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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats for you to check out and try. These include getting infinite lives, easy rings, free money and unlocking characters.

More Sonic Adventure 2 Battle GameCube Cheats and Tips

We have 331 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle please send them in here. For more Codes for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle go to:
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Unlock Characters

To play a different character in Kart mode you have to first complete the required stages and missions of that character to unlock them.

Play as Sonic in PSO Suit:

Complete ALL of Sonic's stages and missions in Kart mode.

Play as Shadow in Alternate Costume:

Complete ALL of Shadow's stages and missions in kart mode.

Play as Rouge in Alternate Costume:

Complete ALL of Rouge's stages and missions in kart mode.

Play as Eggman in Alternate Eggwalker:

Complete ALL of Eggman's stages and missions in kart mode.

Play as Tails in the Tornado 1:

Complete ALL of Tails' stages and missions in kart mode.

Play as Knuckles in Alternate Form:

Complete ALL of Knuckles' stages and missions in kart mode.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Cheats

Unlock Boss Attack Mode:

Complete either Hero or Dark side story modes to unlock the Boss Attack

mode. Fight each Boss from either Hero or Dark side.

Last Stage:

Complete the Hero and Dark side story modes successfully then enter Story mode and a Last Stage? selection will appear on the menu between the Hero and Dark selections.


Unlockable Items:

Win the following levels to unlock the corresponding items in the game.

Unlock Ball for Dark Garden:

Win the first 2 levels of the Dark race.

Unlock Ball for Hero Garden:

Win the first 2 levels of the Hero race.

Unlock Watering Can:

Win ALL 3 levels of the Stump Valley race.

Unlock Car:

Win ALL 3 levels of the Mushroom Forest race.

Unlock Rattle:

Win ALL 3 levels of the Block Cannyon Race.

Unlock Shovel:

Win ALL 3 levels of the Crab Pool race.

Unlock Radio for Dark Garden:

Win ALL 4 Dark Races.

Unlock Rocking Horse for Hero Garden:

Win ALL 4 Hero Races.

Unlock Ball for Normal Garden:

Win the first 4 levels of the Challenge ..

Free Money. Seriously. Try it. It's so easy it's not even funny.

Ok, so you want money without any work right then do this.

1. Get an item that your chao can wear as a hat this works best if you raise money and buy a hat from the black market.The hats you buy from the black market sell for a fourth of the price.

2. (I used a apple which can be bought for 2000 rings.)Ok go to the garden. Get it and sell it. Then reset. See the rings are saved to the system but you haven't saved chao data. So when you go back what you sold should still be there.

3. Once you have alot of money buy a wool hat and sell it and repeat then buy more expensive items because they sell for a fourth of the price.

Try it. I got:

50,000 rings in about 15 minutes. Probably less. If you like this cheat rate it please. Enjoy being rich.

Chao: Reusable Chaos Drive/Animal Cheat

Okay, aren't you tired of having to redo a level 50 times to get 500 chaos drives and animals for your chao? Well, NOT ANYMORE! Okay, complete a level and get any amount of chaos drives and animals you want and enter chao garden. Pick up the chao you want to give the chaos drive/animal to, and put it down, you need to keep it still for this to work! Now while the chao is still, grab a chaos drive/animal, and align yourself in front of the chao and you need to be another chao length apart from the chao and drop the item, the chao will sparkle and the item will be pushed back and you will be able to grab it again and reuse it.

Easier Way To Reincarnate Your Chao

This is really useful if you're planning to get chaos chao. Keep repeatedly petting your chao until it loves you. You can test to see if it loves you by whistling to it (it will come to you if it loves you). Give it a couple chaos drives, and raise it's stamina stat so the white numbers on it's chart say 300 or more. Enter it in a couple races and karate tournies (it doesn't matter if it wins). Then your chao will automatically reincarnate if you did it right. This also can help child chao transform into adults faster.

Rainbow Chao

Okay first off I know this cheat is true because I have a rainbow chao.

