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16: Mystery at Harlun's Watch

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Fighter's Guild

Mystery at Harlun's Watch

Once you have worked your way back up to the Guardian rank, speak to Burz gro-Khash and select the 'Contract' dialogue option. This time, you are to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances at a place called Harlun's Watch. A woman named Drarana Thelis at the settlement has the details.

Harlun's Watch is directly south of Cheydinhal. With 'Mystery at Harlun's Watch' set as your active quest, use your compass to locate Drarana Thelis. Initiate a conversation with her and ask about the disappearances. She explains that strange, flickering lights have been spotted in the swamps outside of Harlun's Watch; whenever someone has been sent to investigate, they haven't returned.

Follow your compass to Swampy Cave, which is located southeast of the settlement. You'll encounter some Will-o-the-wisps outside. These are the 'strange lights' that the people of Harlun's Watch have been seeing. These enemies are quite powerful, especially if your character isn't at a high level. Normal physical strikes are not particularly effective, but any type of magic damage (i.e., fire, ice, or electric) should make short work of them. As with other ghost-type creatures, only a magic, silver, or Daedric weapon can damage a Will-o-the-wisp. Ranged attacks work best, since the Will-o-the-wisp can cast a number of draining spells that will quickly deplete your character's health, magicka, and fatigue meters. Kill the Will-o-the-wisps outside before entering the cave to investigate further.

Keep your distance when facing the Will-o-the-wisps outside of Swampy Cave, as they can quickly drain your character's health, magicka, and fatigue meters.

Trolls occupy Swampy Cave, so remain cautious as you make your way through. Upon entering, start through the cave and turn right at the split. Follow this path to reach a large area. Exit this area via the passage in the southwest corner. Follow this path until you reach another split; at this point, turn left. Here, you'll find the grisly remains of the villagers that were sent to investigate the lights.

Before leaving the cave to report back to Drarana, you must first clear the cave of the Trolls that remain. To do this, you'll have to sweep through the 'Swampy Cave Dry Rock Run' area as well. The entrance to the Dry Rock Run area in is at the northwest end of the cave. Once you have managed to clear the cave of Trolls, you'll be notified of this fact. A door at the very north end of the Dry Rock Run area will take you straight back to the Nibenay Basin.

With the job done, leave Swampy Cave and return to Harlun's Watch to tell Drarana Thelis of your discovery. Drarana will give you a Mind and Body Ring as thanks. Return to Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal and inform him of the completion of the contract. Afterwards, ask Burz gro-Khash about your advancement within the guild to be promoted to Champion.

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Comments for 16: Mystery at Harlun's Watch

3 comments, latest first.
Nov 12th 2012 mathew33
where is the capital letter they are talking about
ID #208131
Nov 12th 2012 mathew33
killed all trollsfound the villagers killed willow wasps but still telling me to investergate more
ID #208117
Dec 1st 2011 Guest
Doing the Mystery at Harlun's Watch quest, killed all trolls and the notification came up "...killed all the trolls... should look for evidence that these were the creatures responsible for the disappearances...". I already tried going back to Drarana to complete, but she just says I need to find out what happened. I've searched all through the cave and find absolutely nothing else, even punched around the bones of the missing ppl.

Am I missing something here?
ID #91864
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