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Sonic Heroes Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Heroes

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Plenty of cheats for you to look through and includes the best battle formation, unlocking the last story and getting the metal characters in 2-player mode.

More Sonic Heroes Cheats and Tips

We have 29 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Heroes please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : PC : PlayStation

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Sonic Heroes Cheats

Metallic Skin:
Select a 2 player level and hold A and Y to have a metallic skin covering
over your team.
Unlock Last Story:
Finish all stories and collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds.
Unlock New 2P Modes:
2P Action Race Unlocked from start
2P Bobsled Race Collect 80 Emblems
2P Expert Race Collect 120 Emblems
2P Quick Race Collect 100 Emblems
2P Ring Race Collect 60 Emblems
2P Special Stage Collect 40 Emblems
2P Team Battle Collect 20 Emblems
Super Hard Difficulty
With 141 Emblems and all A ratings beat the game.

Rouge winks at you

This isn't exactly a cheat, but, if you look at Rouge as Shadow with the C-stick, she'll look at you and then wink. This only happens once per look, which means you gotta look away and look at her again if you want to make her wink again. If that doesn't work, then get out of 1st-person view, and move C-stick again.

Best battle formation

These are the best ways to battle your opponents

Metal Characters In 2-Player

Metal Characters In 2-Player- After selecting a level in 2-player mode, hold A + Y.
Happy gaming =p

Metallic Multiplayer Characters

When playing 2 Player mode, YOu can make the characters metallic. Here's hpw to do it:
As soon as you select 2 Player mode, hold down A+Y and keep holding it when you select the challenge, the characters, and release it when you actually start playing and your characters will be metallic.

Easy Emeralds!

To get all 7 chaos emeralds super easy, just play as team Rose, and go to the levels with 1 of the emeralds in it. To access the special stage, find, and hang on to the key. If you get hurt, you will lose it, but there are two key in each level,so it's not too tricky. To obtain the emerald, keep dashing while grabbing the multi-colored spheres, while avoiding the bombs. If you don't hit too many bombs, and grab enough spheres, (while repeatedly pressing the {B} button) you should be able to obtain the emerald. (The only reason it's so easy, is because the levels are easiest with team Rose!)

Bonus Rings

If all 3 characthers are in the slot machine at the same time it is possible to get tripple the amount you win.
In addition if you play on one slot long enough you have a better chance to win the jackpot.

Change to metal skin

Go to 2 players mode and pick Race and Battle or more and after character select and choosing stage and press A and Y button and hold it while it loading after you done choosing stage then you will have metal skin on your character

Sonic Heroes Cheats

Metal character:
Hold X and /\ while loading to be mwtal characters.
Super hard mode:
Get all 120 emblems ans all 141 A ranks to get Super hard mode,it will be selectable in 1P screen where it will usally be where ??? Is.
Team super:
To get team super you must get to LAST STORY and they will be playable.
Chaos emerald Hints:
To heip get chaos emeralds try to avoid the bombs and get link sheare's to get boosts, and try to get the red ones with stars on them for more boost power.

Metal Charecters in 2 Player

After selecting a level in 2-player mode, hold A+Y. Hope I helped!


Extra Team Blast With Team Sonic

After you use team blast notice that you still have a little extra on the meter.
As long as you have some power on the meter, use Sonic to do a tornado spin and you team blast will still work.

Jump over blocks!

On a level where there are red blocks that you have to break with Knuckels, Big, ect.You can jump over them with Sonic or Shadow just use the Blue Tornado or Black Tornado,at the end of the tornado, jump and you should be over the brick without breaking it.

How to get team blast easy

If you press B when in power or fly formation in fly formation you should perform thunder shoot in power formation you should just punch or wack if you do this your team blast should go up higher.

Last story

To get the last story there are 3 steps
1. Beat the game
2. Get all 7 caos emeralds
3. Push right on the controll stick (when your slekting a story) at team chaotix.

Wall Glitch

Wow, never thought I would find something something as shocking as this, well here goes:
Alright, first of all, as far as I know, this glitch happens in only one place, "Mystic Mansion", also, it is very important to go through this mission with "Team Chaotix"!! Now, the mission I was on was the extra mission, but I am sure that it's all the same. Anyways, to find the wall glitch you need to find your way into the giant room where those robots jump out of the paintings after activating the mystery switch. You can either fight them or sneak past them with Espio when he is invisible. Okay, now this is where it happens!! After you get past these guys you'll get to one of those metal flowers that charmy has to polinate. In order to activate the wall glitch you have to be..

