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Devil May Cry 4 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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We have a collection of cheats which includes how to get an unlimited supply of Green Orbs, unlocking Bloody Palace and easy Combat Adjudicator for Dante.

More Devil May Cry 4 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Devil May Cry 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PC

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All Devil May Cry 4 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Easy Dice Game Trick

You have to play a "game" a couple of times throughout the story, where you have to roll a die (single dice).

Stand by it and watch the order that the numbers go in. Whatever number is on top when you hit it is what number it will land on(9/10 times). So learn the order, and I recommend using buster to hit it because it seems to be a little faster. ALSO, if you didn't already know: Blue spaces are rewards, white spaces are nothing, yellow spaces send you forwards or backwards, and red spaces are fighting. You can make it completely through a "game" without having to fight, just getting easy blood orbs!!! Hope this helps someone! Gimme a thumbs up PLEASE!

Easy Combat Adjudicator for Dante

Have Dante use the Lucifer weapon to get stylish points for the Combat Adjudicator (machine that measures style). This is done by executing the Pin-Up repeatedly by pressing RB + Forward + Y.

Triangle only

When you first encouter the ice demons after the sequel there are two of them first of all you kill them by uusing the triangle button which will kill one very quick but you must got to watch out for the quick attacks. But then after you've killed start slicing the other one and when half it's health is gone(only if good at hitting it quickly) another one will appear and try to kill you quickly finish of the other on and the turn on the other one and keep hitting it till it is dead.

Next run to the castle doors and enter them, next you will walk forward and explore until a massive beast appears and try's to also kill you known as the demon of fire. The way to kill this demon is to shoot at the back of his head continue doing tip: use demon grab to quickly get up there without having to sprint. As you slowly take him down he will become more vicious and stronger with quicker and more frequent attacks where it becomes pretty hard even for pro's like myself to do for the first time but after one time he'll be easy and whatever you do remeber to collect health don't be a showoff first time around or you'll be killed, don't be afraid to do it after your first time but for now don't be a showoff. By the way when it looks like he's dead on his feet shoot at him as he's probably still alive just waiting for you to try and walk away and then attack you from behind so watch out. But after that you have to find another hint ofr walkthrough you never know you might have enough one of my hints or a walkthrough by me by the way watch out for things by me there always right trust me.

Pandora Forms

Pandora has alternate forms. You can follow the games combo to reach these (after you've upgraded the gun, but there is an easier way. Select Pandora and have it ready to fire. To activate Hatred, move the left joystick clockwise twice. To activate Jealousy, move the joystick a total of 4 times and enjoy the destruction to come.

Help with tough monsters

If you have been having trouble with monsters. I suggest you to use Gunslinger to soften them from distance. Then use Warrior or Royal Guard(I suggest the Royald Guard). If you KNOW the monster will do some attack that will take a chunk of your health. Quickly switch to Trickster to get away and to dodge the attack. Repeat untill the monster is dead.

Unlimited Supply of Green Orbs

On mission 14 there will be a new enemy. They will try to grab you and take you under the floor. Simply jump forward as the blue star appears then do a double stinger on the CLOSED enemy. Then it will give you two BIG green orbs which should bring your health up to half way. Do this as many times as you wish.

Unlock Bloody Palace

This great feature is a secret unlockable battle arena featuring 101 stages with a Boss fight every 10 stages and is unlocked by completing the Devil Hunter Difficulty.

Complete Secret Ending

When you have beaten 'Devil May Cry 4' you'll be able to view the first part of the secret ending which features Dante, Trish and Lady before the credits begin. If you want to view the second part of the ending you must protect Kyrie from being hit for 90 seconds during the end credits battle. If Kyrie is hit during this time the credits will end and you won't see the second part of the ending.

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