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17: Information Gathering

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Fighter's Guild

Information Gathering

Azzan and Burz gro-Khash do not anymore contracts to offer, so you'll have to speak to Modryn Oreyn at his home in Chorrol. When you arrive, step inside and speak to Oreyn. Select the 'Blackwood Company' dialogue option while speaking to Oreyn to learn more. He explains that the Blackwood Company have established a camp in Glademist Cave. Oreyn wants you to travel to the new camp to capture Ajum-Kajin, one of the company leaders. Then, he wants Ajum-Kajin brought back to Chorrol for a friendly interrogation session.

Glademist Cave is situated along the northeast road out of Chorrol. With 'Information Gathering' set as your active quest, fast travel to Weynon Priory and follow your compass to this location.

The Blackwood Company members inside Glademist Cave will attack on sight, so be on guard as you search for Ajum-Kajin. Be sure to loot the dead afterwards, as they occupants of Glademist Cave are likely to be carrying some pretty sweet enchanted items. You need to kill every guard in Glademist Cave before Ajum-Kajin will agree to go with you, so do not sneak past any of the guards you encounter.

Kill the Blackwood Company guards in Glademist Cave, and then confront Ajum-Kajin and order him to follow.

Ajum-Kajin is marked on the map whilst 'Information Gathering' is set as your active quest, so be sure to occasionally glance at the local area map to confirm that you are headed in the right direction. When you reach Ajum-Kajin's room, speak to him to have him follow you out of the cave.

Return to Chorrol with Ajum-Kajin in tow and lead him to Modryn Oreyn's house. Speak to Oreyn, and then command Ajum-Kajin to sit down once inside. It's your job to get him to talk. You have two options here: beat the tar out of the Argonian to get him to talk, or take the more civil approach and raise his disposition to at least 70 by playing the persuasion mini-game. When Ajum-Kajin is willing to talk, a notification will pop-up onscreen to inform you of this fact.

First, ask Ajum-Kajin about how large the Blackwood Company once you have his raised his disposition to at least 70, or once you have roughed him up enough. Raise his disposition to at least 80 to get more information, or beat him further until he agrees to talk. Then, ask him about the company leader; he'll identify one Ri'Zakar. If you ask him about the secret to the Blackwood Company's strength, he will choose to kill himself rather than divulge that information.

Persuade Ajum-Kajin to talk with your fists or by playing the persuasion mini-game.

Speak to Oreyn after Ajum-Kajin's death to receive the Greater Amulet of Interrogation as a reward.

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Jan 23rd 2011 Guest
Okay after i interrogated him i can't find oreyn anywhere, he wasn't at the house during the interrogation and he isn't anywhere near by
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