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Cheydinhal Quests

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Side Quests

Cheydinhal Quests

This side quest contains the following sections, just scroll down to read, or use the anchor links in the list below to jump straight to the section you are interested in.

A Brush with Death
Corruption and Conscience
Darkness Eternal

The Renegade Shadowscale
The Wayward Knight

Buying a House in Cheydinhal

A Brush with Death

Select the 'Rumors' dialogue option while speaking to one of the citizens of Cheydinhal, and they may tell you that Tivela Lythandas has been searching for her husband. Then, select the 'Rythe Lythandas' dialogue option to learn more. With 'A Brush with Death' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to locate Rythe Lythandas' House in Cheydinhal. Enter and speak to Tivela Lythandas inside. Agree to help her out and she'll hand over the key to Rythe's studio. It would be a good idea to save your game at this point. In Rythe's studio, approach the painting on the easel and enter the Painted World.

Inside the Painted World, you'll encounter Rythe Lythandas, who will proceed to explain how this unfortunate predicament came about. According to Rythe, you are now trapped in the Painted World. Inquire about the Magic Brush to learn the truth behind Rythe's painting abilities. To return to Cyrodiil, you must retrieve the Brush of Truepaint from the Bosmer Thief. For this task, you are provided with six bottles of Turpentine to help you bring down the Painted Trolls. Turpentine, when applied to a weapon or arrow, adds 250 damage to Painted Trolls for a single strike. Though you don't have to kill the Painted Trolls, doing so would make things a bit easier.

Apply Turpentine to your weapon to deal a large amount of damage to the Painted Trolls in Rythe Lythandas' Painted World.

Follow the arrow on your compass to the corpse of the Bosmer Thief. Remove the Brush of Truepaint, and return to Rythe Lythandas. With the magic brush in hand, Rythe will paint a portal out of the Painted World. Proceed through the portal to return to the studio. Speak to Rythe, and he will reward you with the Apron of Adroitness, which boasts levelled Fortify Attribute and Fortify Intelligence enchantments.

Corruption and Conscience

Provided you have heard the rumour about arbitrary fines in town, select the 'Fines' dialogue option while speaking to one of the NPCs in Cheydinhal to add this quest to your journal. Whomever you speak to, you will be pointed to one Llevana Nedaren. With 'Corruption and Conscience' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to locate Llevana Nedaren. Ask Llevana about the fines to learn about her friend Aldos Othras, who has been fined several times for being drunk and disorderly. He was unable to cover the last two fines, so the guards have seized his home

Llevana will point you to Garrus, who can be found in the Cheydinhal Castle County Hall. Locate Garrus in the Castle Cheydinhal and ask him about Ulrich. Garrus suspects that Ulrich is up to something; he believes that the money he generates from the arbitrary fines have been going directly to him. Garrus would like to see something done about this injustice, but he can't say anything to the Count without a solid witness. Aldos Othran appears to be the man for this role. Since his house has been seized by the guards, he can be found roaming the streets of Cheydinhal in his usual, drunken state. Follow the arrow on the compass to Aldos and speak to him about Ulrich Leland. At the mention of the name, Aldos will fly into a mad rant. Follow Aldos and watch as he is cut down by the city guard.

Follow Aldos Othran to his seized home.

After Aldos' death, return to Llevana Nedaren and tell her the news. She'll ask you to terminate Ulrich. You'd best consult Garrus before doing anything. Garrus will instruct you to enter Ulrich's room and find some incriminating evidence to bring him to justice. He'll give you the key to Ulrich's room. It would be a good idea to save your game at this point.

Ulrich's room is in the Cheydinhal Castle Barracks. Upon entering, look to your left for the door to Ulrich's room. Ensure that Sneak Mode is toggled and that the sneak icon is faded before using the key to unlock the door. Crouch down in the shadows by the door and you should be able to unlock it without being seen.

Look for a Suspicious Letter in Ulrich Leland's room in the Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks.

Once in Ulrich's room, turn right and look on the dresser for a book with a letter on top of it. Take the Suspicious Letter and exit the barracks. Return to Garrus in the Cheydinhal Castle County Hall and give him the letter. He'll tell you to meet him at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in about two hours. Follow your compass to the inn and wait inside. When Garrus arrives, he'll tell you the good news; the bad guy is behind bars and Garrus is the new guard captain. You'll be given some gold coins for your efforts.

Finding evidence of Ulrich Leland's corruption.]

Darkness Eternal

Once you have completed The Assassinated Man' in the Dark Brotherhood questline, Vicente will offer to bite your character to infect him or her with Porphyric Hemophilia. If you accept Vicente's offer, all you must do is sleep somewhere in the Sanctuary. Head to the Dark Brotherhood Living Quarters and sleep in one of the beds there. Once Vicente has bitten your character, it will take three days for him or her to turn completely. Speak to Vicente about the Dark Gift to learn more about each stage of Vampirism.

Select 'Dark Gift' from the list of dialogue options and accept Vicente's offer. The next time your character sleeps, Vicente will bite them in their sleep.

Being a vampire may seem cool at first, however you will likely grow tired of the frequent stares, insults, and constant blood lust. If not, you are sure to miss being able to travel out in the sun without taking damage. Fortunately, there is a cure for Vampirism. For more information on this cure, speak to the very man who damned you, Vicente Valitieri. Ask about the cure, and he will point you to Raminus Polus. Raminus Polus can be found at the Arcane University in the Imperial City. Visit him at the Arcane University and ask about the 'Cure for Vampirism.'

Raminus explains that the count of Skingrad has done the most research on the supposed cure. Since Raminus can't tell you anything, you'll have to go and see the count. Proceed with the 'Vampire Cure' quest, for now. A detailed walkthrough for the Vampire Cure quest can be found under the Miscellaneous Quests section of this guide.

