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- Malacath

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Daedric Shrine Quests


Location: North of Anvil, above the first 'T' in 'The Gold Coast' text on the world map.
Requires: Troll Fat
Level Requirement: Level 10
Reward: Volendrung

Malacath's Shrine is located north of Anvil. Take a look at the world map; the shrine is just above the first 'T' in 'The Gold Coast' text.  Just travel up the north road leaving Anvil and continue heading straight. Eventually, a Daedric Shrine symbol will appear on your compass.

When you reach Malacath's Shrine, speak to Shobob gro-Rugdush. Shobob's disposition must be at least 60 before he'll tell you about the shrine. When he is willing, he tells you that you must offer Troll Fat to the shrine to summon Malacath. You must be at least level 10 to begin this quest.

Offer Troll Fat to the altar of Malacath to converse with the Daedric Lord.

Troll Fat can be acquired by killing a Troll and removing it from its corpse, or you can buy some from the 'All Things Alchemical' shop in Skingrad. When you have the requested item, approach the shrine and offer it to Malacath. The Daedric prince requests that you travel to Lord Drad's Estate, enter the Bleak Mine nearby, and free his Ogres. Lord Drad's Estate is southeast of the shrine; it has been marked on your map, so just follow the marker on your compass there. Don't even bother entering the estate and speaking to Lord Drad, as he refuses to co-operate.

Lord Drad is working the Ogres in the Bleak Mine, which is just a short walk west from his residence. There are about five guards in the Mine with top of the line equipment. There are two Ogre cages in the Bleak Mine; you must find a Tarnished Key and a Shiny Key to unlock them. If you were to be attacked by all five of the guards at once, you would surely be overwhelmed. It may be difficult, but try to sneak up on the guards, pickpocket the keys, and then quickly make your way to the Ogre cages. This will likely only work if your character's Sneak skill is quite high. Use the keys to unlock the cages and free the Ogres, and they will attack the guards. You can retrieve their equipment when the slaughter is over.

Use a Tarnished Key, Shiny Key, lockpicks, or Nocturnal's Skeleton Key to free the Ogres in Bleak Mine.

With 'Malacath' set as your active quest, the active quest marker will point you to the two Ogre cages. When you have the Tarnished Key and the Shiny Key, or if you happen to have a large amount of lockpicks (or Nocturnal's Skeleton Key), unlock both cages to free the enslaved Ogres. The Ogres will exit Bleak Mine and enslave Lord Drad and his wife.

Once you have completed the task, return to Malacath's Shrine and summon him again. Malacath will reward you with the Volendrung hammer. The Volendrung has Paralyze and Drain Health effects, making it a powerful and effective weapon if you have a character that primarily uses Blunt weapons.

Freeing the Ogre slaves in the Bleak Mine.

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