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6: Ahdarji's Heirloom

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Thieves Guild

6: Ahdarji's Heirloom

Speak to Armand and select the 'Thieves Guild Special Jobs' dialogue option. Armand doesn't have any more jobs for you, so you'll be accepting quests from S'Krivva in Bravil from now on. S'Krivva will either be in the Lonely Suitor Lodge in Bravil, or in her home. If you set Ahdarji's Heirloom as your active quest, you can then follow the arrow that appears on your compass to find her. If the arrow leads you to her house and the front door is locked, use the wait menu to pass an hour. Continue doing this until the door is no longer locked, which means that she is home.

Inside, locate S'Krivva and select 'Thieves Guild Special Jobs' dialogue option. Before she will give you a job, you'll have to have sold 300 gold worth of stolen goods to a fence. If you haven't sold enough, hit another store and sell your stolen goods to a fence until you have reached the required amount. Once you have made enough gold selling stolen goods, return to Bravil and see S'Krivva about a job.

You'll be accepting jobs from S'Krivva in Bravil for the time being.

S'Krivva wants you to retrieve a ring that belonged to Ahdarji, a widow living in Leyawiin. Fast travel to Leyawiin, approach one of the beggars outside, and select the 'Ahdarji' dialogue option. You may need to pay a small bit of gold before the beggar will talk. When you are told, you'll learn that Ahdarji can be found in her home or in the Three Sister's Inn. She seems to visit the Three Sister's Inn each night at around 8:00PM. If her front door is locked and she is not at the Three Sister's Inn, use the wait menu and pass an hour by until the door is unlocked.

Once you have found Ahdarji, approach her and ask about her ring. She'll tell you that the ring has been stolen by an Argonian named Amusei. After speaking to her, head back outside and look around for another beggar. Ask about Amusei, and hand over some gold coins if necessary. The beggar will explain that Amusei has been thrown into prison. He or she will also explain that that the jailors in Castle Leyawiin quite easily.

Fast travel to Castle Leyawiin, head straight, and go through the doorway that you come to on your right. Continue heading straight until you reach the Castle Leyawiin Dungeon. Proceed down the stairs and locate the Castle Jailor. Ask him about Amusei, and select the 'Not even for 20 gold coins?' dialogue option. Once you've been passed through, locate Amusei, speak to him, and select the 'Ahdarji's Ring' dialogue option. He initially refuses, but will tell you about the ring if you select the 'What if I give you a lockpick?' dialogue option.

Speak to Amusei in the Castle Leyawiin Dungeon.

According to Amusei, Countess Alessia of Leyawiin has Ahdarji's Ring now. Consequently, you're going to have to sneak through the castle to steal it back. Before heading to the castle, locate Ahdarji and speak to her. Ask about the ring and she will tell you more about it. She'll also up the gold reward.

Find a beggar on the street and select the 'Recovered Caro Family Ring' dialogue option. The beggar tells you that Hlidara Mothril, the countess' handmaiden, would be able to tell you about her schedule. They'll also tell you of a hidden torture chamber in Castle Leyawiin, and that Hlidara eats dinner with the count, countess, and some other important people at around 8:00PM each night.

Use the wait menu to pass enough hours to make it 8:00PM, if it isn't around that time already. Fast travel to Castle Leyawiin and locate Hlidara Mothril. She won't tell you anything if her disposition isn't high enough, so play the persuasion mini-game or bribe her until it is at least 70.

If you don't wish to speak to Hlidara, just make your way to the basement, as the secret passage is there. The door to the basement is in the upper right corner of the throne room. The count and countess retire at around 11:00PM, so before entering the basement, advance the time to around 11:00PM via the wait menu. Once in the basement, head to the other end. Use the lever in the broken barrel here to open up the secret passage. Proceed through and follow the path until you reach the secret room. Use lockpicks to unlock the door, and then enter.

Activate the hidden Lever in the Castle Leyawiin Basement to reveal a secret passage.

Move through the torture room and exit through the door on the opposite side. Pull the lever at the end of this passage, and enter the Lord's Manor Private Quarters. It would be a good idea to save your game at this point. Ensure that you have Sneak Mode toggled, pull the second lever, and use lockpicks to open the wooden door in this room. There may be a guard about, but he shouldn't be able to see you.

When you hear the sound of people talking, take cover somewhere, and click the Right Stick to give yourself a better view of your surroundings. You should soon spot the count and countess, accompanied by the handmaid and a guard. Once you see the handmaid and guard head off, move from your cover and approach the door on the left side of the room. Use the lockpick to open the wooden door and gain access to the bedroom.

Alessia's Jewellery Box is on the table next to the bed.  The guard is still patrolling the hall outside, so avoid being spotted through the open door. The Jewellery Box is locked; some lockpicks will do the trick. Once you have managed to unlock the box, remove Ahdarji's Ring and anything else of value.

Sneak into the Count and Countess' bedroom and look for Ahdarji's Ring in the jewellery box next to the bed. Countess Alessia only removes the ring when she retires at each night at around 11:00PM.

If for some reason there are two Ahdarji's Rings in the Jewellery Box, do not take the second. This is a glitch, and taking the second ring may prevent you from advancing in the Thieves Guild, as Ahdarji won't acknowledge that you have the ring if you take both. Though this glitch has been patched since release, if you are playing an unpatched version, you'll have to watch out for this one.

When you have Ahdarji's Ring, slowly make your way out of the bedroom. Remember that the guard is still patrolling the hallway, so don't just blindly walk out of the room. When you have made it out of the Lord's Manor Private Quarters, head back down this path and exit the basement.

Leave Castle Leyawiin and locate Ahdarji. Visit her home at around 8:00PM. Hand over the ring to receive your reward. With that done, report back to S'Krivva in Bravil to complete the quest.

Stealing back Ahdarji's Ring.

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Comments for 6: Ahdarji's Heirloom

5 comments, latest first.
Aug 6th 2012 Guest
Which ring do I take. As I've taken the brass one and the other. But other people have mentioned an emerald ring on the countess' body, but when I attempt to pickpocket her it only shows Apples,Keys and gold. What do I need to do?! Help appreciated...

ID #172770
Jan 20th 2012 Guest
Is there any way to get around it if you DO take both rings? Can I just download the patch and it'll work or do I have to start over? Thanks, Mos.
ID #107645
Nov 8th 2011 Guest
I am also having this problem. I am playing on a PS3. I didn't have a lockpick to give to Amusei, and when I was leaving the jail to go get one I spoke to the guard and got some info about talking to Hilidara. I think this is what caused the glitch. I went to get a lockpick, but when I came back there wasn't an option for him to take it. I spoke to the countess and a few others, but have not been able to locate Hilidara at any time. The countess had mentioned she took the ring off at night so i tried to sneak into the bedroom witout knowing about the basement route and got caught. I accidentally killed the guard and was expelled from the Theives Guild so I went back to pay the blood price, but S'Krivva doesn't seem to know I killed someone. Went back to the castle after reading this and took the basement route, but the ring was not in the jewelry box. So now I can't get the ring and I can't pay the blood what????
ID #86059
Oct 29th 2011 Guest
Its the same with me. Any advice is welcome
ID #83819
Aug 10th 2011 Guest
I've been trying to complete this mission for three days now. Every time I go to steal the ring it's not in the Jewellery box. The countess will be a sleep in bed and the ring is not in the box. I've also tried pick pocketing her and I've actually started the whole game over and it's the same thing. I feel like I'll never complete the thieves guild. Have you ever heard of this kind of glitch. -Airika676
ID #65920
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