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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Main Quest Walkthrough


The third item needed for the ritual is one Great Welkynd Stone, which is a particularly rare Ayleid artifact. Miscarcand, an Ayleid ruin located about halfway between the cities of Kvatch and Skingrad, holds one of these stones. Fast travel to the Grateful Pass Stables outside of Skingrad, as it won't be too long of a trek from there.

Miscarcand is primarily occupied by Bitterfish goblins and various types of undead creatures. These two forces are hostile to each other. If you encounter a group of fighting enemies, stand back and let them duke it out, and then pick off the winner(s).

Goblins and the undead occupy the ruins of Miscarcand.

Upon entering Miscarcand, descend and turn right as soon as you can. Continue heading straight without jumping down to the lower level, and turn left when you can. You will come to a stone bridge with an Iron Gate on the opposite side. You'll need to find and activate a Press Block to open the gate. The Press Block is not near the gate, so jump down from the bridge to the lower level, and start down the northwest path here. Activate the Press Block in the small room that you come to. Doing so will open the Iron Gate.

Head through the doorway next the Press Block, make your way back to the bridge, and enter the 'Miscarcand, Sel Vanua' area. In the top-right corner of this area, there is a Press Block on the wall that will raise the Varla Stone cage in the middle of the room, allowing you to take the Varla Stone inside.

The passage in the top-right corner of this room is blocked by an Iron Gate, so you'll have to find another way around. Start down the path in the bottom-right corner of this room to reach a large area with several goblins and undead creatures fighting each other on the lower level. Don't jump down, but instead follow the bridge to the other end and continue through the passage there

Activate the Press Block at the end of this route to open the way to the next area. Exit to the lower level of  and proceed through the door at the north end of this area. The Great Welkynd Stone is within the 'Miscarcand, Morimath' area, which is where you're headed next.

Remain vigilant, as there is likely to be some variation of zombie on the way to the stone. Follow the linear path and you should soon be able to see a glowing stone in the distance. Approach the Great Welkynd Stone and take it into your inventory. As soon as the stone is removed from its pedestal, the King of Miscarcand will spawn. This unique Lich has a highly damaging projectile attack, so you'll have to keep moving to avoid getting blasted. Two zombies accompany him as well. These zombies can be used as meat shields; they are likely to run straight for you, and the Lich's projectiles will hit the zombies if they are between you and him.

The Great Welkynd Stone is on the platform at the center of the Miscarcand, Morimath area.

Once the King of Miscarcand has been defeated, search his remains for the Miscarcand Key. Enter the room at the north end of this area and step on the push panel here. Head through the opening on the west side of this room and make your way to the end of the series of corridors beyond to return to the Miscarcand entrance area.

Return to Cloud Ruler Temple with the Great Welkynd Stone and hand it over to Martin to complete the quest.

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Oct 7th 2015 Guest
There is a glitch on this quest if you don't activate the push block to get the varla stone first when you come back to it later on it won't let you access it
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