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- Sheogorath

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Daedric Shrine Quests


Location: About halfway between the cities of Bravil and Leyawiin.
Requires: One Lesser Soul Gem, one head of Lettuce, one Yarn.
Level Requirement: Level 2
Reward: Wabbajack

The Sheogorath's Shrine is located about halfway between the city of Bravil and the city of Leyawiin. Follow the road to Leyawiin from Bravil until the Daedric shrine symbol appears on your compass. At this point, stray from the road and head southwest toward the shrine. Once you've reached the shrine, speak to one of the worshippers there. In the midst of their ramblings, they worshiper will tell you to speak to Ferul Ravel, the white-robed Dark Elf.

Worshipping Sheogorath is apparently pants optional.

From the nonsense that Ferul Ravel spouts out one can draw that Sheogorath requires an offering of one Lesser Soul Gem, one head of Lettuce, and some Yarn before he will grant an audience. Your character must be at least level two to begin this quest.

The items that Sheogorath requires are fairly easy to obtain. Visit the Mythic Emporium in the Imperial City Market District and purchase a Lesser Soul Gem from Calindil if you don't already have one in your inventory. Visit The Feed Bag in the Imperial City Market District and buy a head of Lettuce. As for the Yarn, just look in the boxes and barrels littered throughout the Market District and you should be able to some.

When you have obtained the three items, return to the Sheogorath's Shrine and present them to the statue. Sheogorath wants you to visit the peaceful settlement of Border Watch, locate their shaman, and inquire about the K'Sharra prophecy. The Border Watch settlement is just south of Sheogorath's Shrine, so make your way over there.

Once you have reached the settlement, you then must locate the settlement's shaman, Ri'Bassa. If you are unable to locate him, set 'Sheogorath' as your active quest and follow the marker on your compass. When you have found him, speak to him and select the 'K'Sharra Prophecy' dialogue option.

Speak to Ri'Bassa in Border Watch and ask about the K'Sharra Prophecy.

Ri'Bassa's disposition must be at least 60 before he will divulge the three signs of the K'Sharra Prophecy. Either persuade or bribe him to raise his disposition to at least 60, and then ask him about the prophecy again. The fulfillment of the K'Sharra Prophecy, Ri'Bassa explains, consists of three signs: the first sign is vermin infestation; the second sign is a plague that wipes out the settlement's livestock; and the third is the Plague of Fear, which Ri'Bassa refuses to discuss.

Ask about Border Watch, and Ri'Bassa will tell you that the Border Watch Inn has a large collection of cheeses. Though this information seems trivial, the cheese there can be used to
attract a large wave of rats to the settlement; enough to emulate the first sign of the K'Sharra Prophecy. Head over to the Border Watch Inn and step inside. Upon entering, turn left to spot a couple of display cases with Very Hard quality locks.

Unless your character's Security skill is high enough to permit you to pick the lock, you'll need to swipe the key from the innkeeper. She is fairly easy to pickpocket, but doing so requires a relatively high Sneak skill. If you want to give it a shot, enter Sneak Mode, creep up behind her, and remove the Display Case Key from her inventory. If your character has a high Security skill, enter Sneak Mode and pick the lock on the Display Case that contains a single piece of cheese. Then, open the case and steal the cheese. If the eye icon turns bright and solid, you are being watched, so only attempt to pick the lock and steal the cheese while the icon is faded.

Once you've taken the Olroy Cheese from the Display Case, exit the Border Watch Inn and make your way over to the Cooking Pot outside. Press the A/X button while the prompt is onscreen. Place the Olroy Cheese in the Cooking Pot, then stand back and watch as the swarm of rats approaches.

Place the Olroy Cheese in the Cooking Pot outside of the Border Watch Inn to attract a flood of rats to the settlement.

Ri'Bassa quickly throws down some Rat Poison in an effort to stem the tide of vermin. What must done next should be fairly obvious. Pick up the Rat Poison and head south from the Cooking Pot. Open the Old Gate, step inside the pen, and approach the Feeding Trough in the distance. Press the A/X button when prompted and place the Rat Poison in the Feeding Trough. With that done, wait for the poison to do its job, and you will then hear the voice of Sheogorath. He tells to make your way to center of the settlement to await the final sign. It turns out that the Plague of Fear is... Well, you'll have to see for yourself

When the show is over, return to the Sheogorath's Shrine to receive Wabbajack. The Wabbajack is a staff that will change the target creature into a different creature for a short duration of time. So, it is essentially a useless item, but therefore perfectly suitable to give to Martin as a means of fulfilling the first part of the 'Blood of the Daedra' quest in the main questline.

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Comments for - Sheogorath

3 comments, latest first.
Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
when i talk to the shaman, he tells me the first sign has appeared.
But after that i get no update in my journal
i even put the rat poison in the haystack and when the sheep got poisoned, nothing happened
ID #108190
Dec 17th 2011 Guest
i play ps3 and in sheogroths realm i hit a glitch after i did this shrine and when i went into the shivering isles i atamateclly went to the palace

ID #95892
Sep 8th 2011 Guest
I really didn't like this quest from Sheogorath. I didn't understand what he said in the first place and it didn't translate what he said. I went over to see what the head man said and he said I had been told and he wasn't going to repeat himself. It was a bear to get this thing started and the worse one I came across.
ID #73334
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