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- Hircine

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Daedric Shrine Quests


Location: South of the Imperial City, along the Nibenay Valley.
Requires: Wolf or Bear Pelt
Level Requirement: Level 17
Reward: Savior's Hide

Hircine's Shrine is south of the Imperial City, along the Nibenay Valley. Travel south along the Green Road, and stray from this path when the Daedric Shrine icon appears on your compass. If you look at the world map, the shrine is just west of the 'N' in the 'Nibenay Valley' text.

Leave a Wolf or Bear Pelt at Hircine's Shrine to summon the Daedric Prince.

When you reach Hircine's Shrine, speak to Vajhira and tell her that you are a hunter. You must leave either a Wolf Pelt or a Bear Pelt to summon Hircine. You shouldn't have a hard time acquiring either, as you have undoubtedly been attacked by one of these animals while traveling through the wilderness. If not, walk around the Nibenay Valley and you should soon encounter one. When you have a Wolf or Bear Pelt, approach the Hircine's Shrine and leave the item as an offering. Your character must be at least level 17 to begin this quest.

Hircine wants you to travel to Harcane Grove and kill the Unicorn that inhabits the area. You are then to bring the Unicorn Horn back to the Hircine's Shrine for your reward. The Harcane Grove is very close by, just a shortways south of the shrine. Ensure that your weapon is sheathed and follow your compass to this location. There are two Minotaurs in the grove who watch over the Unicorn. Facing two Minotaurs at once is no easy task. On top of that, the moment you unsheathe your weapon, the Unicorn will start to attack you. So, instead, ensure that your weapon is sheathed, locate the Unicorn in Harcane Grove, and hop on.

Once on the Unicorn, ride on until you a good distance away from Harcane Grove and the Minotaurs. Once you've found a suitable location, dismount the Unicorn. Here, you will carry out the task of slaying this majestic creature. Once your weapon is drawn, the Unicorn will attack. The Unicorn is very easy to kill; just back away when it rears, then move in and continue the assault.

Travel to Harcane Grove, hop on the Unicorn, and ride it far from the Minotaurs there.

When you've managed to kill the creature, retrieve the Unicorn Horn from its corpse and return to Hircine's Shrine. Activate the shrine and Hircine will reward you with the Savior's Hide. The Saviour's Hide is a strong piece of light armour that raises your character's resistance to magic while equipped.

Completing Hircine's quest.

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