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Pokemon Ruby Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

We've got a ton of Pokemon Ruby cheats and codes for this 3rd gen Pokemon game, launched in 2002. The games kept to the mechanics of what made earlier Pokemon titles great and added some new features such as double battles and Pokemon abilities. This series, also added 135 new Pokemon. Even though it has been approximately 20 year since the release of Pokemon Ruby, gamers are still playing it today and in large numbers.

Pokemon Ruby Cheats

First of all we have a number of Pokemon Ruby walkthroughs which have been written by various guide writers and are available to browse and print out for free. We also have over 3,000 individual Pokemon Ruby answered questions about the game.

If you want to use cheats in Pokemon Ruby, then the only way to do this is to use GameShark Codes or Action Replay Codes. These can either be physically, in which case you'll need the actual game plus either the GameShark or Action replay, or virtually, using the cheat menu of your emulator. Seeing as it's been around 20 years since the release of Pokemon Ruby and the GameShark and Action Replay are really hard to get for the GBA now, probably most people will be using an emulated version of Pokemon Ruby for your cheats. The cheats are really simple to input, just grab the code you want and copy and paste it into the cheat menu of your emulator and activate it. Most of our Pokemon Ruby cheats will have specific instructions telling you a bit about what you can expect to get from the cheat and if there are specific instructions to activate a particular cheat.

While you will find some Pokemon Ruby cheats below, we also urge you to check out both our Pokemon Ruby GameShark Codes and our Pokemon Ruby Action Replay Codes pages for an even larger number of cheats to choose from.

Here is a selection of the best Pokemon Ruby cheats you can find on, remember, there are loads more, and loads of Q&A answering thousands of questions about the game.

Pokemon Ruby

Best Pokemon Ruby Cheats

GameShark Code Collection

This collection of Pokemon Ruby cheats has had mostly positive feedback and comments, while we can't be certain every cheat will work for you, because there are many version of the game, and many emulators out there, this is one of the best lists of codes on our site with a varied collection of useful codes such as rare candy, TMs and Hms, Pokemon encounter codes and more. Please take a look to see if the code you are looking for is there.

Rare Candy Cheat

Get unlimited Rare Candy with this single line code. Rare Candies are used to upgrade your Pokemon, so get a load with this cheat and you can upgrade any Pokemon you have to exactly whatever level you would lik e him it be.

Legendary Encounter Codes

With this code you can encounter a selection of legendary Pokemon and the 3 starters in their final form. Simply enter the master code then select the one line code which relates to the legendary Pokemon you would like to encounter, then have a walk around and it should appear for you to battle and try to catch.

More GameShark Cheats

This is another collection of GameShark cheats for Pokemon Ruby which can be found on In this collection, there are cheats to change gender, complete your Pokedex, encounter your choice of Pokemon and a move modifier.

There are so many more cheats on our site, simply scroll down to see the cheats sent in to us or head to our pages for Pokemon Ruby GameShark Codes and Pokemon Ruby Action Replay Codes.

Pokemon Ruby Tips

Here are some Pokemon Ruby tips, for gamers wanting to complete the game without using cheats. There are some great time savers, and loads of information for all sorts of parts of the game, dive in and have a read of our hand picked tips below and more tips further down the page that have been sent in to us from visitors to our website.

Easy Training Locations

If you have no beaten the Elite 4 yet and want to grind some XP, then there some tips to go to certain locations depending on what level of Pokemon you are trying to train. For Pokemon around level 20, try the Granite Cave. If you are training Pokemon around level 30, then try route 117. The best place to train Pokemon around level 40 is route 120-121. For training Pokemon around level 45-50, then you should try to fish outside of Mossdeep City. The complete details and more in-depth explanation, plus feedback from users is here: Easy Training Locations.

How to Train Pokemon at the DayCare

This is a neat little trick that will allow you to train your Pokemon while they are in Daycare. You need to put your Pokemon that you want to train in Daycare, then get the Acro Bike. Then use something to keep the up button pressed so the bike continuously moves, then with enough time, your Pokemon in daycare will level up. This tip is explained in more detail here: How to Train Pokemon at Daycare where you can also read other users experiences with this tip.

