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Mario Superstar Baseball Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario Superstar Baseball


We have 36 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Superstar Baseball please send them in here.

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Unlock Secret Characters:
The following is a list of players that need to have specific tasks performed to unlock them.
Unlock Monty Mole:
Complete Challenge mode with Mario
Unlock Petey Piranha:
Complete Challenge mode with Wario
Unlock Baby Luigi:
Complete Challenge mode with Yoshi
Unlock Hammer Bro:
Complete Challenge mode with Bowser
Unlock Toadette:
Complete Challenge mode with Peach
Unlock Dixie Kong:
Complete challenge mode with Donkey Kong

Unlock Star Dash Mini-Game:
Complete Challenge mode once

Mario Superstar Baseball cheats

Unlock Hammer Bro:
Complete Challenge Mode with Bowser.
Unlock Monty Mole:
Complete Challenge Mode with Mario.
Unlock Baby Luigi:
Complete Challenge Mode with Yoshi.
Unlock Dixie Kong:
Complete challenge mode with Donkey Kong.
Unlock Petey Piranha:
Complete Challenge Mode with Wario.
Unlock Toadette:
Complete Challenge Mode with Peach.
Unlock Koopa Castle Stadium:
Complete Challenge Mode.
Unlock Star Dash:
Complete Star difficulty on all of the six mini-games.

Mario Superstar Baseball unlockables

Unlock Coin Derby:
Complete 'Challenge' mode once

Unlock Toy Field:
Get the Secret map
Unlock Secret Map:
Beat every Mini-game once
Unlock Super Star:
Complete the Item check list
Unlock Grand Prix Mode:
Beat all Mini-games on 'Star' difficulty

Play as Bowser and unlock Hammer Bro!!!

First of all, in order to unlock Hammer Bro, you have to beat Challenge Mode with Bowser. To play as Bowser in Challenge Mode, you have to beat SPECIAL difficulty of Challenge Mode. The credits will roll and pop-up should come up saying that you have unlocked Bowser as a Team Captain. Then do Challenge Mode on any difficulty. Then when you finish, you should be able to play as Hammer Bro.
There is a twist when you play as Bowser.
Since Bowser is the BOSS when you play as the other captains (Mario, Peach, Yoshi, DK and Wario), Lakitu will pop up and say that you set up the Challenge and that you have to wait for the challenger, but you don't. Beat the other teams and return to your castle. Once you arrive, Lakitu will pop up again and say that Mario's team is playing..

Automatic Homeruns

As the title says, you will hit a homerun except if you hit it foul. It is better to do it in practice mode because you need full stars. Okay when you go at bat don't move because luigi will pitch it straight down the middle. Charge up holding down R. Then just like using a special swing release the bat at the right time and you will hit a very far homerun. To make sure you do this correctly before the bal goes off the bat some star will appear on the right of your bat. This cheat is awesome you should try it.

Toy Field In Challenge Mode?

I don't know what people are talking about koopa park but I do know this. It is actually possible to unlock Toy Field in Challenge mode. Here is how you do it. First beat all the minigames with any character on any difficulty. Make sure you don't run out of turns. To go to a minigame press the "a" button on one of the players such as Shy Guy, Pianta, Toad, Magikoopa, and Koopa Troopa. That should earn you about 500 coins and you will need it. Then go to the shop. Go down to the second to last item. It should say seceret map or island map or something like that. Buy the item for 500 coins. Then a pipe will appear right before the bridge going from peaches castle to Bowsers castle, DK stadium or Wario palace. Enter the pipe by pressing up on the analog stick. (The gray one that can move in..

Easy Wins

Ok, in this line up order: Yoshi, Luigi, DK, Mario, Wario, Petey Piranha, King Boo, Birdo, and Peach. That way it is balanced between power, speed, defense, and pitching.

awesome contact

if you have problems hitting the ball DO NOT CHARGE UP cause if you do youll most likely hit a popfly if you don't charge up youll make contact and itll go right past the infield for a gurenteed single oh and if you want to charge up to get a far hit justgo all the way up in the box itll go far and most likely not a popfly

All unlockables

Unlockable: Star Dash
Finish Star difficulty on all of the six mini-games.
Unlockable: Koopa Castle Stadium
Finish Challenge Mode.
Unlockable: Baby Luigi
Finish Challenge Mode with Yoshi.
Unlockable: Dixie Kong
Finish challenge mode with Donkey Kong.
Unlockable: Hammer Bro
Finish Challenge Mode with Bowser.
Unlockable: Monty Mole
Finish Challenge Mode with Mario.
Unlockable: Petey Piranha
Finish Challenge Mode with Wario.
Unlockable: Toadette
Finish Challenge Mode with Peach.
Unlockable: Coin Derby
Finish Challenge Mode once.
Unlockable: Grand Prix Mode
Finish all mini games on star difficulty.

Just so you know

This isn't really a cheat or a hint but just so you know when Wario goes up to bat he scratches his a**.

