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Side Quests
Anvil Quests

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Side Quests

Anvil Quests

This side quest contains the following sections, just scroll down to read, or use the anchor links in the list below to jump straight to the section you are interested in.

Newheim's Flagon
The Ghost Ship of Anvil
The Siren's Deception
When the Vow Breaks
Where Spirits Have Lease

Newheim's Flagon

This quest is best completed alongside the 'A Den of Thieves' quest in the Fighters Guild questline. To add this quest to your journal, ask Newheim the Portly about the heirloom he mentions when you ask about the thieves' hideout. He requests that you retrieve his flagon, which was swiped by the band of thieves who are hiding out in Hrota Cave.

Look for Newheim's Heirloom in Hrota Cave, which is just a short ways north of Anvil.

You can find Newheim's Heirloom in the large area at the northeast end of Hrota Cave. There is a small pit in the middle of this area; Newheim's Heirloom is on the wooden table there. Bring the flagon back to Newheim in Anvil to receive his thanks and three bottles of Newheim's Special Brew.

The Ghost Ship of Anvil

Travel to the Anvil dock area and locate the Serpent's Wake ship. Hop on deck and speak to Varulae the High Elf. She asks that you retrieve a crystal ball for her, which is somewhere in the hold of the Serpent's Wake. According to Varulae, the former crew of the ship have all been slain, leaving some nasty, vengeful spirits in their place.

Before getting started, ensure that you have a silver, enchanted, or Daedric weapon in your inventory, as only those types of weapons can damage ghosts. Agree to assist Varulae, and she will give you the key to the interior of the ship. Use the Serpent's Wake Key to unlock the wooden door on deck and head through.

The vengeful spirits of the slain crewmen haunt the Serpent's Wake.

Once inside the Serpent's Wake, proceed through the door in front of you. You'll soon encounter the spirit of one of the slain crewmen. Defeat the ghost, and then examine the body on the bed. Remove the two keys from the corpse; you can use one of these keys to open the locked chest by the bed if you wish. With the two keys in your inventory, head back to the entrance and look for a Trap Door to the mid-deck.

In the mid-deck of the Serpent's Wake, you'll encounter a couple more spectral sailors. When the two spirits have been dealt with, search around for another Trap Door, this one to the Cargo Hold. Upon entering the Cargo Hold, look to your right to spot a treasure chest. Open this chest to find Varulae's Crystal Ball inside. There are a couple of spectral sailors down here too, but once you have the Varulae's Crystal Ball, you may simply run out of the ship and not bother fighting the spirits.

Once you have retrieved the crystal ball from the Serpent's Wake Cargo Hold, return to the ship's deck and speak to Varulae. For retrieving her crystal ball, Varulae will reward you with the captain's enchanted cutlass, dubbed 'Redwave.'

The Siren's Deception

This quest is activated when you hear a rumour about an all female gang of thieves operating in Anvil. They use their allure to bring men to their hideout, where they then proceed to rob the man blind. If you speak to almost any NPC in Anvil, the 'Gang' dialogue option should be available. Select the 'Gang' dialogue option while speaking to an NPC to be pointed to two people, Gogan and Maelona.

Look to the local area map or follow the arrow on your compass to Gogan and Maelona's House in Anvil. Enter when the door is unlocked, then locate and speak to Maelona. She claims that her husband, Gogan, fell victim to the gang, and lost a valuable family heirloom.

You can locate and speak to Gogan for some additional information regarding The Flowing Bowl, otherwise make your way to the Anvil dock area and enter The Flowing Bowl tavern. Once inside, wait until Signy and Faustina enter. Approach the pair, and listen to their offer. You are told to visit the Gwenden Farmhouse outside of Anvil around 11:00PM for a 'night of fun.' If your character is female, however, they two will offer to let you join their gang. Wait until 11:00PM, and then proceed to the Gwenden settlement outside of Anvil. Enter the farmhouse to encounter the group of thieves inside.

Enter the Flowing Bowl along the Anvil dock area and Signy Home-Wrecker will soon approach with an offer.

When you reveal that you are only there to retrieve Gorgan's stolen ring, the women will attacking. It's three against one, but you shouldn't have too much trouble defeating them, as none of them are wearing armour. Once all three of the female thieves have been slain, Gorgan and Maelona will enter the farmhouse and explain the situation. Maelona will reward you with some gold coins for your efforts.

Before leaving the farmhouse, search the girls' bodies to find the Gwenden Farm Basement and use it to unlock the door to the basement. In the basement, you'll find the stolen goods that the gang have amassed. Be sure to pick up the enchanted 'Witsplinter' dagger dropped by one of the girls as well.

When the Vow Breaks

Travel to the Whitmond Farm just outside of Anvil's north gate. Speak to Maeva there, and inquire about her husband. She'll tell you that her has husband left, bringing her family heirloom with him. The heirloom is a mace, dubbed 'Rockshatter.' Her husband, Bjalfi the Contemptible, chose to join a marauder gang operating in the Fort Strand ruins just east of Anvil.

Make your way to Fort Strand, locate the entrance, and head inside. Bjalfi is in the 'Fort Strand Dome' area, so you'll have to delve deeper into the fort. Be careful, as there are Marauders roaming the halls. Be wary of traps as well. Follow the arrow on your compass to the door into the Fort Strand Dome.

Look for Bjalfi the Contemptible in the Fort Strand Dome, kill him, and retrieve Rockshatter for Maeva.