Rare Candy Locations

Rare Candies are used to level up Pokemon, and while we have Rare Candies cheats, this tip will tell you how to find all of the Rare Candies in the game without any cheats! Head on over to this page for Rare Candy Locations and read the comments from other people that have used this tip too.

Keep scrolling down for more Pokemon Ruby cheats and tips. Head over to these pages for Pokemon Ruby GameShark Codes and our Pokemon Ruby Action Replay Codes.

More Pokemon Ruby Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 460 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Ruby please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon Ruby go to:
Pokemon Ruby Action Replay Codes
Pokemon Ruby GameShark Codes
Pokemon Ruby Code Breaker Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon Ruby Questions & Answers page.

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These are 100% WORKING Pokemon Ruby *Gameshark Codes*

It's 100% Working for my VisualBoy Advance Emulator Hope it works for you too...[/color]

*No Master Code needed*


Ghost Mode

E03B0649 5D67050C

78DA95DF 44018CB4


Lots of CASH





767CB1FC DD748434

1285CF69 1834F175

DBB87FCA 6276D975

9A732B89 F770B329

DBB87FCA 6276D975

1F0A9164 737E93CD

DBB87FCA 6276D975

200DBA91 E6D90173

DBB87FCA 6276D975


All types Pokeballs in your bag






All badges

A12FCE77 0C1EC556

There are no actual cheat codes (except GameShar..

There are no actual cheat codes (except GameShark and Action Replay codes) available for Pokemon Ruby, but Super Cheats have a ton of useful information submitted by users which discuss things such as:

The facts on getting Jirachi, Mirage Island, Deoxys, Southern Island, Eon Tickets etc...

To read up on the information we have check out the following pages:

Pokemon Ruby - User Submitted Cheats

Pokemon Ruby - User Submitted Hints and Tips

Pokemon Ruby - In depth Walkthroughs and FAQs

Pokemon Ruby - User Submitted Questions and ..

Get Items Without Spending Money

...You can get items free by using Zigzagoon's PICK UP ability...

...I always do this when I level up my Pok�mons...


☻ You must catch five Zigzagoons, then every time you train your Pok�mon in

the wild put the Pok�mon you want to train in the left side of your party

put it on the lead) then the remaining five Pok�mon in your party will be

all Zigzagoon.

☻ Just keep your training in the wild and always check your Zigzagoon because

they will pick items for you.



☻ Because of this technique in getting it..

The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower the Legendary Pokemon's HP "into the red".

2. Use a move that will make the Legendary Pokemon Fall Asleep.

3. Throw Ultra Balls at the Legendary Pokemon.

4. If the Legendary Pokemon wakes up, make it fall back asleep and continue to through Ultra Balls.

Eon ticket

eon ticket mythic ticket

Easy Training Spots

Lets say you haven't beaten the Pokemon League yet, but you wanna know easy places to train at. Obviously the easiest way to train is by facing trainers. But if you have already beaten all of the accessable trainers and you are still looking for more, I have a few spots for you:

If you just caught a wild Pokemon (not legendary), and you want to level it up quickly, then train it where you caught it. The battles may take a while, but it works. I trained a lv.12 Gulpin about 10 levels in about 20 minutes at the place where I caught it at. ***Be prepared to go back to the Pokemon center. You will get hurt, but if you are patient, this will pay off.

If you are training any Pokemon around level 20, then try the Granite Cave. Unless you have a Pokemon that can kill all of..

How to train Pokemon at the daycare

1. Put Pokemon in the daycare

2. Get Acro Bike

3. Go to a mud slide and weigh the up button down so it will go up and down and up and down etc.

4. Leave your game overnight and look in the morning what level your Pokemon are


NEVER turn off your game when saving!!! I did it once and it deleted my game! I did this because i read something online about pokemon cloning. DO NOT EVER TRUST IT!!!

Rare Candies!

