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5: Drunk and Disorderly

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Fighter's Guild

Drunk and Disorderly

Speak to Modryn Oreyn after 'Unfinished Business' and select the 'Duties' dialogue option for another job. He explains that some Fighters Guild members have been causing trouble in Leyawiin, making the Fighters Guild as a whole look bad. You need to find Dubok gro-Shagk, Rellian, and Vantus, and find out why they are causing trouble.

Travel to the Leyawiin West Gate, and enter the local tavern, the Five Claws Lodge, which should be straight ahead. This is where the three guild members have reportedly been causing trouble. Inside, locate and speak to Vantus Prelius, who appears to be the leader of the crew. Vantus explains that there has been a lack of work in Leyawiin ever since a new guild, known as the Blackwood Company, moved into town. You need to find Vantus and crew some work to keep them busy, preventing them from causing further trouble in Leyawiin.

Speak to the inn keeper, Witseidutsei, and ask about 'Fighters Guild Jobs.' She won't discuss this topic unless her disposition is at 70. Raise her disposition to at least 70 if necessary, and ask again about any jobs. Witseidutsei tells you that a woman named Margarte in Leyawiin may have work for the Fighters Guild.

Speak to the guild members in the Five Claws Lodge in Leyawiin to find out why they have been causing trouble.

Follow the active quest marker to Margarte and ask her about a possible job. Margarte does indeed have work for the Fighters Guild, but you must first bring her five portions of Ectoplasm before she'll agree to employ them. Undead creatures such as wraiths and ghosts drop Ectoplasm, but unless you know of any dungeons in particular, these creatures can be difficult to find. You may be able to find Ectoplasm in stock at an alchemy store such as All Things Alchemical in Skingrad, or The Main Ingredient in the Imperial City's Market District.

Once you have acquired five portions of Ectoplasm, return to Margarte in Leyawiin and select the 'Fighters Guild Jobs' dialogue option once more. She will now be willing to pay the Fighters Guild for Minotaur Horns and Ogre Teeth, effectively giving the three drunkards in the Five Claws Lodge plenty of work to keep them busy.

Return to the Five Claws Lodge and speak to Vantus. Then, return to the Fighters Guild in Chorrol, and tell Oreyn of your success. After receiving payment, speak to Modryn Oreyn about your advancement within the guild to be promoted to Swordsman.


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Aug 21st 2011 Guest
thank you very much. I was stuck on that mishin for so long I almost quit the game.

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