Unlock Dixie Kong

Unlock Dixie Kong
Complete challenge mode as Donkey Kong(D.K.).
Unlock Hammer Bro.
Complete challenge mode as Bowser.
Unlock Monty Mole
Complete challenge mode as Mario.
Unlock Petey Piranha
Complete challenge mode as Wario.
Unlock Bowser
Complete challenge mode under the Special difficulty setting.
Unlock Toadette
Complete challenge mode as Peach.
Unlock Koopa Castle Stadium
Complete challenge mode.
Unlock Coin Derby Mini-game
Complete challenge mode.

Common Questions

The practice option on the main menu helps more than you think. It will answer common questions like how to throw a star pitch and how to dive for the ball. As well as other things like dashing.

Easy wins

Ok, in this line up order yoshi luige DK mario wario pettey piranha kingboo birdo peach that way it is balanced beetween power speed defense and pitching.

Everything about Super Stars

Here is some stuff about super stars. Ok
-in challenge mode if you look at check stars under the pause menu you will see a list of objectives for each player. Every objective you complete is marked and says cleared. Once you clear all of the characters objectives they become a stronger player.
-super stars hit harder, run faster, their pitches curve more, field better, and get rid of the ball quicker making it easier to get double plays.
-once a player is super starred, in extibition mode you can use them as a star by pressing Y when you select them.
-some of the objectives can be completed in extibition mode. This is something I am not sure of. I threw a shut out and won with boo and didnt complete the objective. I thought you probably have t..

The last item in challenge mode

The last item in challenge mode is called superstar. To get it all you have to do is get all the other items on the list. It is 900 coins and only lasts one game. It makes all players better increasing their abilities. I used this item and ended up hitting a homerun with toadsworth!

Allstar Lineup

Creating a Allstar lineup is rather easy. All you need is the right players in the right spot.
1-You want the lead-off hitter to be fast and someone you know that can hit. I suggest Yoshi at Diddy Kong for this place.
2-Here you want a tech person they can easily hit a double. Walugi is the best here.
3-A POWER put a power hitter here but not the your strongest.
4-GRAND SLAM here is where your Bowser or Petey goes they can hit the grand slam for you.
5-Put a Balance play like Lugi or Peach here.
6-Your sweeper should be put here Magikoopa is the best sweeper.
7-The reason you don't place Mario 5 is because you place him here
8-Put Mony Mole are somone with speed here.
9-9th is where you put Boo are a tech. Hitter

Pitching Differences

Hey guys, I want to tell you about pitchers in the game.
BOWSER is a good pitcher if the opposing team has NO Technique or Power players. (Throws fast balls)
PEACH is a good pitcher if the opposing team has no Technique or Speed players.(Throws slow, curving balls)
WALUIGI is a good pitcher if the opposing team has less than 3 captains. (Waluigi has incredible pitches, but computer Captains have a 20% bonus chance of hitting the ball)

Making a good outfield

Creating a outfield can both be a easy and hard procedure. Its easy picking the players you want it's hard fidning them a postion. This hint will help you with both.
First you want Yoshi are Berdo on your time not both only one. I choose Yoshi I like him better and his speed kills. You want yoshi and Berdo on your team because of ther ability the tongue are the nose.
So the outfeild looks like this.
1st:At first you should put normally a power hitter like Wario,Hammer Bro are Baby Bowser
2nd:Here is where Daisy Peach and Walugi own in the outfield
S.S:At shortstop you shuold only be thinking Magikopa Matio if Magikopa is choosen
3rd:Boo Shy Guy some one along those guys go great here mario is decent
Pitcher:This is th..


This will help you improve on making a lineup.
Your lead off needs to be your best hitter and fastest player.
1-Yoshi and Diddy Kong are easily the best lead off hiters in the game
2-Can go go either Power are Tech. Power DK Tech Walugi balance is good fo Daisy
3-Power Hiter Wario Hammer Bro
4-You strongest POWER Hitter
5-Maigkoopa are Boo works good here
6-A balance Koppa(green without wings)
7-A tech hitter are peach
8-Your second fastest runner
9-9th can vary from team to team so use your worst player here

Unlock Baby Luigi

Successfully complete challenge mode as Yoshi.

Unlock Grand Prix Mini-game

Go to the main menu and go to "Mini-Games", then successfully complete all six minigames either under the Star or Special difficulty setting.

Toy Stadium Mini-game

In Challenge Mode, successfully complete all six mini-games (1 chance on any difficulty for each mini-game), then earn up to 500 coins(get some from the mini-games or win against Bowser jr.) and buy the Secret Map from the Toad Shop. A few seconds later, a green warp will appear in the middle of the island (near the bridge). Go to it and it will lead you to the Toy Stadium mini-game. Some of the characters have a mission on that mini-game such as Wario and probably other characters.

M.V.P. Players And Profiles

Play only a "1 Player vs. Com." game in Exhibition Mode. Just pick any team captian and other players and proceed to the next step. After completing your fielding and line-ups, there will be a game settings. Play only up to 5, 7, or 9 innings and just win the game. It will show your M.V.P. And his/her profile in the Exhibition Mode Records in the main menu. The character's profile shows everything about that character from the past and now.

