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1: A Knife in the Dark

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Dark Brotherhood

1: A Knife in the Dark

After murdering an innocent and receiving the 'your killing has been observed by forces unknown' message, find any bed and go to sleep. You will be awoken within the hour by Lucien Lachance, Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood.

Murder an innocent, and Lucien Lachance will awaken you from your next sleep.

Work your way through his dialogue tree; whichever way you go about it, you will be given the task of traveling to the Inn of Ill Omen and killing a man named Rufio there. Only after killing Rufio will you be welcomed into the Dark Brotherhood. Before he leaves, Lucien will give you the Blade of Woe. The Blade of Woe is a quest item, and cannot be removed from your inventory until you have completed the Dark Brotherhood questline. Once you have the Blade, Lucien will leave you alone to contemplate his proposition.

The Inn of Ill Omen, which has been marked on your map, is located along the road south of the Imperial City. When you're ready, travel to the Inn of Ill Omen and step inside. Speak to Manheim Maulhand, the innkeeper, and ask about Rufio, the man who you've been sent to kill. He'll point you to the inn's private quarters, where Rufio is currently staying. Go through the Trap Door by the door enter the inn's private quarters. Make sure you're in Sneak Mode while approaching Rufio's room, which is at the end of the hall. To activate Sneak Mode, just click the Left Stick. Approach the door and step inside. Rufio should be sound asleep in his bed; creep toward him and strike him dead.

Once Rufio has been snuffed out, the next time you sleep in a secure location, you will once again be awoken by Lucien Lachance. He directs you to an abandoned house in Cheydinhal, where you are to attempt to open the black door in the basement. Then, you are to find and speak to Ocheeva.

Kill Rufio at the Inn of Ill Omen to complete your initiation.

Make your way to the abandoned house in Cheydinhal, step inside, and enter the basement. Approach the Ancient Black Door, attempt to open it, and answer the question when prompted. Once inside the sanctuary, locate Ocheeva, and she will initiate a conversation with you. She'll give you the Shrouded Armor and hood, which is a great set for stealth characters.

The next quest in the line, 'A Welcome to the Family,' will be added to your quest list. You'll first have to locate Vicente Valtieri and accept

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