1st take a normal egg and hatch it(dont throw it up against a wall, press and hold the b button then hold the analog stick in what ever direction) with a dark character

2nd make it a dark power chao and give it the power chaos drives( I don't know if the power animals work) and nuts that grow in the chao garden only

3rd wait until it evolves(again hatch it) and you have a rainbow chao ^_^

Get Many Rings Easily

Go to the Black Market and buy a (preferably very) expensive item, such as the wool hat, etc. then save your Chao Data. Go back to the Chao World and sell the item you just bought. While still INSIDE the Black Market, RESTART your GameCube. You will still have the item, but have the rings acquired from selling it too. I have used this cheat dozens of times, and it does work. Keep in mind that when you sell your item, the price gets cut by 1/4. That means that if you bought an Old Pan for 2,000 rings, it would go down to 500 rings when you want to sell it. The wool hat would sell for 2,000 rings.

Re-use animals in Chao garden

This cheat here is very, very useful to raise Chao stats.

1. Stop the Chao from walking, playing etc. (petting might stop it for a while)

2. Grab an animal and go right in front of it. (not too colse or the Chao will take it out of your hands)

3. While the Chao is standing still press B fast to drop it the animal in front of him and if you did it right the animal should bounce back. (repeat with all animals till your Chao really takes it) in otherwards you can't use it no more

Hope this is useful

PS. It will take a while to master this so practice up and happy raising everyone.


Having trouble? If you are I STRONGLY recommend you listen to me,and when your done,listen some more !!! Ok go to,click on sonic adventure 2 battle,click on either basics,evolvtion 1,evolve 2,and have fun!

P.S. Please Rate Good everone has been loyal to me so far, and besides it took me 1 hour to find the website! Stay Chaoy!

Flame on Chao's head!

In Green Forest, the place with the three wooden crates, look closely into the grass right by it. They're be this weird looking fish-like thing there. Get it, and go give it to your Chao, and a blue flame will appear above it'd head.

Hope it helped.

How to get a rainbow chao.

1.First Hatch a Regular egg (Throw it at a wall)

2.Raise it with a dark character

3.Give it red chaos drives.

4.Feed it normal fruits from the trees.

Soon it will go into a cacoon and come out as a rainbow chao

If you go to chao karate and go on expert you will see rainbow in round 4.

Nice Job You Got A Rainbow Chao.

Note:This cheat isn't fake because I have a rainbow chao.

Well, the cheat is to get more rings In the ..

Well, the cheat is to get more rings

In the chao garden get somthing that will sell for alot like a stump or pot maybe and when selling the item just as the money is going up


that way you will have the money from the item that you sold and if you look in the chao gardens there should be that item there!! like magic!!

small print :(no responsibility will be taken over lost saves)

How 2 Get A Clear Screen on Pause

To get a clear screen on pause you must press Y & X at the same time and you will get 2 see the screen perfectly.

Easy coins!

At first you will have to save up money for an expensive item that you can buy at the black market in chao world,then once you have that item put it in your garden and leave then save.When you go back to the garden take the item back to the black market it will sell for a quarter of the origanal price but this will allow you to keep the coins and item.When you sell it right when it makes the ca-ching noise(cash register noise)press restart on the gamecube and when you go back to the garden the item will be back where it was and you will still have the coins.

NOTE:If you do not exit the garden and save before turning off the gamecube you will lose the coins you got.

The Ring glitch/cheat!

Ok first in the chao world go to the Black Market and buy an expensive item. Then go into one of your gardens and drop it of. After that save the game and come back. Sell the item and reset (button on gamecube that is PLAIN purple no impressions and words that say "Reset") then go back to the same garden and the item should be there. But you still have the rings from the sold item! Do this as MANY times as you want and you'll be rich!

Sonic chao

Give a chao nothing but green chaos drives. Keep it neutral, you should start to see spikes form at the back of it's head. I've done it, and it works.

How to find the Mystic Melody

In the final Chase with Shadow you have to go a while into the level and go to the top of all the green long floaty thingys with arrows. Eventually, while on top of one of these, you will see another one with orange electric fence around it. Jump above the fence and go to the top. You will see a platform with a white circle on it. Jump on the platform and there is the flute! Smile

Have your Chao evolve...EARLY!

