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- Peryrite

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Daedric Shrine Quests


Location: Along the Silverfish River, northeast of Bravil.
Requires: N/A
Level Requires: Level 10
Reward: Spell Breaker

Peryrite's Shrine is located northeast of Bravil, along the Silverfish River. Walk along the south side of the Silverfish River until you come to the shrine. If you look at the world map, the shrine is next to the 'R' in the 'Silverfish River' text. When you reach the place, you will discover that all of Peryrite's worshippers are frozen. Peryrite does not require an offering, so approach the altar to converse with him.

Activate the Shrine of Peryrite to learn what happened to the Daedric Lord's followers.

Peryrite explains that his followers, in an attempt to summon him, have transported their souls to a plane of Oblivion. He requests that you travel to the Oblivion plane and carry his follower's souls back out with you. Ensure that you have everything you need before approaching the shrine, as you won't be able to leave Oblivion until you have captured all of the follower's souls.

When you're ready to enter Oblivion, approach the shrine again. With 'Peryrite' set as your active quest, markers pointing to each soul will appear on your compass. This Oblivion plane is massive, and as with the others, is crawling with Daedra. Make use of the local area map to make sure you're headed in the right direction when following one of the markers on your compass. There are five souls to rescue. When you have captured the last soul, Peryrite will open a gate back to Cyrodiil. The gate at the start of the area, so follow the marker on your compass.

Capture the souls of Peryrite's and take them back to Cyrodiil.

Once back in Cyrodiil, Peryrite's followers will be released from their frozen state. Summon Peryrite once more, and he'll reward you with the Spell Breaker shield. The Spell Breaker is enchanted with a Reflect Spell effect, and has a decent amount of defence.

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