1: Trick house, first challenge

2: Route 110, north west of the trick house in the sea

3: Petalburg city, bottom left corner, surf over the lake into the smaller opening (without the pokeball in) and click on the ground

4: Route 108, on one of the rocks along the south wall, you will have to dismount your surfing Pokemon and walk on shallow bits to click on the rock (right beside a red head swimmer chick)

5: Route 120, after exiting Fortree city, and before entering the very long grass, there is a path to the south of the parasol lady trainer, which requires cut to enter, go to the end of the pathway and click on the last bit of ground

6: Mt. Pyre, at the top where you fight several team aquas... There are 4 routes which deter from t..

Elite four easily beaten with one pokemon




Swapert Lv. 85-100

Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Muddy Water/Hydro Pump.

Access to elite four.

5+ full restores.




1. Enter the Elite four

2. Move swampert to the front

3. Battle sydny

4. For his Pokemon use these moves:

Mightyana: surf. Cacturn: icebeam. Sharpeado: earthquake.

Absol: surf. Shiftry: icebeam.

5. Battle phoebe

6. Both dusclopeses: Muddy water/hydro pump. Bothe bennetes (i think it's called that)and sableye: surf.

7. Use a full restore now if you need two and between al of the rest.

8. Battle glacia



You know how hard it is to level up your not no more cause all you have to do this:take the pokemon you want to level up in the daycare,go to the bike shop and get the arco bike,goto the desert and go to the sand slop,put the game boy on charge and in the mroning your pokemon will be leveled up!!!!!


Get the Regis

This is a long process. First you need a Pokemon that knows dig(at lv.45 nincada and at lv.41 trapinch can learn dig.Don't evolve it until they learn it.)a wailord,a Pokemon that knows dive,a Pokemon that knows surf,and a relicanth.Go to Pacificdlog town with a relicanth,the Pokemon that knows dig,and wailord.Use surf and go to the bottom of the of current.DON'T GO IN IT YET! Once at the bottom of the current(this isn't underwater by the way)go into it. Keep getting off at the bottom of each island until you get to one with no rocks,sand,and doesn't let you surf at the middle. If you stayed at the bottom of each island until this one you're doing good. Now walk to the end of the island going towards the left side in the middle(in other words walk straight towards the end).Use surf.You sh..

Telling how to get legendaries

Ruby only!!!!!


after game (elite four) search everywhere but have wobbafett on level 40 and continusly throw time balls


cave of orgin don't use master ball get him to red health and throw ultra balls


after elite four go to pacifidlog surf west and there will be a hole sirf through it see sky pillar at the top theres rayquaza yull need the mach bikeuse ultra balls if not master ball regis thing:surf east from pacifidlog in the ocean current use dive at dive spot again at end at the not under water holes use dig and have wailord and relicanth with you


registeel east than north from lilycove use fly in the middle of the chamber regice north from dewford one point east..


go get two pikachu no raichu put them into the daycare and wait by walking or something and the man will be standing outside the fence and take the egg.Do something like runing and the egg will hatch into a pichu.

Zigzagoon: Special

Requirments: 6 Zigzagoons

Put 6 Zigzagoons in your party and then run around and train them in tall grass.

After at least 10 times each of them will hold items; including RARE CANDIES!

How to catch Bagon!

Go to Meteor Falls and go to the cave that where you saw TM 2 (Dragon Claw) then you will find Bagon there!! (Find bagons on platform not on water)


Where to get the very rare and ancient Regis!!!!!

Well, here are some very rare and one of a kind Pokemon!These Pokemon are very rare and,kind of tricky to get. And, some of these instructions may seem weird,if they do, that doesn't mean that this cheat is bogus,I have done this before and it even says it in my walkthrough I have.Now, first, before we begin, to do this you need to put a Relicanth in the first spot of you party and put a Wailord in the last spot of you party.Now, you are ready to follow the steps below!

1.Go to Pacifidlog town and surf west.You should come across an area where there is a very fast current.Go on it but,be sure to be at the very bottom of it when you first go on it.

2.Keep going for a while until you reach some land with no rocks or sand.Go in the middle and surf west again.You should..

Latios W/out masterball

First get a wobuffet and train it to ummm lv 40 and look around for latios wobbuffet shadow tag prevents his escape so bring lots of ultraballs....

