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9: More Unfinished Business

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Fighter's Guild

More Unfinished Business

Speak to Modryn Oreyn after completing 'The Master's Son' and select the 'Duties' dialogue option. He explains that Maglir has defaulted on another contract; once again, you're tasked with finding out why.

Make your way to Bravil and speak to anyone there about Maglir to be pointed in the right direction. Whoever you ask about Maglir, you will be directed to Lonely Suitors Lodge. Enter the lodge and head to the area behind the counter. Maglir should be standing there, decked out in a new set of armour. Speak to him to learn that he defaulted on the contract because he no longer wishes to be a member of the Fighters Guild, and has instead joined the Black Wood Company.

Since Maglir defaulted, it is your responsibility to complete the unfinished contract. If you lied to Oreyn at the end of the 'Unfinished Business' quest, telling him that Maglir did in fact complete the contract assigned to him, Maglir will readily give you information on the current unfinished contract. If you chose to rat him out, you will have to return to Oreyn to get the information.

Collect 10 Imp Gall from the imps in Robber's Glen Cave and deliver them to Aryarie of the Bravil Mages Guild to complete the contract.

Once you have acquired the necessary information, make your way to the Bravil Mages Guild hall and speak to Aryarie there. She wants you to collect ten portions of Imp Gall and bring them back to her. She mentions a 'Robber's Glen Cave,' which apparently is known to be home to many imps. Robber's Glen Cave is situated along the north road to Bravil; just follow this road and you will eventually come to it.

Inside, all you must do is kill as many imps necessary to collect ten portions of Imp Gall from their remains. Imps are very weak creatures and require few hits to kill, regardless of your character's level. Robber's Glen Cave is full of imps throughout, so it doesn't matter which path you head down. Obtain the ten Imp Gall needed and present them to Aryarie in the Bravil Mages Guild hall. You are rewarded one Ring of Aegis for completing the task.

Next, speak to Oreyn in Chorrol and tell him of your success. Select the 'Advancement' dialogue option to be promoted to the Defender rank.

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