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Light the Dragonfires

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Main Quest Walkthrough

Light the Dragonfires

First, you must escort Martin to the Elder Council Chambers in the Imperial City Palace. Fast travel to the Imperial City Palace and speak to High Chancellor Ocato inside. A guard interrupts with the news that Oblivion gates are opening up all over the city! Mehrunes Dagon's invasion will continue until Martin lights the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One.

Things are looking pretty grim in the city streets. Fortunately, the Palace guards will aid you in escorting Martin. Defeat the first batch of Daedra outside and proceed out to the Imperial City Temple District.

The situation is even more hectic in the Temple District. Daedra line the street, and eventually Mehrunes Dagon himself will appear. Mehrunes Dagon is a hulking, multi-limbed, cherry red monster. A quick size comparison between your character and this giant may lead you to believe that Tamriel is pretty much doomed. Luckily Martin has a plan, so speak to him.

Mehrunes Dagon is huge, but don't fret; Martin has a plan.

You have to get Martin to the Temple of the One so he can use the Amulet of Kings to unleash the power of Akatosh, since mortal weapons cannot harm Mehrunes Dagon. Run straight past the giant and into the Temple of the One. Once inside the temple, you will witness the ending sequence; just sit back and enjoy the show.

That's it — you've saved Cyrodiil and completed the main questline! Congratulations on a job well done.

 Champion of Cyrodiil, achieved!

Completing the main questline is far from the only thing to do in Oblivion. There are many more side quests to complete including four joinable guilds, each with its own unique storyline. There are fourteen Daedric shrines interspersed across the land, each yielding a powerful Daedric artifact as a reward. This guide covers each and every side quest, guild, and downloadable content as well, so you can continue to use it in conjunction with your game. The province of Cyrodiil is relatively safe now that there are no more Oblivion gates, so get out there and explore!

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