(NOTE!! Your chao must be at least one day for this to work)

Take the chao that you wish to evolve early. Take some normal chao nuts, or, if you want, buy it's favorite nut from the shop. Shake the trees and make a large pile of chao nuts. Force feed your chao to a certain level, usualy around level 10. Have another nut, just in case the chao throws the other nut back. Continue until your chao sits perfectly still. If you hear a slight 'Bleeoop' sound, find your chao(if you walked away from it). Stay if you wish to see what he/she looks like. I did this and my dark garden is crowded with dark chao. I breed them. Alot have died and I don't even have normal chao anymore XD.

Easy Rings

Buy an expensive item from the shop in chao world like a watermelon place in one of your gardens save the game. Then re-enter the chao world sell that item when you hear the ching reset the system then you will have the extra money from the sold item and still have it in your garden.

Lots of rings for free and it's easy

Ok trust meon this one go to the black market and buy the most expensive item you can preferibaly the hats now put them in any garden save and exit now go back in and take the items and sell them now instead of saving the game just hit the reset button on your gamecube once it has loaded go back to the chao garden where you left the items and ohhhh whats this they are still there and you have the rings that you selt them for keep doing this trick and in no time you will be set for rings I did it for 12 hours straight and made over 3 million rings

How To Get Lots of Rings

Ok on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you find out that money is a need if you want to raise a chao. First off make sure you have one of these items, Apple, Watermelon, Treetrunk, Red Wool Hat, Blue Woll Hat, or Black Wool Hat. Now pick up one of those items you own and go down at the Black Market. Now sell that item that you picked up but do not leave that area. Now press the reset button and go back into the chao garden that you had that sold item in. As you can see the item is still there in the last place you left it. Now check your rings, now as you can see you have the same amount of rings you had after you sold the item. If you do this over and over, you wil have about a good five thousands rings in about five minutes. Never leave the Black Market after you sell the item or press start ..

Knuckles Chao

Give a basic neutral chao NOTHING but red chaos drives,keep it neutral, and when it evolves it should be a red color and sort of look like knuckles. Worked for me. (No he won't have his claws)

Moving chao forhead?

It's kindof a funny glitch my little brother found: Take a chao, and give it animals until it has a tail. Then watch that chao when it goes to sleep. Sometimes, the tail will pop up through the chao's forhead! (This is most funny with the skunk tail- it looks like a horn wobbling up and down on the chao!! Hahaha!)

Found by: Drake the Dragon, my little bro. ^^


Heres a chao idea: Sonic/Shadow chao:

(1.Get a normal chao egg. (the ones with the yellow and blue spots.) and hatch it.

(2. Give it green chaos drives and running animals with a mixture of hero and dark (or for a shadow chao, just dark.) until it's running stat is at level 10. (3. Wait somewear until your chao transforms (goes into blue cacoon and comes back out)

(4: you will have a green sonic chao or a shadow chao with green stripes.

Simply keep giving it green chaos drives and wait. Soon you will have a sonic or shadow chao. By the way, baseballdude was wrong about shiny eggs. I have only 85 emblems and I can still get shiny eggs of almost any color. Thanks!

More easy rings

To get easy rings compleate city escape misson two and you can select the chao misson. On the chao mission the level never ends. Get 999 rings and find a chao. Do this 10 times and you will have 9990 rings to spend in the black market. Keep doing it untill you have as many rings as you need !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hidden level

Ok this is a bit fun for some if you complete every thing in the game get all 180 emblems all A grade then you will get a secret level now for those of you who are big sonic fans like my self you will have played sonic the hedgehog for the sega megadrive rember the first level on that green hill well by getting 180 emblems all A grade you will be able to play that level in 3D so what are you waiting for get out there and start collecting those emblems

I found Big from Sonic Adventure!!!

Okay Big is NOT seeable in Levels! ONLY IN CUT SCENES.


#1: Egg golem

Before the scene starts start hitting every button NOT INCLUDING START! When the door opens Big's behind there

#2 After Knux/Rouge fight

Hit every button but start and youll see big running on the pole.

#3 Before Biohazard fight

When Amy is complaining you havew to either

1 Hit A rapidly

2 Hit B rapidly

3 Hit A AND B rapidly

4 hit every button Rapidly

Big will be VERY visable...hehehe

Golden Chao

If you want a Golden Chao, you will need your Chao to mate. First, buy a Brown Egg for 800 Rings at the Black Market, and a Shiny Yellow Egg for 5,000 Rings. Treat them nicely, and after they're 1 year of age (check it at the Doctor in the Chao Kindergarten), buy two Fertility Fruits at the Black Market for 300 Rings each. Feed one to each, a ring of flowers should circle them, if a chao is naive, you will have a better chance of them mating, now, stick one or the other in the other chao's ring, then, they will mate, and have a baby. Open the egg, and you should have a golden chao.