Mirage Island

1. Have the regis and 3 legendary pokemons in your party.

2. Go to pacifidlog town and talk to the old man saying that he can see mirage island today.

3. Surf to route 130 and you'll find the island there.

There's wynaut and a berry plant there.


And as rumor goes... You can find a part of a rocket from the space center that can allow you to go to the moon.

How to get A psyduck

First Get a Pokeblock case by talking to the girl in slateport's pokemon contest buliding. Then go to the safari zone and find water surf around intill you see it!


Whenever I look at the Cheats section,all I see,are people teams,and some questions.This is VERY annoying,and they get in the way.Ever other cheat I come across,are questions,or teams.This is a waste of everyones time(read below,to hear why)


1.No one wants to know,what your team is.

2.Your team ISN'T the best team(some people post,and say they have the best team)There is no best team.

3.Some of you,ask to have your team rated.How do you expect people to rate it?

4.It's a waste of your time,typing all the stuff out.


Post your team in the Questions and Answers section,and ask someone to rate it.NEVER,say your team is the best,there is no best team,and there never will be.



For the mystery event you need to go to Petalburg city the go to he the center the talk to the man beside on the PC then talk to him and type up "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING" (you need 5 badge to do this) then save the game and restart and you'll see MYSTERY EVENTS

The secret about tree bases

A tree base has two sides to it, left and right, they are both different. One is really big and the other is small. So before you make a tree base, check the other side. If you want to find more secret bases, check out my hint for this game called " secret secret bases ".


Restart to main menu

All you do is press A+B+START+SELECT at the same time.

Bonus Berries

If you know where the berry masters house is then tell his wife these thrases to recieve a free berry.

Super Hustle - Belue Berry

Cool Latios - Durin Berry

Challenge Contest - Pamtre Berry

Great Battle - Spelon Berry

Overwhelming Latias - Watmel Berry

PS: It only works once every day.

How to catch Rayquaza: After you have defeated ..

How to catch Rayquaza: After you have defeated the Pokemon League, head east from Pacifidlog town onto route 131, and check the northern edge as you go along. You'll eventually find a gap that will lead you to an island. Land on the island, then enter the small cave and run through to get onto the top of the island. You will find an immense tower here, the Sky Pillar. To reach the top, you'll need the mach bike, some patience, and a bit of skill. All you have to do is ride all the way to the top-easier said than done, since a mistake will send you down a floor. When you make it, save your game. It would also be a good time to use the master ball if you saved it.

How to get the pokemon SHEDINJA

Go to a place where you can catch NINCADA.Catch it with a POKEBALL.Make sure you have some pokeballs left.

Also make sure you have a space in your party.Now raise it to level 20 where it should evolve into NINJASK.Go into your party and you should have SHEDINJA in the empty spot.It has only one HP no matter what its level is but it's got a mean affect that only super affective moves harm it.

Its type is bug/ghost.

Don't evolve pokemon

If you don't evolve your pokemon like torchic it learns flamethrower at level 43 or 44 and combusken learns sky uppercut at level 51 or 52. Bagon learns dragon claw on level 49.

Get Hit By Confusion Less

When the game says you are confused, press A. Before the question marks pop up, hold A until it says your Pokemon hsa attacked. There you have it.

CodeBreaker Codes - Includes Fast Egg Hatching and Infinite HP

Master Code (North America)




Master Code (Japan)

97726CAE 9184


B85E5A77 0386

Enter the following CodeBreaker codes to enable the corresponding effect.

Fast Egg hatching

Eggs will hatch within 5-10 steps


Infinite HP

Use this code to give your Pokemon Max HP.

830043B6 03E7

Max Amount of Money

This code gives you the maximum amount of money in the game.

82025BC4 E0FF

82025BC6 05F5

Max Attack

This code gives your Pokemon Maximum Attack.

830043BA 03E7

Max Defense

This code gives your Pokemon Maximum Defense.


How to get solar beam

Go to the safari zone serch by a lake and it should be by a lake.

