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Chorrol Quests

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Side Quests

Chorrol Quests

This side quest contains the following sections, just scroll down to read, or use the anchor links in the list below to jump straight to the section you are interested in.

A Shadow Over Hackdirt
Canvas in Castle
Fingers of the Mountain, Part II
Separated at Birth
Legacy Lost

Sins of the Father
The Killing Field
Buying a House in Chorrol

A Shadow Over Hackdirt

While in Chorrol, you may be approached by a friendly Argonian named Dar-Ma who will invite you to the Northern Goods and Trade, which is her mother's shop. Use the local area map while in Chorrol to locate the shop. Five days after first speaking to Dar-Ma, visit the Northern Goods and Trade and speak to Seed-Neeus inside to learn that her daughter has gone missing. According to Seed-Neeus, Dar-Ma left on her horse Blossom to deliver some goods to the settlement of Hackdirt, but she hasn't returned yet.

Hackdirt, which has been marked on your map, is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. So fast travel to the closest available location and start from there. Once in Hackdirt, look for a man named Jiv Hiriel, who should be wandering around the settlement. He advises you to leave, but you've got a quest to do, so you'll be sticking around. Ask him about Dar-Ma; in a hushed tone, Jiv will tell you to meet him at his place after dark. Wait until sometime after 7:00PM and locate Jiv Hiriel's House. Inside, Jiv will tell you all about the villagers' plan to sacrifice Dar-Ma to summon the Deep Ones.

Hackdirt is a small, seemingly normal settlement. Begin your search for Dar-Ma there.

Upon learning the truth from Jiv, he'll give you a key to the trap doors into the underground. There is one of these trap doors inside of every house in Hackdirt. The most accessible one is in the Moslin Inn, so make your way there. In the Moslin Inn, you can do some investigating if you wish. Head up the stairs, into the guest room, and look in the drawers there to find Dar-Ma's Diary. Read the diary to learn the events that led up to her sudden disappearance.

When you're ready to get started, look for the Trap Door to the Hackdirt Caverns behind the counter. Use the Hackdirt Caverns Key to unlock the Trap Door and enter the caverns. Ensure that you have 'A Shadow Over Hackdirt' set as your active quest, and follow the arrow on your compass to Dar-Ma's cell. Speak to Dar-Ma once you've located her cell, and agree to let her out. The key that Jiv provided can be used to unlock the cell, so you won't need to use any lockpicks. Lead Dar-Ma out of the Hackdirt Caverns and exit the Moslin Inn. Allow her to find her horse and then fast travel back to Chorrol.

Dar-Ma is locked up in the Hackdirt Caverns below the settlement. Use Jiv Hiriel's Hackdirt Key to free her.

Once back in Chorrol, follow Dar-Ma back to the Northern Goods and Trade. Once there, speak to Seed-Neeus, and she will raise your character's Mercantile skill by one level. A word of caution: don't visit Hackdirt again unprepared, as the villagers there won't be too happy to see you and will openly attack.

Canvas the Castle

Speak to Countess Arriana Valga while she is in Castle Chorrol Great Hall between 10:00AM and 6:00PM. Select the 'Investigation' dialogue option; if she refuses to tell you anything about it either persuade or bribe her to raise her disposition to at least 60. If her disposition is high enough, Arriana will tell you that a portrait of her husband was stolen. She wants you to recover the painting and bring the thief to justice.

To aid you in your investigation, Arriana gives you the Castle Chorrol Key, which will allow you to explore the majority of the castle. Before getting started, select the 'Castle Residents' dialogue option, and Arriana will give you a list of suspects. You'll have to locate and question each of them. With 'Canvas the Castle' set as your active quest, each of the suspects will appear on your compass.

Speak to all of the suspects, and then use the Trap Door in the West Tower to discover an Unusual Painting.

After speaking to all of the suspects (you must speak to all of them to proceed), the list can be narrowed down to two people: Orgnolf the castle porter, and Chanel the resident mage. Enter the Private Quarters and make your way to the door into the West Tower. Upon entering the West Tower, look for a Trap Door behind the boxes to your left. Head through the Trap Door to discover an unusual painting, as well as some painting supplies.

Once you have discovered the painting and painting supplies, go to Chanel's room in the Private Quarters. In Chanel's room, look in the Lectern to discover various painting supplies. For the last piece of evidence, return to the Great Hall and enter the Dining Room. In the Dining Room, look for some paint stains on the rug under the table and examine them.

Along with the Unusual Painting and the Lectern in Chanel's Quarters, look for these paint stains on the carpet in the Castle Chorrol dining room.

