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Sonic Riders PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Riders please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : GameCube

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Unlock Guardian

You have to first unlock Babylon Story Digital Dimension by winning Night Chase, Red Canyon, Ice Factory, White Cave, Dark Desert and Sky Road. Then clear Babylon Story Digital Dimension and the Guardian will become unlocked.


Unlock Babylon Story Mode:

To unlock the new Story Mode you must complete Hero story

Unlockable Hidden Characters and Gear for Non-Story mode Races

Unlock Shadow The Hedgehog:

Beat Hero Story mode

Unlock Cream The Rabbit:

Beat Hero Story Mode

Unlock Eggman:

Beat Babylon Rouges Story

Unlock Rouge The Bat:

Beat Hero Story mode

Unlock Darkness (Shadow's Jet Sneakers):

Beat Hero Story mode

Unlock Blue Star II (Sonic's Board):

Beat Hero Story mode

Unlockable Hidden Cameo Characters

Unlock AiAi:

Beat ALL Jet, Wave and Storm missions

Unlock Nights:

Beat ALL Jet, Wave and Storm missions

Unlock Ulala:

Beat ALL J..

Air Capacity

Extreme gear sheos use up alot less air than boards and bikes which means they can use more boosts. The downside is that they are really fast and light so if you can't control your boosts, you'll be attacked from every direction. Hope this helps!

Here's some stuff to tell you about Ulockables, ..

Here's some stuff to tell you about Ulockables,

Bonus's, Movies and Music.

Unlock Cream

Win Hero Story.

Unlock Eggman

Win Babylon Story.

Unlock Rouge

Win Hero Story.

Unlock Shadow

Win Hero Story.

Unlock Sega Carnival track

Beat the Heroes Cup with a Gold Emblem.

Unlock Sega Illusion track

Beat the Babylon Cup with a Gold Emblem.

Bonus missions

Complete the Hero storyline to unlock Storm's missions. Complete Red Canyon or Night Chase in the Babylon storyline to unlock Wave's missions. Complete Storm's and Wave's missions (including the Sega Carnival and Sega Illusion tracks) to unlock Jet's missions.

Complete 100 races to unlock E-10000G. Alternately, accumu..

When youre at the level splash canyon before you..

When youre at the level splash canyon before you hit the river rapid by the gate there is a ramp for fly types only

Trap Gear

Buy Trap gear 2,500 Coins and then execute unlimited tornado's

Your foe's will be slowed down and you get a mini-boost for every tornado

If you do it multiple times BUT you cannot do boost

Happy Gaming XD

This is not rellay a hint but it's something Her..

This is not rellay a hint but it's something Here are the colors for every one

Sonic:Blue Tails:Yellow Knocles:Red

Jet:Green Wave:Purple Strom:Gray

Amy:Pink Cream:White Rouge:Dark Purple Shadow:Black

DrEggman:Same as Knocles Knights: Same as Rouge Aiai:Brown

Ulala:? E-10000G:Dark Green E-10000R:Ounge

Gear sideafaks prt1

Heres a list of gears with sideafaks:

Trap gear-Cant dash(Cant use on Babalon Guardian)

Heavy bike-Cant ride on turbolence

Cloud gear- Hard to contrl

More comming later

How to get a Chaos Emrulde

by running up to the person who has the Emruld and punch them to get it off them

and using rouge or shadow and sonic


If your going round a sharp corner air slide.

High rank tricks

How to get high rank tricks:

To get more higher rank tricks, you will need to hold X before a ramp and do a high jump so you can swerve and turn and do good tricks. (this helps with mission mode).

100 rings and Level 3 in Sand Ruins

U know at the starting line, when you just go though this narrow part and then a whole lot of sand. On the map you can see it's a circle shape. And there are usely two ways round. But instend stay in the middle, and hidden in sand hills. Its by just when you are going to go up the ramp. I know this may not make much sence, but I am trying to help.

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