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9: Permanent Retirement

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Dark Brotherhood

9: Permanent Retirement

Adamus Phillida, a retired Imperial Legion officer, is your next target. Ocheeva explains that in his retirement, Phillida resides somewhere near Leyawiin. She'll also give you the Rose of Sithis, a special arrow that can kill its target instantly. If this arrow hits Phillida while he is not wearing his armour, the deed will be done. To receive a bonus reward of 500 Gold, you must remove a finger from his corpse and plant it in the desk of his successor in the Imperial City Prison District. Unless you could really use an extra 500 Gold, it isn't really worth going through the trouble of pursuing the optional part of this quest.

You can kill Phillida any way you want, but if done in a public place, you are likely to accrue a sizable bounty. It is best to use the Rose of Sithis while Phillida has his armour unequipped. At around 4:00PM, Phillida will enter the city of Leyawiin with his bodyguard; he will then remove his armour to take a swim in a pond within the city. Though his bodyguard is present, killing Phillida without being discovered is easy enough.

Adamus Phillida enters Leyawiin every day at around 4:00PM to swim in the pond there; hit him with the Rose of Sithis arrow while he is swimming to put an end to him.

Have 'Permanent Retirement' set as you active quest so you can track Phillida's movements via the compass and map. Wait in Leyawiin, and keep an eye on your compass; when Phillida and his bodyguard travel to Leyawiin, start following them.

Keep your distance and continue stalking the duo until they reach the pond. Hide in the shrubbery between Ahdarji's House and Weebam-Na's House, which are along the west side of the pond, to keep out of the guard's view. Equip a bow and the Rose of Sithis; ensure that you are in Sneak Mode and that the sneak icon is faded, and then take aim and release the arrow. If done discretely enough, the act should have gone unnoticed. The guard won't even care if you swim out to Phillida's corpse and loot it afterwards, either.

If you don't care for an extra 500 gold coins, there's no need to complete the optional part of this quest; that is, the grisly task of planting the finger of Adamus Phillida in his successor's office. If you wish to complete bonus task, swim out and loot his corpse for the finger. Be sure to also remove the Imperial Legion Offices Key, the Commander's Chest Key, and the Rose of Sithis.

Travel to the Imperial City Prison and approach the door to the Imperial Legion Offices, which is marked on your compass. This is restricted area, so before unlocking the marked desk, ensure that the sneak icon is faded as opposed to bright and solid. When the desk is open, place the finger inside to complete the task. You can also loot the Legion Commander's Chest, which is just to the left of the desk; Phillida should have been carrying the key to this chest as well.

Plant the Finger of Adamus Phillida in his successor's desk in the Imperial Legion Offices for a 500 gold coin bonus.

When the job is done, return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and speak to Ocheeva there. She'll give you your reward, as well as an additional 500 gold coins if you completed the optional task. As well, Ocheeva will promote you to Assassin.

Killing Amadus Phillida and completing the bonus task.

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