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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Main Quest Walkthrough


Now that every item contained in the Mysterium Xarxes has been gathered, a portal to Mankar Camoran's Paradise may be opened. Once you step through the portal to Paradise, you will not be able to return to Cyrodiil until you complete this quest. A heavy dose of combat awaits you through the portal, so before stepping in, be sure that you have an adequate supply of repair hammers, arrows, potions, and whatever else you might need.

Once in Paradise, you'll need to kill Mankar Camoran to dissolve the realm and return to Cyrodiil. Speak to Martin at Cloud Ruler Temple when you're ready to depart. Step through the portal when it manifests to enter the realm. Initially, Paradise appears to be rather nice place, but delve deeper and you are sure to find Daedra lurking about. Not such a nice place after all.

Whatever paradise may be, this certainly isn't it.

Start down the slated path and speak to the Ascended Immortal that you encounter to learn more about this realm. Right now, you are in the 'Savage Garden' area. The Ascended Immortal explains that the only way to leave the garden is through the 'Forbidden Grotto.' In order to exit through this way, however, one must be wearing the Bands of the Chosen. The 'Terrace of Dawn' leads to Mankar Camoran's palace, 'Carac Agaialor.' The only route to the Terrace of Dawn area is through the Forbidden Grotto, so you'll need to get your hands on the Bands of the Chosen to reach Camoran's palace.

Continue following the slated path until you come to a fork in the road. At the fork, head down the right-hand path. Continue following this path until you encounter a Dremora named Kathutet.

Tell him that you seek Mankar Camoran; he's willing to help, but you'll first have to complete a task for him. You can either complete his task or simply battle him instead. Kathutet just so happens to be wearing the Bands of the Chosen. If you agree to the task, Kathutet instructs you to free a Xivilai named Anaxes. Anaxes is a malevolent creature that has been trapped in a cave by the Ascended Immortals. It is much faster to just battle Kathutet here, but if you choose to complete the task, you will need to enter cave that the active quest marker points to and remove the boulder that has Anaxes trapped.

As for fighting Kathutet, he is rather tough, as he is likely to be wielding an enchanted weapon. Furthermore, depending on your character's level, he may be able to best you in a few hits. If you feel confident that you can take him, battle him. You'll be able to nab his after the fight, too. If you have a bow and a supply of arrows, you can hop up onto the nearby boulder and hit him with arrows until he falls.

Perch on the large boulder near the grotto entrance and use a bow to safely defeat Kathutet.

Once you have acquired the Bands of the Chosen, enter the Flooded Grotto. The entrance to the Forbidden Grotto is located at the end of this area. There are sure to be Daedra lurking in this area, so remain vigilant. When you reach the door to the Forbidden Grotto, equip the Bands of the Chosen to open it. With the Bands equipped, your character has a 50% weakness to fire, so hopefully you won't encounter a Flame Atronach through here.

Inside the Forbidden Grotto, cross the bridge to encounter a man named Eldamil. He offers to help you; he explains that while wearing the Bands of the Chosen, one cannot leave the grotto. Eldamil can remove the Bands, but he asks that you first pose as prisoner but must pretend you until the Dremora Overseer Orthe leaves. You cannot remove the Bands yourself, so you have no choice but to accept his help. Agree to play along for the time being and get into the cage

When the cage has been completely raised back up, walk down the ramp to other side of the crevice. You don't need to enter the cage at all if you think you can take Orthe. Either way, it does matter if Eldamil is killed, as he is immortal and will still be able to remove the Bands at a later time. Locate the door to the Forbidden Grotto on this side of the crevice. Head through to meet with Eldamil and have him remove the Bands. You may as well agree to bring him along to face Mankar Camoran.

There are plenty of Daedra in this area, so be ready for a fight. Head down the path and turn left as soon as you are able to. Continue moving in this direction until you reach a large room. Cross the bridge in this room and exit through the tunnel on the left. Move through the next area, turn right when you can, and continue heading straight until you can no longer. At this point, start down the tunnel to your left. Hop up the rocks here and follow this route to the end of the Forbidden Grotto.

Follow the stone path up to Carac Agaialor. You'll meet Ruma and Raven Camoran outside the palace. Inside is Mankar Camoran, seated upon his throne. Cue long, drawn out monologue. You don't have to listen to him drone on; jump up and attack him whenever you please. You may be able to kill both his children during his speech without provoking him. Try to quickly kill Ruma and Raven, and then immediately attack Camoran. If you aren't quick enough, both of the dead Camorans will reappear by Mankar's throne.

Face Mankar Camoran in Carac Agaialor.

If you allow Mankar to finish his speech, you'll be facing all three Camorans at once upon its conclusion. Their powerful magic spells may make them quite the challenge. Focus on killing Raven and Ruma first, as you can then take on Mankar without any distractions. Ruma and Raven are likely to reappear at some point during the battle, however. When Mankar falls, remove the Amulet of Kings and any enchanted gear from his corpse.

The palace will begin to crumble as you are teleported back to Cloud Ruler Temple. Speak to Martin and hand over the Amulet of Kings to complete the quest.

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