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Leyawiin Quests

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Side Quests

Leyawiin Quests

This side quest contains the following sections, just scroll down to read, or use the anchor links in the list below to jump straight to the section you are interested in.

Mazoga the Orc
Knights of the White Stallion
Tears of the Savior
Whom the Gods Annoy

Buying a House in Leyawiin

Mazoga the Orc

Look for Mazoga the Orc in the Castle Leyawiin Great Hall. She won't talk to you unless you speak to the Count of Leyawiin. Count Marius Caro can be found sitting in the Great Hall throne room from 10:00AM to 6:00PM each day. Speak to him, and select the 'Service to Leyawiin' dialogue option. He wants you to find out what Mazoga's business is in Castle Leyawiin.

Return to Mazoga and inform her that the Count sent you. Work your way through her dialogue tree and she will eventually ask that you locate an Argonian named Weebam-Na. Weebam-Na is a hunter who resides in Leyawiin. With 'Mazoga the Orc' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to locate Weebam-Na. Speak to Weebam-Na about Mazoga, and then follow him back to Castle Leyawiin.

Help Mazoga kill the bandits at Fisherman's Rock.

Once back in Castle Leyawiin, Mazoga will ask Weebam-Na to lead her to Fisherman's Rock. He declines, so speak to Mazoga and agree to escort her to Fisherman's Rock, which has been marked on your map. Make your way to Fisherman's Rock, and Mazoga will exchange a few words with a man named Mogens. It appears that Mogens is guilty of killing Mazoga's friend. Words quickly turn to actions as the gang attacks.

Help Mazoga kill the thugs at Fisherman's Rock, and then loot their corpses. When the job is done, report back to Count Marius Caro in the Castle Leyawiin throne room and tell him of the events that occurred.

Knights of the White Stallion

This quest follows 'Mazoga the Orc,' so it won't be available if you haven't yet completed that one.

Speak to Count Marius Caro while he is in the Castle Leyawiin throne room between 10:00AM and 6:00PM and select the 'Knights-Errant' dialogue option. If you and Mazoga kill an Orc named Black Brugo, the Count will bestow the title of 'Knight-Errant' upon the both of you. Mazoga should still be in the Castle Leyawiin Great Hall, so speak to her and select the 'Black Brugo' dialogue option. According to Mazoga, Brugo visits his gang's hideout each night between 12:00PM and 6:00AM. The gang's hideout is in Telepe, and Ayleid Ruin west of Leyawiin.

You can take Mazoga to Telepe if you wish, though it would be best to go solo if you want to keep her alive. Mazoga will only follow if you tell her to, so if you think you can handle things on your own, leave Castle Leyawiin and start toward Telepe, which has been marked on your map. With 'Knights of the White Stallion' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to reach the ruins.

Black Brugo and his bodyguards enter Telepe at 12:00AM and remain until 6:00AM.

There are few Black Bow Bandits in Telepe; be sure to collect the Black Bows from fallen bandits, as you can sell them to the Count after this quest. Wait until it is 12:00AM, and at that time Black Brugo will enter Telepe. Find and kill him; he is likely wearing some decent armour so be sure to loot his body once the job is done. Be sure to remove Brugo's Key as well. Look for a Press Block to activate along the wall in the northeast room, which will open a wall at the end of the hallway to reveal a locked Ayleid Coffer that holds the gold intended for Brugo.

When you're done exploring the Telepe, return to Castle Leyawiin and inform the Count that Black Brugo is dead. The Count will reward you with a key to the White Stallion Lodge, and a shield bearing the Knights of the White Stallion emblem. You can sell the Black Bows you collected to Count Marius Caro for 100 gold coins per bow.

Killing Black Brugo in Telepe.

Whom Gods Annoy

Select the 'Rumors' dialogue option while speaking to the NPCs in Leyawiin, and one of them will surely mention Rosentia Gallenus and the odd noises and foul smells coming from her home. You'd best investigate. Inquire further about Rosentia Gallenus to add this quest to your journal. With 'Whom Gods Annoy' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to Rosentia Gallenus' House in Leyawiin

Enter Rosentia Gallenus' home, and the problem will become immediately evident. She's got Scamps. No, that's not some strange type of Cyrodiilic STD. Speak to Rosentia Gallenus and offer to help. Select the 'Daedric Staff' dialogue option to learn how this unfortunate situation came about. Rosentia will point you to Alves Uvenim, who is a friend of hers in the Leyawiin Mages Guild. Killing the Scamps does nothing, as a new one will spawn in the dead one's place.

