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18: A Kiss Before Dying

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Dark Brotherhood

18: A Kiss Before Dying

Your next victim is a Wood Elf named Ungolim. This killing is a simple one. Ungolim is known to visit the Lucky Old Lady statue in Bruma at around 6:00PM to about 1:00AM; you'll have to wait for him there, and kill him when he shows up. Like J'Ghasta, Ungolim has paid the city guards to look the other way if he is attacked, which means they won't get involved if you attack him out in the open. Bring some sort of poison along with you, so it can be applied to an arrow or weapon.

When you're ready to set out, make your way to Bravil. Wait by the Lucky Old Lady when it's almost 6:00PM. Try waiting between Dro'shanji's House and Caradial's House, which are both southeast of that statue, while in Sneak Mode. It's quite difficult hit Ungolim with a sneak attack, as he is very aware that an assassin is out to get him. He is an archer, and a good one at that. Ungolim will run from you too, which makes taking him down extra annoying.

Kill Ungolim when he visits the Lucky Old Lady statue in Bravil between 6:00PM and 1:00AM.

When you first spot Ungolim, try to sneak up on him; if that fails, hit him with a power strike. If he runs, chase after him. Unless you have a bow, don't let him get too far from you. He is at least an Expert in the Marksman skill, so if you haven't invested may points into your character's Agility attribute, his arrows are likely to knock you back.

Once Ungolim is dead, Lucien Lachance will appear; he accuses you of betraying the Dark Brotherhood. Work through his dialogue tree to learn the disturbing truth.

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