In the Fort Strand Dome area, you'll find Bjalfi surrounded by his fellow Marauders, as well as the Marauder Warlord. You're going to want to be extra careful here, as the Rockshatter that Bjalfi is wielding has some nasty Shock Damage enchantments. Keep an eye on your health while battling him, as these enchantments are sure to deplete your health at a surprising rate.

When Bjalfi and the other Marauders have been defeated, pick up the Rockshatter that Bjalfi dropped and make your way out of Fort Strand. Return to Maeva at the Whitmond settlement and speak to her. She'll thank you, and reward you with some gold coins. Alternatively, you can equip the newly acquired weapon and beat her over the head with it, then keeping it for yourself.

Where Spirits Have Lease

Speak to the NPCs wandering the streets of Anvil and select 'Rumors' from the list of dialogue options. Somebody should tell you about Velwyn Benirus, who is looking to sell a manor that he owns in Anvil. Alternatively, you may also overhear NPCs discussing the manor, which will also add the quest to your journal. The 'Velwyn Benirus' option should then be available when speaking to most of the NPCs in Anvil.

If you none of the NPCs will discuss Velywn Bernirus, locate The Count's Arms inn, look for him inside, and inquire about the manor. Velwyn wants 5,000 gold coins for the manor. There must be a catch, right? There is; buy the house from Velwyn, then locate your newly acquired home and step in.

Sleep in Benirus Manor to discover why Velywn was so eager to be rid of it.

It's dark inside Benirus Manor, so you'll need a Torch or the Nighteye effect. Be sure to have a silver, enchanted, or Daedric weapon, and then head upstairs and use the bed to rest. You'll soon awake to quite a sight—ghosts! There's the catch you were expecting; the manor is haunted! Velwyn didn't even have the decency to mention that fact upon exchange of the deed. Well, there isn't much you can do now; you've got a haunted house on your hands.

Make your way down to the lower level of the manor and locate the glowing green jar on the floor in the entrance room. Remove the Skeletal Hand, then read and take the scrap from Lorgren's Diary. The text tells of a secret passage in the manor, which only one of pure Benirus blood can open. You'll need to see Velwyn about this passage, but unfortunately he seems to have dodged town. Return to the Count's Arms and ask Wilbur about Velwyn to learn that has taken up lodgings in the Imperial City.

Fast travel to the Imperial City's Elven Gardens District and look for Velwyn in the King and Queen Tavern. Ask him about Lorgren Benirus, and then ask about lifting the curse. Provided you have the scrap from Lorgren's Diary, Velwyn will agree to travel to Anvil to help you access the secret room in the manor. Exit the tavern, fast travel to Anvil and enter the Count's Arms inn. Speak to Velwyn inside, tell him that you're ready to go, and then follow him to the manor and enter.

Only a Benirus can open the secret passage in the basement of the manor.

Be sure to grab the Skeletal Hand from the glowing green jar in the entrance way if you haven't already. Lead the way to the Benirus Manor Basement; you should meet little resistance along the way. There are a few ghosts down in the Basement, which you will have to kill before you can proceed. When the way is clear, lead Velwyn through the basement to the room with the sealed portal. Velwyn will open the door for you, and then runs away. Step through the newly accessible passage. Through the passage, you'll find Lorgren's Skeleton, as well as some evidence of necromancy. When you're ready, activate Lorgren's Altar. Lorgren will convince you to rejoin his hand to his body so he can finally be at rest. Approach the skeleton and do as he asks.

Of course, the disembodied voice deceives you. Lorgren has absolutely no intention of making good with the people he has wronged. He instead uses the hand to return to life in Lich form. Lorgren can be quite difficult if your character is at a lower level, as his spells will deal a lot of damage if you lack magic resistance.

Attach the Skeletal Hand to Lorgren's Skeleton to summon him in Lich form.

A bow would be handy, provided you have enchanted, silver, or Daedric arrows as well. If your character is lacking in the Marksman skill, you'll be forced to face him up close. Just keep your eye on your health bar the whole time and down a Health Potion if necessary. Once the Lich has been defeated, you can grab the Tome of Unlife on the desk near the passage. Return to the Count's Arms and speak with Velwyn inside. Now your Benirus Manor is nicely repaired and completely furnished. Enjoy!

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Anvil Quests

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Jul 8th 2014 Guest
You need to talk to Raminus Polis at the Arcane University about a cure for Vampirism , he will then send you to Count Janus Hassildor who will send you to a white witch who requests a series of items to make the potion there will be 2 doses 1 for the Count's wife and 1 foe you.
ID #414440
Jun 30th 2012 Guest
I could not grab the skeletal bone at the entrance before going to the basement because the "open cupboard sign" more visible than the the instruction to grap the bone hand.
ID #158746
Sep 21st 2011 Mewmew34
Is it possible to give the people back the stuff the women stole? Several of the clothing items have names of townsmen on them but nobody seems to be noticing I have their stuff. XD It doesn't seem to be giving me an option to be a nice person and give it all back.
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Mar 5th 2011 Guest
have you started the forlong watchman quest in Bravil? you need to follow him a bit if i remember correctly
ID #31456
Feb 4th 2011 Guest
how do u talk to the forlorn watchman?, it says he doesnt want to talk, can anybody please help me
ID #27981
Aug 22nd 2010 Guest
Sleeping in the bed upstairs will make tou a vampire. How do you cure that?
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