You can ditch the Staff of Everscamp at the Sheogorath shrine in Darkfathom Cave.

Make your way to the Leyawiin Mages Guild and speak with Alves Uvenim inside. She explains that Rosentia has come to possess the Staff of Everscamp, which is apparently some sick joke of an item created by the Daedric Prince Sheogorath. The only way that the staff can be passed on to another person is for one to willingly accept the thing. Alves Uvenim mentions a shrine in Darkfathom Cave, where the staff originally came from. If one were to bring the Staff of Everscamp to the shrine in Darkfathom Cave, it could be left there, and the burden with it. With this information, return Rosentia Gallenus' House and tell her what you've learned. Agree to take the Staff of Everscamp from her, with the intention of delivering it to Darkfathom Cave.

Darkfathom Cave is east of Leyawiin. Follow the arrow on your compass there, and enter. Once in the cave, follow the arrow on your compass to Sheogorath's shrine and drop the staff when an in-game pop up informs you that you are no longer under the staff's curse. This cave is inhabited by Daedra, so be careful as you move through.

Return to Rosentia Gallenus in Leyawiin and tell her that you are now rid of the Daedric Staff. She'll reward you with the Ring of Eidolon's Edge, which boasts levelled Fortify Blade and Fortify Block enchantments.

Tears of the Savior

To begin this quest, visit the Leyawiin Mages Guild hall and speak to S'drassa. He wants you to help him find Garridan's Tears. He is willing to pay a fair amount of gold for each tear that is brought back to him. S'drassa is not entirely certain where Garridan's Tears are, but Julienne Fanis at the Imperial City Arcane University can tell you.

Fast travel to the Arcane University, locate Julienne Fanis, and ask about Garridan's Tears. You can learn more about the tale if you wish; either way, she will refer you to a book entitled 'Knightfall.' See Phintias, who is the proprietor of the First Edition book store in the Imperial City Market District, for this book. Scroll down to find Knightfall in Phintias' inventory and purchase it. Read the book to learn the location of Garridan's Tears.

Purchase Knightfall from Phintias at the First Edition book store in the Imperial City Market District.

Return to the Arcane University and ask Julienne Fanis about 'Refined Frost Salts.' She'll allow you to purchase the Refined Frost Salts from her for a fair price. Buy a few, leave the Arcane University, and travel to Frostfire Cave, which is marked on your map. Frostfire Cave is inhabited by hostile animals, so be careful. With 'Tears of the Savior' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your cover to the door to Frostfire Glade. As long as you have the Refined Frost Salts with you, you'll be able to open the door and enter the Frostfire Glade.

As soon as you step onto the snowy terrain of the Frostfire Glade, you will begin to take damage. Just watch your health bar and make sure that it doesn't fall to zero. You can simply wait for one hour to restore your health if you are close to death. Now for the tears, there are five of them total.

Garridan's Tears appear as tear-shaped crystals on the ground. Problem is, they tend to blend in with the rest of the terrain, so you'll have to look very carefully. They are all located around the area shrouded in ice mist. The descriptions below refer to how the area appears when the local area map is viewed.

- Between the two rocks on the lower left portion of the centerpiece.
- Near the upper-left portion of the rock.
- Next to the ice block, on the lower left portion. You'll have to actually jump up onto the rock that holds the ice block.
- Between the centerpiece and the bunch of rocks on the lower right corner of the ice mist area.
- Next to the farthest reaching northern rock of the centerpiece.

Garridan's Tears in Frostfire Glade.

Once you have found the fifth and final tear, leave Frostfire Glade, return to Leyawiin, and speak to S'drassa. You'll earn a large sum of gold for bringing the tears back to S'drassa.

Buying a House in Leyawiin

Speak to the Count of Leyawiin in the Castle Leyawiin Great Hall and inquire about buying a house in town. If the Count won't talk about the house, either persuade or bribe him to raise his disposition to at least 60. He wants 7,000 gold for the house. Purchase the house, and he will give you the key. With 'Buying a House in Leyawiin' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to your new abode and step inside. If you wish to purchase some furnishings for your new home, visit the Best Goods and Guarantees shop in Skingrad and speak to Gundalas. You can purchase the furnishings from him at a reasonable price.

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