White Fang, Cockatric Claw, Spider's Silk, Vampire Fang
Over 2 minutes: 100 gil, Antidote, Echo Grass, Either, Eye Drops, Gold Needle, Pheonix Down, Potion

Sound Test

Beat both games.

Team Members good and bad sides

Heylo people. Dagoth here.
First off, there are (duh) six players each with their own characteristics, and here they are down below.
Warrior/Knight person--A MUST HAVE, since without this character, you might as well start over. He has the best attack power in the game, and can wield a TON of great weaponry and armor. It is also a good idea to have him at the top of your 'Formation' Category, since units in that area take more blows from enimies, and with his high defensive points, it is pretty good to have him there and to help spare your more weaker units of your team. Oh yeah, and he can use some White Magic when he upgrades to 'Knight'.
Thief/Ninja person--To put it simpily an AWESOME fighter. On the original NES version of FF1, he sucked, but here, ..

Monks are pretty good

I know you guys will probably never believe me but........
If you do have one do not equip it with any weapons.
Without a weapon equiped it'll do an 8 hit and do at least 200 damage!!!!
Trust me I have a monk on my team.

Best comonation 1

Select the worrior,the thief, the monk, and the red wizerd for the best damage in the game.

Best combonation 2

Choose the worrior, the thief, and the white and black wizerds for longer life, and better tactics.

A few tips that are generally always asked

1. You can save anywhere you like in this game. Just go into the main menu and save. So save often.
2. Some of the dungeons are not only big but have many levels. There are also many random battles. Therefore I would reccommend stocking up on 99 potions/hi potions to make sure you save your MP for the bosses.
3. Talk to everyone. They will give you the hint of where you need to go next.
4. Inns heal your MP/HP so spend a few gil and heal up before going to dungeons.
5. The canoe is located in Crescent Lake. You need to go to the east side of town and then cross the bridge. It is off path but you will come across sages. One will give you the canoe.
6. The airship is located below Cresent Lake in the desert. You need the levistone. You..

Boss Stats

Me Again, alright, wanna know the first 4 bosses stats?
Of course you do!
Alright, First is Garland-HP212,Attack15. 2nd is 4 Piscodemon-HP84,Attack30. 3rd is Artos-HP420,Attack30.
And 4th is Earth Elemental-HP288, Attack66. Thats how far I am so far.
Sorry there's not that much. - see ya !

Sound Test!

After you beat both Final Fantasy 1 and 2, you will unlock an extra option on the main menu! This extra option is the sound test and contains all the Music From Both games to be listened to at any time! Hope you enjoy this little Addition!


I found a real easy way to beat chaos first (I had a ninga warrior white wizard and a black wiz) use your white wizard to use protectra on everybody and your black wiz should use temper on your ninja, and warrior next turnwhite wiz should use nulall on all of your playrz when you start to fight with every body this is what who should do what.
Ninga=just keep hitting
Warrior=keep hitting
White wizard=holy spell
Black wizard=firaga thundrga or blizzerga I use blizzerga
That hould help you good luck!!!

The return of the 4 crystal bosses

Yes thats right. Once you beat the 4 bosses that carries the crystal, there will be another rematch and you will fight them again one by one at the last stage on where you will fight Chaos ( which is the very last boss of the game Final Fantasy I ). But be warned, they are tougher now than before.

Money and experience quick!

Go to the Earth Shrine(after beating The Lich) and just fight for an hour or two. You will shortly get strong! And if your lucky you might just The Elven Cloak!


For those of you who says monks arent good your wrong my Monk/master does
3x as much damage as my warrior/knight.So I suggest a Monk/master in every team.

very helpful tip

Hey all here is a tip for you
Now the way I have been playing I have been saving my gill sometimes and stocking up on potions, antidotes, sleeping bags, tents and pheonix down. If you do it the same way you'll be able to survive longer now if your in like say the marsh cave and have stocked up on the items you can go through with out exiting and if you level up higher than required for each place you will see that it's a lot easier.
Have fun and let me know if it helps you like it does for me

Wanna know the Best posibles Teams of Final Fantasy I?

Easy, the best teams are:
1º- Monk,Monk,White Mage,Black Mage/Red Mage(This team is pretty good,for me is the PERFECT TEAM.) when I first tried this team I used a black mage,although it sucks it wasn't much of a trouble since the monks together were two killing machines,Bosses? My monks doesn't know what boses are,because when they become a master they become a lot stronger,it's the same to fight a goblin than fighting tiamat(just bt saying) and if you use the giant gloves two or three times on each master, and use temper with your mage two or three times on both, and a round of haste for both masters,they make easily 7000+ HP damage each on most bosses, what means easy fiends,easy Shinryu,Easy atomos,phantom train,ultros,typhon,and maybe easy deathgaze and omega(cause the have at..

Easy Way to gain massive exp and gill

Towards the middle of the game, when going after the Water Crystal, you will enter a dungeon known as the Cavern Of Ice. After fighting through several floors, you will come across a room with 3 treasure chests. One contains 9500 Gill, the other an ice shield and the last one a sleeping bag.
This is where you face the caves boss, Evil Eye. He has 162 HP, and you should be strong enough at this point to take him out in one or two rounds. After you beat him, take one step to the side, then go back to where you fought him, you will face him again.
After another one to two turn victory you will gain all the rewards as the last time. This can be completed an infinite number of times. Each time you beat him you will get 3225 Gill, and an average of 3225 EXP depending on..


Hey I need help with my save file for my vba version for some reason it seems like I have lost my progress in the game but the file is still there can anyone help me understand why this is happening to me!!! PLEASE!!! And I know this is in the wrong place but I have seen others do it plus it says I have a pending question still :(


If you go to the wind cavern after geting the last crystal, you will find a weapon called "sasuke's katana." sasuke is a naruto charactor.

60.000 gil


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