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10: Azani Blackheart

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Fighter's Guild

Azani Blackheart

When you have reach the Defender rank within the guild, speak to Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol and select the 'Duties' dialogue option. He doesn't wish to discuss this next task in public, so he asks you to meet him at his home after dark. Oreyn will likely be in his home, which is located in the southwest quarter of Chorrol, from 4:00 PM on.  With 'Azani Blackheart' set as your active quest, simply follow the compass if you are having difficulty locating Oreyn's home.

When you speak to Oreyn, ask him about the Blackwood Company. He'll inform you of Vitellus Donton's death, who died while pursuing a contract that entailed acquiring an artifact from one Azani Blackheart. After the Fighters Guild members all fell, the Blackwood Company moved in and finished the job. Inquire further about Azani Blackheart, and then agree to aid Oreyn in his quest to uncover the truth. You are travel to the Fighters Guild hall in Leyawiin to meet with Oreyn there, and then set out to Arpenia. Once in Arpenia, you must seek Azani Blackheart to find out what went down.

Travel to the Leyawiin Fighters Guild hall and speak to Oreyn to get started. The ruins of Arpenia are northwest of Leyawiin, so make your way there. Once inside, head straight and turn left when you can. Make your way to the exit in the northeast corner of this room and proceed into the giant, cavernous area. When it has been confirmed that there is nothing of interest in the ruin, Oreyn will lead you to Atatar, which is another Ayleid ruin northeast of Arpenia.

Azani Blackheart is nowhere to be found in the ruins of Arpenia, so follow Modryn Oreyn to Atatar to continue the investigation.

Upon entering Atatar, head down the spiral ramp and then the hallway at its end. Try your best to avoid the swinging traps here. Modryn Oreyn is an 'important' character, denoted by the crown icon that is visible when the crosshair hovers over him. This status means that if his health falls to zero, he will not die, but only be knocked unconscious and rendered incapacitated for a short period of time. Because of this status, you needn't worry about protecting him.
Delve deeper into the ruin and you will encounter some bandits. Just continue heading straight and up the stairs at the end of the large room to reach a door to the 'Atatar Haelia Dagon' area. Move through this area until you come to a locked Iron Gate. There is a Press Block behind an unlocked Iron Gate along the adjacent wall; locate the Press Block and activate it to open the Iron Gate blocking your progression.

Proceed through the Iron Gate and follow the path beyond it to reach a bridge that has falling blade traps across its span. Run across the bridge quickly while trying to avoid the lethal falling blades. Once you're safely to the other end, head through the door to the 'Atatar Haelia Anga' area.

In Atatar Haelia Anga, cross the bridge end and Activate the Press Block next to the Iron Gate at its end. There are likely a few bandits in this next area, so remain vigilant. Head up the steps at the end of the way to reach the entrance to 'Atatar Loria.' It would be wise to save your game at this point.

Enter Atatar Loria to find Azani Blackheart, alive and well.

Azani Blackheart is hiding out in Atatar Loria. He is, evidently, unwilling to talk, so attack him immediately. Once you have defeated Azani Blackheart, search his corpse and retrieve Blackheart's Ring. This ring can be used to prove the Blackwood Company did not defeat him.

Afterwards, speak to Modryn Oreyn about your advancement within the guild to attain the Warder rank.

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Comments for 10: Azani Blackheart

4 comments, latest first.
Jan 14th 2014 Guest
Hat am is supposed to do after I rank to warden
ID #343902
Mar 8th 2013 Guest
Follow him out to the first place you searched you must walk with him then engage conversation again and he will take it
ID #261855
Dec 9th 2011 Guest
Ok, so i have done this quest, defeated Blackheart, searched his maggot infested corpse as well as searching the entire floor around him. I can't find his ring anywhere and every time I try talking to Modryn Oreyn he just tells me Blackheart is dead, well done. I exit out of the dialogue box and he says "We'll be talking soon" What do I do?
ID #93761
Dec 2nd 2010 Guest
who takes blackhearts ring after you retrieve it?
ID #19994
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