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Tekken 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 14 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Tekken 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Arcade

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Unlock Bonus Characters

Complete the following tasks using the corresponding characters to unlock the desired Bonus character.
Unlock Anna:
Using Nina beat the game.
Unlock Armored King:
Using King beat the game.
Unlock Baek:
Using Law beat the game.
Unlock Kuma:
Using Paul beat the game.
Unlock P.Jack:
Using Jack-2 beat the game.
Unlock Ganryu:
Using Michelle beat the game.
Unlock Kimnitsu:
Using Yoshimitsu beat the game.
Unlock Devil:
Using Kazuya defeat the Devil and then press 'Kick' to select Devil.
Unlock Angel:
Using Kazuya defeat the Devil and then press 'Punch' to select Angel.
Unlock Sub-Bosses:
To play as any sub-boss defeat the Devil with eac..

Select Victory Animation

When you have won a round and the replay is showing press any of the buttons on your control to view a different victory animation. This also works when the opponent wins.

Hidden Music Track

When you place the game disc of Tekken 2 into a CD player you will find three tracks. There is nothing on tracks #1 and #3 but on track #2 there is a hidden music track you can listen to.

Choose a Pose

After you've won a fight, press and hold square or X right through the replay to get the first. Then hold down circle or triangle to get the second pose.

PURPLE KAZUYA:1.All the secret characters must ..

PURPLE KAZUYA:1.All the secret characters must be acumulated first.

2.Start a new game and highlight kazuya.

3.Now hold down start while selecting him.

4.He'll now fight as his third, purple costume.

After beating the game with each of the basic ..

After beating the game with each of the basic character you will reveal that characters counterpart take one of the conterpart characters you have revealed and use them in an arcade mode battle.

When you get to the 7th round let your opponet beat you down to almost nothing, then quickly defeat them.

This is very difficult so keep trying. After you do this you will fight a hidden character in the next round it is a kangaroo with boxing gloves, I cant remember his name.

After you defeat the game and reveal him select him with the square button to get his counterpart. To get angel you must first unlock Kazuya.

After doing this you must select him in an arcade mode ba..

Punch-out View For a new perspective, try this...

Punch-out View

For a new perspective, try this. After you've captured all characters, hold L1+L2 when selecting your character. A new "Punch-out" perspective will become availabble

If you have got cinema mode in tekken 3 you can ..

If you have got cinema mode in tekken 3 you can insert tekken of tekken 2 to watch the videos if you don't already have them.

If you do have all of the videos for all of the games then there is no point even looking at this tip and you probably already know.

First complete the Arcade Mode with everyone. Y..

First complete the Arcade Mode with everyone. You will get a host of new characters.

Complete the Arcade Mode with one of them and you will get Kauzua.

Complete it with him on the Arcade Mode, and you will get devil.

New beginning ?

OK, when you unlock all the characters, except kazuya devil/angel.
Start at the screen where it has arcade and all that and where it says Tekken 2 you will see kazuyas face.....


These are the characters you unlock after completing arcade mode with the basic characters:
King:Armor King

how to unlock roger/alex

on stage 3 finish your enemy with very little life and then roger's stage will appear defeat him and he will be a selectable character

you may know how to get everyone BUT!!!!!!!!!!yo..

you may know how to get everyone BUT!!!!!!!!!!you probaly havent been told how to get Unknown.

here is what to do.

Beat the game 4 times with devil without getting K.O.'d

and repeat with angel.

It is quite hard but if you are brilliant at the game it should be easy.

Everything to unlock

Hidden characters:Beat arcade mode with any original character to unlock a hidden one.
To get 10 hidden characters beat arcade mode with all 10 of the original, get what I mean.
Special hidden characters:
Kazuya:Beat arcade mode with all original and hidden characters bar Alex/Roger
Devil/Angel:Beat arcade mode with Kazuya
Alex/Roger:Beat round 3 of arcade mode with only a tiny bit of health remaining so the announcer says great.You will challenge Alex or Roger on the 8th stage.Beat them to unlock them.
View character endings,watch special movies and listen to music:Unlock theatre mode on tekken 3 and select disk.
Insert tekken 2 in and you can view character endings, movies and listen to music for this game.
Good luck in un..

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