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SQ: Bliss Quests

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Shivering Isles: Side Quests

Bliss Quests

This set of quests is broken down into the following sections. You can use the links below to jump to the part of the page you are interested in.

Falling Awake
The Fork of Horripilation
Work is Never Done
The Antipodean Hammer

Falling Awake

Look for Amiable Fanriene, who can likely be found wandering the streets of Bliss. Amiable Fanriene has a tremendous fear that the walls will collapse on him when he closes his eyes. Because of this fear, he is unable to get any sleep at his current resting place. He asks that you find a place for him to sleep outdoors.

With 'Falling Awake' set as your active quest, several arrows will appear on your compass, each pointing to an NPC who sleeps outside. One man in particular would be willing to give up his sleeping spot for Amiable. By speaking to any of the citizens of New Sheoth who sleep outdoors, you will be pointed to a man named Uungor.

Amiable Fanriene refuses to close his eyes to sleep at night, fearing that the walls of his house will collapse on him if he does.

Uungor can be found wandering the streets of Bliss. Find him and suggest that he switch beds with Amiable. Raise Uungor's disposition to at least 70 through bribery or persuasion, and he will agree. Once Uungor has agreed, tell Amiable that you have found him a place to sleep outside. As thanks, Amiable will give you the 'Burst of Might' scroll.

The Fork of Horripilation

You're looking for an Argonian named Big Head, who lives in the Bliss half of New Sheoth. You can probably find him wandering the streets, or he may be in his home. Use the local area map to locate 'Big Head's House' and enter to see if he's in. Big Head tends to get himself killed by the Golden Saints in Bliss so you may not be able to complete this quest if Big Head has been killed before you've spoken to him.

Once you have found Big Head, select 'The Fork' from the list of dialogue options. He explains that the Fork of Horripilation was taken from him, and he can hear it calling to him through song. Well, this is the 'Realm of Madness,' after all.

Zealots and Heretics are fighting over the Fork of Horripilation at the Longtooth Camp.

Big Head tells you to see someone named Bolwing. He provides you with a charm that can be used to decipher Bolwing's odd speech. If you have spoken to Bolwing before, you'll understand why this charm is necessary. Bolwing can be found in either Bliss or Crucible. With 'The Fork of Horripilation' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to locate him. Bolwing will tell you that the Fork of Horripilation is being fought over by groups of Heretics and Zealots. Longtooth Camp is your destination; it's located along the north road out of the Gates of Madness.

After speaking to Bolwing, make your way to Longtooth Camp. The arrow on your compass will point to the Fork of Horripilation, provided you have 'The Fork of Horripilation' set as your active quest. Kill all of the Heretics in the camp and retrieve the Fork. With the Fork of Horripilation, return to Big Head in Bliss. Hand the item to Big Head to complete the task. As thanks, Big Head offers to tell you a 'Blade Secret, 'a 'Sneak Secret,' or an 'Alchemy Secret.' Choose one to raise that skill level by one.

Work is Never Done

To begin this quest, speak to Tove the Unrestful. He can either be found wandering the streets of Bliss or in his home. Tove will explain his plan to construct a Skyboat' He requires Calipers and Tongs, and he wants you to bring them to him. He's willing to pay 5 gold per item.

Tove the Unrestful is building a skyboat. He will pay 5 gold for each Caliper and Tong brought to him.

Calipers and Tongs are very common, and can be found in most crates and barrels. The Imperial City's Marketplace District would be a good place to start looking. You'll need to bring him at least 50 Calipers and at least 50 Tongs to complete the quest. You are given gold as reward. Tove will continue to buy Calipers and Tongs from you for 5 gold each even after you have completed the quest.

The Antipodean Hammer

There are two blacksmiths in New Sheoth: one in Crucible and the other in Bliss. During your travels in the Shivering Isles, you'll undoubtedly encounter Amber Ore and Madness Ore. These two types of ore can be brought to the blacksmiths in New Sheoth who will fashion armour and weapons out of them. Also, items called Matrices can be used to add a magic property to the weapons and armour that are forged. A Matrix is specific to a weapon or piece of armour (ex., a 'Madness Gauntlets Matrix').

The Amber Armor set.

The blacksmith in Bliss, Dumag gro-Bonk, can be found in 'The Missing Pauldron.' Dumag requires Amber Ore to forge weapons and armour. Amber Ore can be found in Hollowed Out Amber Logs in certain dungeons (usually on the Bliss side). The Ore is often found on dead Gnarls as well. The Amber armour that Dumag gro-Bonk forges with the ore is a Light Armor type. The quality of the forged armour and weapons will depend on your character's level.

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