Sonic 1 level

If you are a big sonic the hedgehog fan like me then you will rember sonic the hedgehog for the sega mega drive and you will rember the first level green hill zone well you can play that level in 3D on sonic adventure 2 battle it is difficuilt to unlock but this is how you do it get all 180 emblems including mini games like kart racing and make sure that every level has an A grade so you should end up with 180 emblems and 180 A ranks then the level will be come unlocked as well as the chance to go through again and try to gain an S rank (very hard) so have fun gaining those emblems and good luck

EasyER Sea Monster

Ok so an easy way to get the sea monster is to go ti Pumpkin Hill and get the three chao boxes, but is that the fastest way?


The fastest way is to go to Green Forest and choose mission 3 ("lost chao" mission so there is no time limit)

Then after you start go in the first tunnel you see and when the spiked tank enemy appears, kill it and roll into the right wall. There should be a racoon and a chao box, brake it and get the key then move on

and just keep going through the level like you would normally.

After you pass the second check point you keep going and when you grab the vine you will land on a floating square island with a giant tree. DON"T GET OFF THAT ISLAND!! Look to your right and there will be 3 wooden crates. Brake them and a sea monster s..

Did you know v.2

Did you know that there are 21 different types of animals in sonic adventure two battle that you can give to your chao. Well here they are:



















skeleton dog

half fish





Another report from the ninja wolf

You know how other games have cheats so you c..

You know how other games have cheats so you can freeze the game, well I found out how to freeze it here. First get to chao world and select Tails.

Go get one of the chao and take it to chao kidnergarten.

Stand in the corner and start to run from that corner to the locker back and forth until it freezes.

Make sure when you do this you can see through the chao and see Tails belly.

Getting a Dark Red colored Chao!


I'm new here and I am a huge fan of sonic.

I don't think anyone cares about this but My cousen breeded a red chao and a shiny red chao and got a DARK RED COLORED CHAO!!!

Both chaos were bad so thats probly why it was a dark colored chao.

I'll send more if I get any other chao colores

Happy breeding!

3 magical animals

There are three magical creatures are dragon,unicorn and pheonix.

To find dragon and unicorn find the third choa box they can also be found in secret places in the game.

The pheonix, I have found 2 times in metal harbour under a thing and in mission street in a cage.

Infanant animal

First you pet your choa till it is has it's eyes close.grab an animal quickly don't get to close to the choa and let go of the animal.your choa should goin stats without losing the animal. You can also use it with choa drives will have LV99 quick exept for stamina

Unlock Green Hill Zone

You can unlock a special stage called Green Hill zone by getting all other 180 emblems.

How to get rid of animals atached to your chao.

Go to pumkin hill in that stage there will be mountins you have to go to the top of church mountin there will be a skeloten dog there get alot of those and feed it to your chao and the animales atached to it will go away.

Hope this helps!


With knuckles in Aquatic mine lower the water level as low as you can. Then look for a warning sighn. There are 2. One has goast when you go down it.NOT THE RIGHT ONE!!! Find the other one then. There will be water. Just fallow the path go up (when tou go up you will get air don't take yor time) You will get the breathing neckless or somthing and youll be able to breath under water

Note:that you do need this to beat the game!!!!


All this trick requires is two memory cards. If you've ever moved a Chao from one memory card to another, ever notice that it says "Saving Chao Data" twice? This is because it has to save to both memory cards. So we can take advantage of this.

Go to the file which has the Chao you want to clone. Go to Chao Garden (duh), and step on the Chao Transporter without bringing your Chao. Select "Move". Now, REMOVE the memory card you are currently using. Now, move the Chao-to-be-cloned to the other memory card. Now, the first saving message will pop up, since it's saving to the other memory card first. Then, when the second saving message pops up, it won't save to the memory card you removed. So now, you've got your Chao saved to both memory cards, therefore doing easy cloning without..

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