Better Teams To Win

The two top teams for Challenge Mode to win a lot of games are DK's, Bowser's, and Wario's team, because DK, King Boo, Petey Piranha, Hammer Bro., and Bowser can make a lot of home-runs for your team and you can win a lot and make a lot of mercies.

easy homeruns-grand slam

ok,heres the order.mario,luigi,peach,then with donkey kong,right before the pith,charge up while holding down L.If youhit the ball you should get a homerun.

Hit Homeruns

If you hold the star swing button [R] and the charge swing button [A] at the same time and release at the right time you can easily hit a home run.

Using stars wisely

You don't have to use this all the time but it can be usefull. Okay it is recommended to use a star when
-there is a star chance
-your CAPTAIN is up.( not other captians because it uses 2 stars)
-You need a lot of runs
-It is the bottom of the last inning there is two outs and two strikes
You don' want to use it when
-a non captain is up
-there is not a star chance
-you don't need to score many runs or have a gigantic lead
-one of the most dumbest players is up and you shouldn't have put him on your team in the first place


In challenge mode go to the pause menu (time) and go to check stars. When you scroll down the list look for the players objectives. When you complete these objectives they will be filled in with a star and it will say cleared. When you complete all the objectives such as "buy a red fire ball" you will become a superstar. Superstars have unique powers once you get one. I made Noki a superstar and he can now hit farther and throw farther like bowser. And he becomes faster. Once the player is a superstar go to exibition mode and when you go to your batting lineup press "y" and your player will become a great player. Infact, a superstar!

Batting lineup suggestions

1 batter- put a fast person who can get on base
2 batter- put a person who can put the ball in play or put another speed person
3 batter- someone who can make great contact with the ball (Mario) and can run the bases
4 batter-power person no doubt about it
5 batter-some one who can put the ball in play
6 batter-your choice
7 batter-your choice
8 batter-your choice
9 batter- the pitcher if he sucks at hitting or the worst player on your team.


Here's the lineup you need to use for better hitting and fielding.
1st hitter-shortstop, 2nd base, or center fielder, as long as their fast
2nd hitter-the other of the 2(SS or CF)
3rd hitter-best hitter in case of the other 2 getting out
4th hitter-2nd to best hitter
5th hitter-someone who is pretty fast like a noki or
6th hitter-a balanced person
7th hitter-what ever suits you
8th and 9th hitters-either a pitcher(someone like boo) or a bad batter but a good fielder(monty mole)
Ok, this is my lineup, and I think it is the best in the game, but I like to brag a lot Smile
1st batter-Yoshi,CF
2nd batter-Diddy Kong,2B
3rd batter-Petey Pirahna,..

Powerful Hits on Practice Mode

If you hold L and R while performing a charge shot on free hitting mode with any character, you will hit a perfect hit that goes all the way out of the screen without losing momentum.

easy points

get a double with any character then steal,have the batter bunt,then your runner will be on third.then next steal home and hit the ball,if missed run back to third and try again.

Easy Homeruns

This hint will help you hit home runs easily and hit the ball deep in the outfield. First, power hitters will have more power and can hit the ball farther.
Then, during the game press start and go to control options. Set the batting setting to easy.
Therefore all you have to do is charge your swing and release your swing matching your ball with the baseball mark on the orange thing. Also pressing are and holding it down will do a special hit. This only works with captains and if you have a star.
If you have full stars and your captain is up you can get an automatic homerun if you match the ball with the orange thing. The only thing is that it uses up yyour whole star meter.
Try it with 2 players and pitch it straight down the middle. If you..

Players on positions

1st base-choose a player that is a power person or has good chemistry with the other infielders
2nd base-choose a player that is fast, can throw, and has good chemistry with 1st baseman
Shortstop-choose a player with a decent arm and good chemistry with 1st baseman
3rd base-choose a player that has a very strong arm and has good chemistry with the 1st baseman. You don't need a lot of speed here
Pitcher-it all depends on your strategy. If you want a person with a lot of technique then put him there. If you like fast pitching players then put power players on the mound. If you like players with slow pitches then put speed here.
Catcher-put someone that has a very good arm and has good chemistry with the middle infield
Left ..

Best Lineup! Don't listen to anyone else!

1st batter-Fastest player on the team(Yoshi)
2nd batter-2nd fastest player(Monty Mole/Diddy)
3rd batter-Either best or 2nd best hitter(Mario/D.K.)
4th batter-Probably best hitter(D.K./Bowser)
5th batter-3rd best hitter(Daisy/Peach)
6th-8th batter-Whoever
9th batter-3rd fastest person(Monty Mole/Dixie Kong)
CF-Fastest player
1B-Good Chemistry w/ Infield (or) Power Hitter
2B-Good Chemistry w/ 3B&1B(Double Play)
SS-Pretty fast player/Good Chemistry w/ 2B&1B(Double Play)
3B-Good Chemistry w/ 2B&1B(Double Play)
C-Worst Fielder
P-Best Pitcher

Home runs every time

You charge up and then if your lucky you get a free homerun (or triple or double or single or out)

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