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- Azura

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Daedric Shrine Quests


Location: Far north of Cheydinhal.
Requires: Glow Dust
Level Requirement: Level 2
Reward: Star of Azura

Azura's Shrine is located far north of Cheydinhal, right above the first 'n' in the faded 'County Cheydinhal' text on the world map. Travel to Azura's Shrine and speak to Mels Maryon there. Mels Maryon's disposition must be at least 60 before he'll tell you how to converse with Azura. Raise Mels Maryon's disposition if need be, and select the 'I wish to summon Azura' dialogue option while speaking to him. He tells you to activate the statue at dusk or dawn and to leave an offering of Glow Dust. Your character must be at least level 2 to begin this quest.

Visit the Azura's Shrine at dusk (5:00PM-7:00PM) or dawn (5:00AM-700:AM) and leave an offering of Glow Dust to summon the Daedra.

Glow Dust can be acquired from a Will-o-the-wisp. These creatures aren't very common, so alternatively, you can travel to Skingrad and purchase Glow Dust from the 'All Things Alchemical' shop there. When you have one portion of Glow Dust, return to Azura's Shrine. Activate the statue anytime between 5:00AM to 7:00AM, or 5:00PM to 7:00PM, and offer the Glow Dust to the altar to summon Azura.

Azura tells you of her five vampiric followers who have sealed themselves away in the Gutted Mine southwest of the shrine. To earn her reward, you must eliminate the vampires in the Gutted Mine to end their eternal suffering.

The Gutted Mine, which is normally sealed, will be opened by Azura so you can enter. The mine is not far from Azura's Shrine, so just follow the active quest marker on your compass and you'll be there in no time. Inside the Gutted Mine are the five afflicted followers who you must put to rest.

If you character happens to contract Porphyric Hemophilia (aka the 'vampire disease') and you aren't partial toward having your character turn into a vampire, there are two ways to impede the transformation: visit a chapel in one of the major cities and pray at the altar there, or down a Potion of Cure Disease. To discern whether or not your character has contracted Porphyric Hemophilia, pull up the Active Effects menu and check each of the effects listed there to determine if they stem from the disease.

The Afflicted Brethren inside the Gutted Mine are quite tough, because as vampires, they're naturally stronger than the enemies you're used to facing. Furthermore, you'll likely end up facing more than one of them at once. If you are experiencing difficulty fighting Azura's followers, consider retreating outside; the vampires in pursuit will most likely follow, but at least you'll have more space to move around. There's a trip wire at the start of the cave, so be sure to hop over it.

Travel to the Gutted Mine and put Azura's vampiric followers to rest.

Once you have managed to defeat the five vampiric followers, return to Azura's Shrine and activate the statue there. For completing her quest, Azura rewards you with the infinitely useful Azura's Star artifact. Azura's Star, which acts as a re-useable Grand Soul Gem, is arguably the best item in the game; with it, you can keep the charges of your enchanted weapons topped up. This artifact, coupled with a weapon enchanted with Soul Trap on strike among other effects, is an impressive combo indeed.

If you seek Azura's Star as a means of completing one of the quests in the main questline, you are misguided in doing so. You do not want to give this item to Martin because once he has it, it's gone, and you won't be able to obtain another one. This artifact is much too valuable to give up. Furthermore, any other Daedric artifact can be given to Martin to satisfy the objective in question, and there are several more suitable for sacrifice, particularly Sheogorath's Wabbajack.

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Comments for - Azura

8 comments, latest first.
Mar 31st 2015 Guest
There should be a couple will-o-wisps by the shrine. Maybe you have to talk to the head worshiper to get the quest started before they'll appear, idk, but they were pretty much right there for me. Only magic hurts them.

Trying to defeat the vamps was hell. With my lower level character I was actually able to charge right in with little problem. That didn't work for my higher level character. The suggestion to run outside and fight there was awesome. Scout the land, there's a big rock a bit ahead of the mine you can jump on, with a bit of wiggling, that none of the vamps can reach, or at least none of them could when I fought them. Snipe, run like hell for the exit when they spot you, and get on top of that rock. I just conjured up a Scamp and let him do most of the work, since vamps are weak to fire, adding in an arrow snipe here and there when they were still enough. Don't go too near the edge of the rock though, their weapons can reach you there.
ID #535954
Feb 27th 2015 Guest
What I did was to simply forget about the main quest until level 10, then getting through oblivion etc was easy, when you get up to that quest with the vamps, you should be far to strong for those vampires, as for the glow dust...
Well for me I found will-o-the-wisp instantly with shear luck!
Good luck!
ID #521697
Oct 24th 2014 Guest
lower difficulty

ID #462363
Feb 8th 2014 Guest
so where exactly on the shrine to you put the glow dust. is it on the wall or the rock with candles on it. we tried a few times and it took the glow dust and said you do not have enough of an offering????
ID #353209
Sep 10th 2012 Guest
I just managed to kill the vampires. This is how i did it. The first one is easy, just fight with a lot of skill. The second one is very difficult, on this one, i had him chase me outside the cave, to left of the exit down the path there is a big snowy rock, I claimed there and waited until magica restored, and I blamed him until he was very week and then I finally got him. Went back into the cave and got the other weak one, and then little by little I had him chase me outside where I use the same method. Except this other does have the ability to jump on the rock, so watch out. The same method, he gets stuck under the rock, I burn him and him with my blade until he drops.
ID #185167
Aug 3rd 2011 Guest
Glow dust is found north of were the azura shrine is. It is a creature that looks like, well gold dust. It can only be attacked by magic. Once it is killed bring it back to the shrine. It takes a few minutes for me before it finally says do you wish to present this gift to azura. When it does, hit yes and she gives you a new quest to go into the gutted mine to kill 4 of here followers. p.s they are vampires so they are naturally stronger than people you use to facing. I am still trying to get past the one were there is 2 that you fight at 1 time. wish me luck ;) and good luck to you guys as well.
ID #63807
Jul 26th 2011 Guest
I'm having an extremely hard time trying to find the "Glow Dust". I can't find it in any of the Alchemy stores, and as a last ditch hope I checked every store and still cannot find it.
ID #61277
Mar 10th 2011 Guest
Yo, im having extreme difficulty with this gutted mine!! I cant even defeat the first!! Help!!
ID #32117
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