The Renegade Shadowscale

After completing 'Scheduled for Execution' in the Dark Brotherhood questline, speak to Teinaava the Argonian in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. He wants you to hunt Scar-Tail, an old friend of his. Kill him, and bring his Argonian Heart back to Teinaava for your reward.

Scar-Tail is living in Bogwater, a swamp located southeast of Leyawiin. Travel to the Bogwater camp to find Scar-Tail. You have two options: simply kill him Scar-Tail outright, or speak to him and accept his proposal. If you speak to him and choose to let him live, Scar-Tail will show you to his buried treasure. Before you, Teinaava sent another Dark Brotherhood agent to kill Scar-Tail, but that agent failed. So, you can still present an Argonian Heart to Teinaava if you spare Scar-Tail.

Look for Scar-Tail at the Bogwater camp east of Leyawiin.

Scar-Tail's treasure is hidden in the Hollowed-Out Rock next to the camp fire. Look for the Dead Argonian Agent underneath the large tree nearest to the camp. Once you have the Argonian Heart, return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and present the heart to Teinaava. He'll give you the Boots of Bloody Bounding, which will fortify your character's Acrobatics and Blade skills while equipped.

The Wayward Knight

This quest is best completed alongside 'Allies for Bruma' in the main questline. Speak to Count Andel Indarys about the Oblivion Gate outside the city walls; he explains that his son Farwil went through the gate, and he now fears for his life. The count requests that you enter Oblivion, find his son, and shut the gate to protect the city.

The Oblivion Gate that must be closed to complete this quest is just north of the Black Waterside Stables outside of Cheydinhal. Speak to Amminus Gregori once there to learn more about Farwil and his organization. When you're prepared, head through the gate to get started.

A fallen Knight of the Thorn is laying a few feet from the gate back to Cyrodiil, which is definitely not a good sign. Very cautiously begin to descend from the large hill you start out on. Avoid just jumping down and instead make small drops down the side of the hill until you reach the two surviving Knights of the Thorn.

The count's son refuses to return to Cyrodiil until the Oblivion Gate has been closed. So, unfortunately, you're going to have to babysit him until then.

Farwil and Bremman are the only two of the seven Knights of the Thorn that charged into Oblivion left alive. Farwil stubbornly refuses to return home without first acquiring the Sigil Stone and shutting the gate, so you have no choice but to let him and his buddy tag alone. Resist the urge to strike him down where stands and make your way across the nearby bridge.

You really need to keep an eye on Farwil because he is as bright as any other AI. He'll charge into battle as soon as he spots an enemy, so try to draw enemy attention away from Farwil if at all possibly. The count of Cheydinhal has promised a reward for the safe return of his son, so it is in your best interest to keep him alive. Fortunately, most enemies are likely more partial to killing you than Farwil. If Farwil has sustained a large amount of damage, wait until there aren't any enemies nearby, then press the Back/Select button and wait for one hour to restore his health.

The 'Chaos Stronghold' tower lies at the end of the bridge. The Sigil Stone is at the top of this tower, so head inside. It would be a good idea to save your game before entering. Keep an eye on Farwil, as there are mostly likely several enemies in the initial area. Immediately focus your attention on any enemy that attacks Farwil, as he is quite weak and cannot survive many hits.

Locate the door to the 'Rending Halls' on this level and proceed through. Once in the Rending Halls, head up the ramp and exit to the second floor of the Chaos Stronghold. Follow the linear path here and enter the 'Corridors of Dark Salvation' area. Open the Citadel Hall Door in the opening area and make your way up to the very top of the ramp. There are enemies in this next room, so run ahead to get their attention before Farwil does. When the room is clear, exit through the door to the next level of the Chaos Stronghold.

Keep Farwil alive on your journey to the top of the Chaos Stronghold to receive a reward from the count of Cheydinhal for his safe return.

It would be wise to save your game again at this point, provided that Farwil is still alive and well. Clear this area of enemies and proceed up the ramp. Enter the 'Sigillum Sanguis' area, which holds the Sigil Stone. Kill every enemy in this area to prevent Farwil from being attacked. When the way is clear, proceed to the top of the tower and remove the Sigil Stone.

Speak to Farwil when you appear back outside to gain the title of 'Honorary Knight of the Thorn.' He'll also give you a Knights of the Thorn Medallion. Return to Castle Cheydinhal and speak to Count Indarys. As reward, you are given the choice between two Indarys family heirlooms: the Thornblade long sword, or the Staff of Indarys. The best choice is really dependant on your character's primary means of dealing damage. If your character is primarily a magic user, the Staff of Indarys is likely the best choice. Otherwise, pick the Thornblade.

The Staff of Indarys damages the Strength attribute and deals Lightning damage on strike. The Thornblade will disintegrate the target's armour for a certain amount of points on strike.

Buying a House in Cheydinhal

Speak to the Count of Cheydinhal in the Castle Cheydinhal Great Hall and inquire about buying a house in town. If the Count won't talk to you about the house, either persuade or bribe him to raise his disposition to at least 60. He wants 15,000 gold coins for the house. When you purchase the house, the Count will give you the key. With 'Buying a House in Cheydinhal' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to reach your new abode. If you wish to purchase some furnishings for your new home, visit Borba's Goods and Stores in Cheydinhal and speak to Borba gra-Uzgash there. You can purchase the furnishings from her at a reasonable price.

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I killed the count's son now I cant complete the main questline, help?
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Thank you thank you thank you! without this helpful little walk through i would still be stuck in the same spot. I was very frustrated because i was stuck in the tower for over an hour and was utterly confused on how to find the stone but after following this i found it in like 10 minutes! life savor you are
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when i tried buying the house the count says i killed his son but i did and he wont let me buy the house
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