When you have all three pieces of evidence, return to the Private Quarters and speak to Chanel. Accuse her of the crime and she'll give you all of the details. You have a choice: report Chanel to Countess Arriana to be rewarded with a large sum of gold, some gems, and a point of fame, or tell her that neither Chanel nor Orgnolf are the culprits to be rewarded with a small sum of gold for your troubles. If you chose to accuse neither of the suspects, speak to Chanel and tell her the news. As thanks, Chanel will paint a picture for you, which will be ready in three weeks time.

Fingers of the Mountain, Part II

This quest becomes available if you choose to give the Fingers of the Mountain book to Earana rather than to Teekeeus during the 'Chorrol Recommendation' quest. Earna needs a day to translate the book, and explicitly requests not to be disturbed. Wait for at least 24 in-game hours, then enter The Grey Mare tavern and speak to Earana there. She'll give you a note with a translated portion of the text; she instructs you to read it and then return to Cloud Top to acquire a very special power.

Read the instructions to learn that you first must acquire a Welkynd Stone and a shock spell, and then use the two on the pillar in the middle of the Cloud Top landmark. Welkynd stones are easy enough to come by; visit almost any Ayleid ruin and you are sure to come across at least one. There is also one in the Skingrad Mages Guild hall, in an unlocked Display Case in the room off to the right of the entrance. Any old shock spell is adequate, be it a scroll or an actual spell. You can buy the cheap 'Shocking Touch' spell that any character can cast from Edgar's Discount Spells in the Imperial City's Market District.

Cast a Shock spell on the pillar near the Cloud Top landmark while having a Welkynd Stone in your inventory to acquire the powerful Finger of the Mountain spell.

When you have obtained the required materials, return to the Cloud Top landmark. With a Welkynd stone in your inventory, cast the shock spell on the pillar there to unlock a fairly powerful new spell.

The Finger of the Mountain spell is quite powerful. However, if your character is at a relatively high level when you acquire this spell (25 and up), you will likely lack the amount of magicka required to cast it. The strength and magicka cost of the spell is dependent on the level your character is when the spell is learned.

You can still get that recommendation from Teekeeus after completing this quest. First, return to the Mages Guild in Chorrol and speak to him. You'll have to steal the book back from Earana and bring it to Teekeeus to get his recommendation. The book is locked in a chest in Earana's room in The Grey Mare tavern. Enter The Grey Mare, head up the steps there, and unlock the door at the end of the hall. Enter the room and unlock the chest inside. Remove the Finger of the Mountain book and give it to Teekeeus to complete the quest.

Separated at Birth

Select the 'Rumors' dialogue option while speaking to one of the NPCs in Chorrol to add this quest to your journal. Then, select the 'Reynald Jemane' dialogue option to learn of the oddity surrounding this man. Reynald has been spotted in Cheydinhal, but when approached by someone from Chorrol, he claimed to have no recollection of them

With 'Separated at Birth' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to find Reynald Jemane. He'll most likely be at The Grey Mare. Speak to him and he'll order you to travel to Cheydinhal, where you are to locate his look-alike and confront him.

Speak to Reynald Jemane at The Grey Mare tavern.

Fast travel to Cheydinhal and ask any of the NPCs there about Reynald Jemane. Whomever you ask, they will tell you that no such person resides in Cheydinhal, but a man by the name of Guilbert Jemane does. Guilbert Jemane can be found in the Newlands Lodge, so follow the arrow on your compass there and speak to Guilbert inside. Inquire about Reynald Jemane, who turns out to be Guilbert's long lost brother. Guilbert will thank you, and invite you to meet with him and his brother in Chorrol.

After speaking to Guilbert, fast travel Chorrol. It will likely take Guilbert a long while to reach Chorrol; after fast traveling, consider using the wait menu to pass a few hours until he shows up. Once Guilbert arrives in Chorrol, follow him to Reynald. After a short chat, speak to Guilbert and he will thank you for reuniting him with his brother.

Legacy Lost

This quest comes after 'Separated at Birth.' If you have yet to complete that quest, this one won't be available yet.

Speak to Guilbert and select the 'Weatherleah' dialogue option. He'll tell you that he and his brother wish to reclaim their family's estate, which was taken over by Ogres in the past. Though Guilbert does not know the exact location of Weatherleah, he was told by his father that it was somewhere 'south of Chorrol, north of Fort Carmala.' Guilbert has good reason to believe that the estate is still inhabited by Ogres; he asks that you locate Weatherleah and clear them out.

Weatherleah is overrun with Ogres. Clear them out for the Jemane brothers.

Speak to one of the NPCs in Chorrol and ask about Weatherleah. Whomever you ask, they will point you to Sabine Laul of the Fighters Guild. You should be able to find her in the Chorrol Fighters Guild Hall. Ask Sabine about Weatherleah and she will mark the location on your map.

