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7: The Lady of Paranoia

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Shivering Isles

Quest 7: The Lady of Paranoia

Syl, the Duchess of Dementia, can be found in the House of Dementia, which is connected to New Sheoth Palace. If she is not in the main room, use the wait feature to some hours by until she is there. Speak to Syl to learn that she believes she is being spied on, and that people are conspiring against her. She points you to Herdir, who can be found in the torture chamber. With 'The Lady of Paranoia' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to locate Herdir. Select the 'Grand Inquisitor' dialogue option while speaking to Herdir. You are explains question the people of Crucible about the conspiracy—imagined or otherwise—surrounding Syl.

Since you'll be questioning people, start with those closest to Syl. First, find the Redguard Kithlan, who can usually be found sitting next to Syl's throne. If he is not there, use the wait menu to pass hours by until he appears. Have Herdir zap Kithlan twice, and he will point you to Anya Herrick. Anya is most likely wandering around the Palace Grounds area. Follow the arrow on your compass to her, and have Herdir zap her. Anya will point you to a Khajiit named Ma'zaddha. Exit the Palace Ground area to Crucible. In Crucible, locate Ma'zaddha and have him tortured, though he won't tell you anything.

Torture the citizens of Crucible for information regarding the conspiracy surrounding Lady Syl.

A few people in Crucible have info on Ma'zaddha. One is a Khajiit named Bhisha, who will be either wandering the streets of Crucible or sleeping in a bedroll behind the Things Found shop. Alternatively, Cutter of Cutter's Weapons will give you the same information. You'll learn that Ma'zaddha meets a Dark Seducer named Nelrene late each night in Crucible. You'll have eavesdrop on them to learn more. Speak to Herdir and send him back to the palace. Both Ma'zaddha's and Nelrene's locations are marked on your map; basically, wait outside until the two arrows are both in Crucible, which should happen at around 12:00AM.

Once both of the arrows converge, quickly make your way to the rendezvous point, which is just outside of Brithaur's House. You must remain out of sight, otherwise the two won't have the conversation and you'll have to try again another night. A good place to hide is beneath the wooden walkway (the one that leads up to the area outside of Ma'zaddha's House) and behind the boxes.

When an in-game pop up appears confirming that you have overhead the conversation, confront Ma'zaddha and select the 'Conspiracy' dialogue option.  Spare his life, and in return he promises to give you some valuable information. He tells you to meet him at his home in Crucible tomorrow at 12:00AM. Come midnight, make your way to Ma'zaddha's place. You'll have to pick the lock on the door to enter. Once inside, you'll discover that Ma'zaddha has been slain.

Eavesdrop on the conversation between Ma'zaddha and Nelrene and then confront the Khajiit.

Remove the keys from Ma'zaddha corpse and head upstairs. Open the cupboard in this room and take Nelrene's Ceremonial Shortsword and Ma'zaddha's Crinkled Note into your inventory. With these two items, return to the House of Dementia and confront Nelrene. Show her the proof you have acquired, and she'll explain that Muurine is the actual person behind the conspiracy.

After showing the evidence to Nelrene, follow the arrow on your compass to Muurine. She is likely wandering the streets of Crucible or in her home. Ask he about the conspiracy, and she'll admit to the entire thing. Now to inform Syl of this treachery. After speaking to her, Syl will tell you to meet her in the torture chamber, where Muurine is to be dealt with. You are given the Ruin's Edge bow for your work. This will have a random magic effect on strike.

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Comments for 7: The Lady of Paranoia

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Sep 2nd 2012 Guest
what if you hide and wait but they dont talk? and you got tired of it so you stole the guys keys to his house? but still nothing happens and he quits meeting up with the dark seducer
ID #182592
Feb 21st 2012 Guest
what happens when you get to the part where you go to retrieve nelrenes cermonial sword and note and there is no sword. The note isnt good enough to further the quest. im disappionted:(
ID #117180
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