Were to find rare ones

Bagon:up a waterfall in Fallarbor Town in the room were you find TM Dragon claw

Bellossom:evolve Gloom with Sun stone

Nosepass:use Rock smash in Granite Cave

Camerupt:evolve Numel at level 35

Altaria:evolve swablu or on the level were you find Rayquaza(Ruby only)win pokemon League First

Beldum:win pokemon League go to Mossdeep walk in Stevens house

Absol:in Fortree on the right side of the Town

The locked door

Many of you are wondering about the locked door in Mosdeep City.Ok listen up

You need an E-Reader,get the Ruby e-reader cards at your local electronic place,follow the instructions given to you,swipe one of the trainer ones after all that talk to the old fart in the house

The best matchups against the gym leaders

The best way to haeve little trouble with the gym leaders is to utilize the following Pokemon while taking full advantage of their special abilities.

ROXANNE: this will be the easiet gym ever because your up against rocks which you can win with treecko, combusken, or mudkip. Shroomish, beautifly, makuhita(obtained through trade w/ a slackoth in rustboro), or lotad/lombre.

BRAWLY: He's harder but he should be overwhelmed if you use a lv. 15 beautifly, a taillow lv. 18, or sableye. Sableye is the easiest because he's part ghost so most of brawly's attacks except the makuhita's knock off, which isn't much of a problem.

WATTSON: His magneton is the only real problem. A graveler, combusken, marshtop, breloom, or hariyama should take care care of him. Graveler ..

Flute Power

Black Flute - Can repel weak Pokemon

Blue Flute - Can awaken a Pokemon that is asleep

Red Flute - Can break a Pokemon's Attraction

White Flute - Using it, you will meet more wild Pokemon than normally.

Yellow Flute - Snaps a Pokemon that is in a confuse state

*You can find these Flutes at the Glass Workshop that is located on Route 113*

Stones To get lots of stones for..


To get lots of stones for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire you have to fly to Mossdeep City and surf down a little, then talk to the man in the house and he'll say find some Shards.

Find them and give them to him, then he'll give you a Fire Stone for a Red Shard, a Water for a Blue and so on.


To evolve your small Pokemon quickly go to the Pokemon league and first, give it a Ex. P Share and then also put it first, then battle the Pokemon League People and when your Diddy Pokemon comes out first it gets Ex P points and it'll evolve quicker.

2v2 battles

In 2v2 battles the trainers you're fighting only have ..

Walk through Walls E.t.c

Hi. I'm new and thaought I might post a few Gameshark codes up.

Here we have the balls in the first slot of your bag. If you

want them in the proper pocket, move them to your PC and then retrieve them again.

910C4AFB 679BA66A Master Ball

EE875C31 CEC90E53 Ultra Ball

5EEB6CF4 0D0A13F2 Great Ball

123EC001 4F5CB7FA Pokeball

A16687DD 542EF412 Safari Ball

0EC2C6A5 495E579D Net Ball

3B53887F 4C65B384 Dive Ball

C4FF8279 66689214 Nest Ball

944EFEF8 CE670A24 Repeat Ball

0A923385 D6B7B0B6 Timer Ball

A016762F C2966BA1 Gorgeous Ball

1A73E4F6 6090E68F Premium Ball

I don't know if this one works, my friend e-mailed it to me.

If you want to catch a gold sandshrew all you have to do is:

Working cheats



Become Rich




































National dex

To get the national dex simply trade with fire red or leaf green.

Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Ruby

Groudon - Groudon can be found in the Cave of Origins. It will be at Level 45.

Latios - Latios will be Roaming the Hoenn Region, once you have defeated the Elite Four. It will be at Level 40.

Rayquaza - Rayquaza can be found deep inside Sky Pillar, after you have defeated the Elite Four. It will be at Level 70.

Regice - Regice can be found deep inside the Cave on Route 105. It will be at Level 40.

Registeel - Registeel can be found deep inside the Cave on Route 120. It will be at Level 40.

Regirock - Regirock can be found deep inside the Cave on Route 111. It will be at Level 40.

Pokemon Ruby FAQs

Pokemon Ruby Walkthroughs