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9: Ulterior Motives

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Mages Guild

9: Ulterior Motives

After completing 'A Mage's Staff,' speak to Raminus and ask for another task. For your second task, Raminus requires that you retrieve a book from Janus Hassildor, the count of Skingrad.

Exit Arcane University, fast travel to Castle Skingrad, and enter the County Hall. Janus Hassildor is an exceedingly private person, so you won't find him in the County Hall; you'll need to speak to one of his stewards about seeing him. Look for Mercator Hosidus, who can most likely be found in the main hall. He tells you to return tomorrow, as Count Hassildor is not open to granting you an audience at this juncture. Wait for at least 24 hours, and then speak to Mercator Hosidus in the County Hall once more.

Hosidus explains that while the count is willing to see you, he doesn't want the meeting to take place in Castle Skingrad. As such, you are to meet Count Hassildor outside of the Cursed Mine west of Skingrad after 2:00AM. Sounds fishy, but if you wish to see the count, you have no choice but to oblige.

When you're ready to set out, have 'Ulterior Motives' set as your active quest and follow the marker on your compass to the meeting spot. Wait until the time is past 2:00AM and you will soon be approached by Mercator Hosidus who, alarmingly, does not have the count with him.  He is instead accompanied by two necromancers, so it's evident whose side he's on.

Be at the meeting point outside of Skingrad at 2:00AM to encounter Mercator Hosidus and, curiously enough, a couple of necromancers.

Waste no time in attacking him. Things can quickly turn hectic during this bout as it is quite dark outside, and you will no doubt have several people attacking you at once. Count Hassildor will appear partway through the battle; he is not hostile toward you, so avoid attacking him. If you strike the count enough times out of confusion, he will quickly turn on you. If this happens, simply hold LT/L2 and press LB/L1 while facing him to yield.

When Mercator and the necromancers have been dealt with, Count Hassildor will initiate a conversation with you. By speaking to the count, you learn that you were actually sent to spy on him, and as such, there is no book to retrieve. Return to Arcane University and speak to Raminus about the task. Afterwards, ask Raminus about your advancement within the guild to be promoted to Evoker. You'll also be given a Spelldrinker Amulet.

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May 5th 2013 Guest
Thank you i finally figured out my problem and those suffering form the wait 24 hours in the castle glich just wait 24 hours twice that's what i did
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