All bosses

Egg Hawk:
Use Speed to homing attack the cockpit when it's moving and when it uses the circle attack use power to attack the cockpit. If you're using teams Rose or Chaotix use the body slam. If you're using teams Sonic or Dark however use the punches.
Team Fight:
Team Sonic fight Team Rose and Team Chaotix fight Team Dark. Just use fly and the thundershoot to knock them all off the edge.
Robot Carnival:
Just destroy all the robots in Eggman's army.
Egg Albatross:
Use speed and homing attack to destroy it. First attack the wings until they're destroyed then the blimp and finally te Egg Hawk.
Team Battle 2:
Team Sonic fight Team Dark and Team Rose fight Team Chaotix. Same strategy as last time but this time they can use t..

How to beat the Egg Emoperor

Collect the fly upgrades and use them at the platforms. They're the only atack that can bypass his shield and at level 3 they're extremely powerful.

Super Hard mode

To unlock Super Hard mode, you must:
1. Complete all character stories.
2. Get all 7 Chaos Emeralds.
3. Complete Last Story
4. Get an A rank in all stages and bosses for all characters (including the extra missions). There is a total of 141.
Once you've done this it will appear to the left of story. You go through each stage (not including bosses) as Team Sonic. Good luck.

Chose team dark in challenge shadow use ..

Chose team dark in challenge shadow use c stick to look at ruoge.she will wink at shadow

Amy can float hold the a button then she will sw..

Amy can float hold the a button then she will swing here hammer then she will float

Team chaotix Extra Mission:Egg Fleet

When you have to get to the the goal,undetected,within the time limit,just turn Espio invisible and forget about the enemies.Hey, it worked for me.

team chaotix distraction

When you're playing as team chaotix and your fighting team dark become espio and jump then press B. If done corectly espio will turn invisible [but you can see him a little] the other two characters will not follow you and team dark will only attack them, not you. Then just look in team darks direction and press B multiple times with out moveing. If done corectly you will rapidly throw throwing stars that damage the enemies. Just keep doing this untill you win.[you can only throw the throwing stars when you are espio and espio is invisible]
good luck

Egg Hawk

When you start,run over to the circle part of the level.When eggman lands switch to Knuckles and keep tapping B button only works if you didnt upgrade him.
P.S.S.It only works for Omega and Knuckles

Unlock Last Story

Beat Stories:Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix.

Metal Madness and Metal Overlord

I have got an A Rank on Metal Madness and Overlord on my first try so here's my hint for you guys and girls
Well first up is Team Rose to fight Metal Madness this is an easy fight at the start break one of the containers and get a Team Blast use it right away then get the other Team Blast and use it now the Orb on it's tail should be Blue.
If it is keep using Big and his B Attack if it turns Red or Yellow (unlikely) change to Amy and Homing Attack the Orb if it becomes Red if it becomes Yellow keep using Big until he goes down(well it's not defeated yet) next up is Team Chaotix now at the start go into the cannon with Vector and aim Charmy and Espio at the ballons that are in the air behind the cannon now when Charmy and Espio get those ballons aim Vector at the Orb.

Metal sonic:tips

To beat metal sonic first use big. Keep hitting amy and cream at the spot and dodge his moves. Then you move onto team chaotix. When the spot is yellow, keep using espios jump attack. Then when it's blue, use vectors attack when he shoots espio and charmy. Then it's team dark. Get all the level ups and use rouge as much as possible. When it's yellow use shadow. Then it's the good bit, team sonic. Keep pressing b and getting yuor team blast meter up. When he opens his middle to shoot crystals, use sonic. When he shoots the spines, use tails and when he picks up the ship, use knuckles. At every chance, USE TEAM BLAST! I got it done in under 5 minutes like this, can you?

Sonic robot

At the end of the game after you've beaten story mode with all teams and got all the chaos emeralds you get to battle a copy of sonic thats a robot meant to destroy sonic be careful and watch out for his multi copy move.

Robot Carnical: Team Chaotix

An easy way to completling Robot Storm with Team Chaotix is to spend the first few waves charging up your team blast meter. You should have a full meter (roughly) by the time you get shot out of the first cannon. Use it on the first wave on that platform and destroy them all. With Team Chaotix, you get rings for every enemy you destory with it (the tougher the enemy, the more rings). When the meter is empties, you should already have it fully charged again. Repeat this for all waves (except for the one that involves shooting yourself at) and this sould be over fairly easily.

How To Easily Fill Up The Team Blast Meter

I've figured out that you can fill up the team blast meter by being fly or power and attacking. I was attacking the air and filled up the team blast meter!!! Though it does not fill it right away, it still is a satasfactory cheat. Does not work for speed.

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