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Skingrad Quests

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Side Quests

Skingrad Quests

This side quest contains the following sections, just scroll down to read, or use the anchor links in the list below to jump straight to the section you are interested in.

Buying a House in Skingrad
Helping Hands

The Rosethorn Cache

Seeking Your Roots

Buying a House in Skingrad

If you are looking to purchase a home in Skingrad you will have to speak to Shum gro-Yarug. Shum Gro-Yarug leaves Castle Skingrad at around midday. He visits the West Weald Inn at 10:00AM, and the Colovian Trader at 12:00PM. Use persuasion or bribery to raise his disposition to at least 70. Furthermore, your character's fame must be at least 15 points higher than his or her infamy. When you meet the above requirements, select the 'Buying a house in town' dialogue option while speaking to Shum gro-Yarug.

See Shum gro-Yarug about purchasing Rosethorn Hall in Skingrad.

Rosethorn Hall is selling for 25,000 gold; purchase it, and Shum gro-Yarug will hand over the key. With 'Buying a House in Skingrad' set as your active quest, follow the compass to your new abode and step inside. If you wish to purchase some furnishings for your new home, head over to the Colovian Traders in Skingrad and speak to Gunder. You can purchase furnishings from Gunder, but they come at quite a high price.

Helping Hands

After purchasing the Servant's Quarters upgrade from the Colovian Traders for your Skingrad home, speak to the Eyja in the shop. She offers to become your maid for 150 gold. Accept Eyja's offer to complete this quest.

The Rosethorn Cache

To do this quest, it is required that you have purchased Rosethorn Hall from Shum gro-Yarug in Skingrad. Provided you own Rosethorn Hall, enter, and head up to the Top Floor. As soon as you enter the upstairs area, turn left, and look to the two cabinets in the corner. Jump on top of the cabinets and then up onto the wooden platform nearby. Look in the top-right corner of this platform to find a Long Forgotten Note.

Get up onto the platform above the door in the upstairs bedroom and look for a Long Forgotten Note.

Read the Long Forgotten Note to learn that some treasure is hidden somewhere in Rosethorn Hall. Head back to the main level, and look for the door to the Rosethorn Hall Basement. Sit on one of the arches on the wooden pillar that has hanging garlic clusters on it, then jump up and activate the Hourglass. Inside you'll find several gems, as well the Ring of the Gray. The Ring of the Gray is a powerful ring that fortifies the Sneak, Security, Marksman, and Acrobatics skills, and boasts the Detect Life and Poison Resist enchantments.


If you have stayed in Skingrad for more than a couple of minutes, you have surely been approached by a strange fellow named Glarthir. Glarthir asks that you meet him behind the chapel in Skingrad at around 12:00AM. Wait behind the chapel and Glarthir will appear after midnight. He believes people are watching him, and offers to some gold if you investigate for him.

Actually investigating for Glarthir is a giant waste of time, because no one is watching him. The first person Glarthir suspects is a woman named Bernadette Peneles, who lives in the house across from his. It would be best to just wait until 12:00AM the next day and tell Glarthir whatever you'd like. You may be approached by Dion, the Skingrad guard captain, who wants to know what your business with Glarthir is. Tell him whatever you'd like, really.

Meet Glarthir behind the chapel in Skingrad at 12:00AM.

One possible way to approach this quest is to tell him that Bernadette Peneles is watching him. Then, after 12:00AM the following night, tell him that his second suspect, Toutius Sextius, is also watching him. The final night at 12:00AM, tell him that his third suspect, David Surilie, is watching him as well. Glarthir should then hand over a note, which states he will pay 1000 gold if all three people are killed. Speak to Dion, select the 'Glarthir' dialogue option, then the 'He needs to be arrested,' and show him the note. Once Glarthir is dead, remove the key from his corpse.

Alternatively, you can kill the suspects you have confirmed to be spying on Glarthir, and return to him for a 1000 gold reward.

Seeking Your Roots

To begin this quest, you must first acquire a rare Nirnroot plant. There is one outside of the Imperial City Prison Sewers. When you obtain your first Nirnroot, this quest will be added to your journal. Travel to Skingrad, locate the All Things Alchemical shop, and head inside. Speak to Falanu Hlaalu and select the 'Nirnroot' dialogue option. Be sure that you have an actual sample to show her! She can't tell you what it is, but she'll point you to Sinderion. Sinderion is in the West Weald Inn in Skingrad.

With 'Seeking your Roots' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to the West Weald Inn and enter. Look for a door marked 'Sinderion's Cellar' and proceed through Speak to Sinderion and ask him about the mysterious Nirnroot plant. If you bring Sinderion ten Nirnroot, he can fix a special potion for you, called the 'Elixir of Exploration.'

A Nirnroot Plant.

You can start your search in Shadeleaf Copse, which has been marked on your map. When you have found 10 samples there, return to Sinderion. He requires some time to brew the potion. Return to him to receive the potion. The Weak Elixir of Exploration fortifies Health by 20 pts for 300 seconds, and adds the Night Eye effect for 300 seconds. Not a bad potion at all, if only for the Night Eye effect (for non-Khajiit characters, at least).

If you desire a stronger brew, you'll have to bring Sinderion 20 more Nirnroot. To reap the benefits of a potent Elixir of Exploration, Sinderion will need a total of 100 Nirnroot

Nirnroot plants can usually be found near water. A 'shimmering' sound means a Nirnroot plant is near. You may also be able to find a Nirnroot plant in some houses, but you'll have to steal those. Nevertheless, you are sure to find many Nirnroot during your travels; just keep your ears open for that shimmering sound.

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Aug 16th 2012 Guest
I have the same question. I've finished the main quest and bought all the houses. But the Skingrad's is impossible! The marker shows in green where's the Orc but never appears. PLEASE someone answer. Is this a glitch?!?
ID #176814
Jun 18th 2012 Guest
i carnt find the Orc to buy the house its like he dosent exist do i need to do sum think to make him appear
ID #154079
Apr 11th 2011 Guest
enchanted or silver weapons itcounts as a ghost or spirit creature

ID #36894
Sep 2nd 2010 Guest
how do i kill the w1ll-0-the-wisp in order to get glow dust?
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