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- Boethia

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Daedric Shrine Quests


Location: Far, far east of Arcane University.
Requires: Daedra Heart
Level Requirement: Level 20
Reward: Goldbrand

Boethia's Shrine is located very far east of the Imperial City, almost due east of Arcane University. The shrine itself is located in the Valus Mountain range. It can be quite difficult to reach the shrine, as the mountain is very steep in some parts. Move along the mountain until you come to a section that allows you to climb a little higher, and tread on patches of grass along the side of the mountain to help you ascend. If you look at the world map, the shrine is near the 'M' in the 'Valus Mountains' text. A horse would make the climb a bit easier.

When you have made it to the shrine, speak to Haekwon there. He explains that Boethia requires an offering of one Daedra Heart to summon. Your character must be at least level 20 to begin this quest.

Offer a Daedra Heart to the Shrine of Boethia to summon the Daedric Prince.

A Daedra Heart is easy to acquire if there are still open Oblivion Gates around Cyrodiil. If you have completed the main questline and all of the Oblivion Gates are closed, you can purchase a Daedra Heart from the 'All Things Alchemical' shop in Skingrad. When you have the required item, approach Boethia's Shrine and offer the Daedra Heart. To earn the Boethia's artifact, you must participate in and win the Tournament of Ten Bloods.

Don't activate the Portal that Boethia creates until you are completely set. Be certain that you have an adequate supply of potions, arrows, repair hammers, and anything else you usually carry. You won't be able to return to Cyrodiil until the tournament is over. Inside Boethia's realm, you must best nine warriors chosen by Boethia in battle. Once you have finished the first fight, you are to proceed through the gate to face the next combatant.

How you approach these fights depends on the type of character you're playing. Just approach them as you would any other battle. Between battles, be certain that you are prepared before stepping through the next gate. While out of combat, you can use the wait feature to pass one hour of time to replenish lost health. Also, make sure your weapon and armour are in good condition before proceeding, as there's little worse than having your only weapon break in the middle of a fight. Of course, you will likely pick up some enchanted equipment along the way, as well as Health and Magicka potions.

All of the combatants are outfitted with enchanted weapons, some of which may have a chance of inducing paralysis on strike. To avoid becoming paralyzed, make effective use of blocking and backstepping to avoid your opponent's retaliatory strikes.

Defeat all nine of Boethia's Chosen in the Tournament of Ten Bloods to earn the Daedric Artifact.

Depending on your character's level, some of the battles can be difficult.  A rather cheap tactic to employ against melee combatants involves backtracking to the second combatant's area, where there's a giant flame. Get your opponent on the other side of the fire, and they will just stand there. If you have a bow, you can hit him with arrows until he falls. This is a good way to raise your character's Marksman skill, too.

When you have defeated the final Chosen and won the tournament, Boethia will open up a portal back to Tamriel. Once back on familiar soil, approach Boethia's Shrine and speak to him again. Boethia rewards you with the enchanted Goldbrand sword for winning the Tournament of Ten Bloods. Goldbrand is a very powerful sword; it boasts a high damage output and deals fire damage on strike. A very good weapon if your character is mainly a Blade user.

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Jun 22nd 2018 Tommy L
I just submitted a question but it was premature I found this quest in misc quest. At 78 my mind isn't what it used to be , Thank you
ID #760782
Nov 11th 2011 Guest
can you give a more detailed route to the shrine? i cant find it
ID #86720
Feb 27th 2011 Kitty 5667
I finished off the ten and went through the last gate, but there's no portal. How can I get back to the real world?
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