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17: Ambush

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Mages Guild

17: Ambush

Once you have attained the rank of Master-Wizard, speak to Arch-Mage Traven to be given another task. This time, you are travel to the ruins of Silorn southeast of Skingrad to meet with the group of Battlemages who are preparing to storm the place.

Leave Arcane University and make your way to Silorn. The leader of the group of necromancers inside the ruins is none other than Falcar, the shady Dark Elf you dealt with during the Chorrol recommendation quest. The troop of battlemages, consisting of Thalfin, Merete, and Iver, are situated east of the ruin. If you haven't been spotted by the necromancers, you can speak to Thalfin to work out a strategy. Doing so isn't necessary, as you can certainly handle the necromancers by yourself at this point.

Join the Battlemages at Silorn southeast of Skingrad.

When you're prepared, approach the ruins and you'll be spotted some necromancers, who will immediately move to alert Falcar to your presence. Enter Silorn to find, you guessed it, more necromancers. From the entrance, follow the path ahead until you reach a large area. Exit this next area via the passage in the southwest corner; refer to the local area map if necessary.

Make your way to the door to 'Silorn Sedorseli' along the south wall of this room and proceed through. Head to the other end of this area, and follow the passage there to reach the next room. Activate the Press Block on one of the pillars here and exit through the passage that opens up on the south side of the room. You will find yourself in a large area with a body of water at its center. Locate the steps on the north side of this room and climb up. Step on the push panel on the floor here to open a new passage. Head through this passage and turn right. Activate the Push Panel that is on the floor right in front of the gate, then cross the bridge and exit back to the main Silorn area.

Confront Falcar in the Silorn Buroseli area.

Here, activate the Press Block straight ahead, then jump down to the lower level and cross the bridge there. Enter the 'Silorn Buroseli' area via the door at the other end of the bridge. Locate Falcar, who is in a room near the entrance, and kill him. Once defeated, search Falcar's corpse and remove the Colossal Black Soul Gem and the key from his inventory. With the gem in your inventory, exit Silorn, return to Arcane University, and speak to Arch-Mage Traven there.

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