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4: Scheduled for Execution

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Dark Brotherhood

4: Scheduled for Execution

A Dark Elf named Valen Dreth is your next target. Dreth is currently behind bars in the Imperial Prison, which is the same place you broke out of at the start of the game. You'll need to sneak into the prison via the connected sewers. Once inside the prison, you then must locate Dreth and put an end to him. Provided you don't kill any of the prison guards during your hunt for Dreth, Vicente will have another bonus reward for you upon completion of this contract.

You'll need some lockpicks for this quest, so speak to M'raaj-Dar and buy some before setting out if you don't have an adequate amount. First, to enter the connected sewers that can be followed to the prison interior. With 'Scheduled for Execution' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to the sewers entrance. Use the key that Vicente provided you with to unlock the gate.

Once in the sewers, start following the arrow on your compass, the path through the sewers is very straightforward. You are likely to encounter nothing but small, nuisance along the way, which are easy enough to deal with. Don't worry about sneaking through the sewers, as you won't encounter any enemies that will hinder your progress. In the Sanctum area, you'll need to be stealthy, as there are several guards on patrol. Before entering the Sanctum, ensure that you are in Sneak Mode and do not have a Torch equipped. Also, be sure not to use any spells, as doing so will create light and likely give you away.

Wait until the conversing guards part before moving on into the next room.

Upon entering the Sanctum, you'll notice two guards standing at the end of the initial passage. Wait until they've finished their conversation, then move across the room and past the doorway straight ahead. As soon as you step past the door, turn to your right and step into the shadows. Move through the shadows to the right side of this room. There's a guard patrolling the area, who usually remains in or near the lighted portions of the room. The moment you step into the light, the guard at the other end of the room will likely to spot you. Watch the guard, and wait until you see him move away from the pillar to patrol another part of the area, at which point quickly move past the light. Enter third-person mode by clicking the Right Stick if that perspective helps. Even if the guard does spot you for a second, he'll likely lose interest if you were quick enough.

If you've made it to the dark corner to the right of the steps, it would be a good idea to create a separate save file at this point, as this next step is a bit of a gamble. Wait until the guard is not visible on the other side of the walkway, then quickly move around the corner of the wall, jump up onto the walkway, and move up the steps. This area is lit, but if you move through at the right moment, the guard shouldn't spot you.

Proceed through the door to the Imperial Subterrane once you have made it past the guard without being spotted.  Upon entering the Subterrane, go straight, turn to your right, and hide in this corner. The guard in this area is carrying a Torch; as he walks by, his Torch will light up the area and possibly expose you, so keep your distance.

Wait until the guard with the Torch appears; he should appear and then stop close by for a brief period. Once he walks deeper into the room, quickly move toward the arrow on your compass. You will come to a small room with a table; do not remain here for too long, as the guard with the Torch will soon return. There's only one guard patrolling the Subterrane, so once you're past the room with the table, all you need to do is locate the door to the Imperial Prison.

Keep your distance from torch-bearing guards to avoid detection.

Upon entering the Imperial Prison, just sweep through the initial area, as there are no guards here. Once through the doorway, do not enter the cell completely, as there is a guard standing just outside of your target's cell. You'll likely recall Valen Dreth as the Dark Elf who taunted you from across the cellblock at the start of the game. It's time to make him eat those words.

When the guard is finished talking, enter the cell completely. Be certain that the guard is far off a before exiting the cell and approaching Dreth. Speak to him if you wish, but doing so isn't necessary. Pick the lock to his cell, step inside, and kill him. It should be a quick, one hit kill if you have the Sufferthorn dagger equipped. If you don't have any lockpicks, or would rather not waste any, you can find the key to Dreth's cell on the table at the end of the block to the left of his cell; be sure to grab the Imperial Prison Key as well.

Once Dreth has been dealt with, you'll just need to exit the prison and return to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. If you haven't already, go to the end of the cellblock and snatch the Imperial Prison Key that's on the table there. Use the Imperial Prison key to unlock the door to the Imperial Prison Bastion, which is at the end of the block to the right of Dreth's cell.

Look for the key to Valen Dreth's cell on the table at the end of the cellblock.

Exit the Bastion area and return to the sanctuary. Locate and speak to Vicente; if you didn't kill any of the prison guards during the quest, he will give you the Scales of Pitiless Justice as reward. This item will boost your character's Agility, Strength and Intelligence stats by a small amount, as well as lower their Personality attribute, while it's in your inventory. 'To Serve Sithis' will be added to your quest list, which can be completed by accepting another contract from Vicente.

Sneaking into the Imperial Prison and killing Valen Dreth.

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Jan 15th 2013 Guest
I accidently killed the guard carrying the torch. When I returned to receive the money from Vicente I lost the ability to wear my Divine Knight of Nine Armour. How can this be reversed?
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