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12: Affairs of a Wizard

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Dark Brotherhood

12: Affairs of a Wizard

Rather than receive contracts directly from Lucien, you will instead be directed to hidden dead drops. The first dead drop is on Hero Hill, which is just southeast of Fort Farragut. Hero Hill has been marked on your map, so ride Shadowmere there. Open the Hollowed-Out Rock at the top of the hill to find the orders.

As the contract explains, your target is a necromancer named Celedaen, who lurks in Leafrot Cave. Celedaen is attempting to transform himself into a Lich; you mustn't allow this transformation to take place.

Read 'The Path of Transcendence' to learn how to destroy Celedaen.

Make your way to Leafrot Cave, which is far east of Bravil, and even further from your current location. Leafrot Cave is quite far, but it shouldn't be too long of a trip riding Shadowmere. When you reach the spot, ensure that you're in Sneak Mode before entering the cave. There are some enemies in the cave, so try to hit them with sneak attacks if you can.

In the main room, look for a book entitled 'The Art of War Magic' on one of the bottom shelves of the bookcase. Read the book to gain one level in the Destruction skill. You can discover Celedaen weakness by reading his journal, titled 'The Path of Transcendence.' The journal explains that the Sands of Resolve were used to begin the transformation process. The process is not yet complete; the Sands of Resolve must remain in Celedaen's inventory in the meantime, otherwise he will die.

Celedaen should be in the Leafrot Hollow area, so once all of the enemies in the initial area have been dealt with, follow the marker on your compass to the nearby door. Sneaking up on Celedaen to pickpocket may be difficult if your character is not an Expert in the Sneak skill (meaning, a skill level of at least level 75). Wait until Celedaen is walking with his back turned to you, then while in Sneak Mode, move toward him as quickly as you can and pickpocket when you're close enough. Remove the Sands of Resolve, and he's done for; it's as simple as that.

Pickpocket Celedaen and remove the Sands of Resolve to do him in.

If your character's low Sneak skill makes it difficult to get close to Celedaen undetected, you'll just have to kill him normally. Fortunately Celedaen is quite weak, and will likely fall with just a few strikes. Once the necromancer has been dealt with, your reward, as well as the next dead drop orders, can be found in an old sack hidden in some bushes beneath a tree in Chorrol.

Pickpocketing the Sands of Resolve to kill Celedaen.

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can you transform yourself with holding onto the sands of resolve?
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