Travel to Weatherleah to discover that the estate is indeed infested with Ogres. Slay the beasts, and when a pop-up appears informing you that all of the Ogres are dead, return to Chorrol and deliver the news to Guilbert. Tell Guilbert that you're ready to travel back to Weatherleah, then exit the inn and fast travel to the estate with the Jemane brothers.  When you arrive, speak to Guilbert again, and he will give you some gold coins as thanks.

Sins of the Father

This quest comes after 'Legacy Lost.' If you have yet to complete that quest, this one won't be available yet.

To begin, at least two days after completing 'Legacy Lost,' you'll need to speak to Fathis Ules. Start looking for him in Oak and Crosier in Chorrol, which appears to be his main hangout. Use the local area map to locate the Oak and Crosier and step inside. If it's around 3:00PM, Fathis Ules should be inside. Select the 'Jemane Family' dialogue option while speaking to Fathis to learn the dark history of Albert Jemane, who is father of Reynald and Guilbert.

Albert Jemane stole a valuable Chorrol relic and kept it for himself, rather than turning it over to the thief organization he was working with at the time. Fathis would like you to retrieve the item and return it to him. Fathis believes that the band of Ogres who ransacked Weatherleah took the item with them. Fathis is able to provide you with the location of their lair, so you can travel there, enter, and retrieve the item.

The Ogre Chieftain in Redguard Valley Cave holds the Honorblade of Chorrol. Kill him and deliver it to Fathis Ules or Laythe Wavrick at Castle Chorrol.

The Redguard Valley Cave is just south of Chorrol. Be certain that you have an adequate number of healing supplies before heading to the cave, as you'll face numerous Ogres once inside. With 'Sins of the Father' set as your active quest, follow your compass to the Ogre Chieftain. You must kill the chieftain to get the relic; be cautious, as his attacks deal quite a bit more damage than his subordinates. When he is dead, remove the Honorblade of Chorrol from his corpse

Once you have the Honorblade of Chorrol, you have two choices: bring the blade back to Fathis Ules at the Oak and Crosier as he asked, or return it to Castle Chorrol. Note that if you do not sell the blade to Fathis Ules, you won't be able to use him as a fence in the Thieves Guild. This won't impact your progression in the Thieves Guild, but Fathis is a very good merchant because he has 1500 gold.

If you sell the Honorblade of Chorrol to Fathis, he'll give you a levelled gold reward. If you choose to return it to Castle Chorrol, speak to Laythe Wavrick in the Castle Chorrol Great Hall. Select the 'Stolen Item' dialogue option while speaking to him and he will reward you with the Escutcheon of Chorrol. This is a very good, heavy armour class shield that boasts levelled Fortify Endurance and Reflect Damage enchantments. Whichever route you choose, you'll have to visit the Jemane brothers at Weatherleah and tell them what happened. If you returned the Honorblade of Chorrol to Castle Chorrol, Guilbert will hand over four Grand Soul Gems as thanks.

The Killing Field

Look for Valus Odiil in The Grey Mare and select the 'Sons' dialogue option while speaking to him. His two sons are planning to fight off the creatures that have been terrorizing their farm, which is located not too far from Chorrol. In his old age, Valus is unable to help them defend the farm, so he wants you to take his place.

Travel to Weynon Priory to meet Rallus and Antus, Valus' sons. Speak to Rallus and inform him that his father is not coming. He'll accept your help, and begin walking off to the killing field. Follow the brothers until you reach Odiil Farm. It would be a good idea to save your game at this point, because you'll want to keep the both of them alive; the reward earned for doing so is quite nice.

Help Rallus and Antus defend Odiil Farm.

Always attack the Goblins that have targeted Rallus or Antus to draw them away, though doing so can be quite tough since they'll most likely make a beeline for the brothers. Even if your character is at a high level, the Goblins will be quite weak, so you shouldn't have too much trouble fighting them off.

Once all of the Goblins have been slain, return to The Grey Mare and tell Valus that his sons are safe (or of any deaths). If you managed to keep both of his sons alive, Valus will reward you with the Chillrend, a one-handed blade that boasts levelled Frost Damage and Weakness to Frost enchantments, and looks like a blue Glass Shortsword. If any of his sons died, he'll give you a small amount of gold for your help.

Buying a House in Chorrol

Speak to the Countess of Chorrol in the Castle Chorrol Great Hall and inquire about buying a house in town. If the Countess won't talk to you about the house, either persuade or bribe her to raise her disposition to at least 60. She wants 20,000 gold for the house. When you purchase the house, she will give you the key. With 'Buying a House in Chorrol' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to reach your new abode. If you wish to purchase some furnishings for your new home, visit Northern Goods and Trade and speak to Seed-Neeus. You can purchase furnishings from her at a reasonable price.

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