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7: Skingrad Recommendation

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Mages Guild

Skingrad Recommendation

In the Skingrad Mages Guild hall, locate Adrienne Berene and select the 'Recommendation' dialogue option while speaking to her. Adrienne asks that you find a Wood Elf named Erthor. Speak to Vigge the Cautious, who should somewhere in the guild hall, and ask him about Erthor; he tells you that Erthor can likely be found in a place called Bleak Flats Cave.

Vigge doesn't remember where Bleak Flats Cave is, but he points you to Druja the Argonian, who should be able to remember the location. Ask Druja about Bleak Flats Cave to have the location marked on your map.  Before heading out, speak to Adrienne Berene about Bleak Flats Cave to learn the 'Weak Fireball' spell.

Bleak Flats Cave is northwest of Skingrad. Zombies occupy the cave, and Erthor is trapped inside. Erthor will not agree to follow you out of the cave until every Zombie inside has been dealt with, so be sure to eliminate any that you come across once inside.

Look for Erthor in the zombie-infested Bleak Flats Cave northwest of Skingrad.

Upon entering the cave, move forward until you come to a large room, and then exit through the passage off to the left. At the end of the passage, make your way to the other end of this room and turn right. When you reach the next room, exit through the bottom passage, and continue moving in this direction until you are able to turn left. Head to the end of this passage to find Erthor. He won't follow you out of the cave until every Zombie in Bleak Flats Cave has been eliminated.

Speak to Erthor again when the cave is clear and he will agree to follow you out. Lead Erthor out of Bleak Flats Cave and back to the Skingrad Mages Guild hall. As soon as you enter the guild hall, Erthor will stop following you to talk to Adrienne. Speak to Adrienne afterwards to complete the quest.

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