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3: Bruma Recommendation

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Mages Guild

Bruma Recommendation

In the Bruma Mages Guild hall, speak to Jeanne Frasorie, who should be behind the counter across from the entrance. If she isn't there, use the wait feature to pass time to 9:00AM. Select the 'Recommendation' dialogue option while speaking to Jeanne Frasorie to get started. Jeanne wants you to locate J'skar, a Khajiit who has recently gone missing.

Select the 'J'skar' dialogue option while speaking to Jeanne; she'll point you to a man named Volanaro. Volanaro knows where J'skar is, but he asks that you mention nothing of the situation to Jeanne. He asks that you help him play a small prank on Jeanne, only then will he reveal J'skar's location. This prank consists of you entering Jeanne Frasorie's room and removing the Manual of Spellcraft from her desk. Volanaro teaches you the Minor Latch Crack spell, which will automatically open a lock of Very Easy to Easy quality.

Use Minor Latch Crack or a similar spell to unlock the desk in Jeanne Frasorie's room.

Jeanne's room is on the second floor of the guild hall. While facing the counter on the first floor of the guild hall, turn left and head up the stairs here; the door to Jeanne's room is at the top. Enter her room and approach the desk. Use a lockpick or the Minor Latch Crack spell to open the desk, and remove the Manual of Spellcraft

Once you have the book, return to Volanaro and hand it over. He instructs you to meet him in the Living Quarters after 10:00PM. When the time comes, enter the Living Quarters and head through the first door to your left to find Volarano. Talk to him and he will make J'skar reappear. Speak to J'skar, and then to Jeanne to complete the quest.

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cool stuff, you might want to add youtube links though...
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