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14: The Stone of St. Alessia

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Fighter's Guild

The Stone of St. Alessia

Speak to Azzan after completing the 'Trolls of Forsaken Mine' quest and select the 'Contract' dialogue option. The Stone of St. Alessia has been stolen from the Bruma chapel and it's your job to get it back.

Travel to the Chapel of Talos in Bruma and speak to Cirroc there. He explains that a group of bandits snuck into the chapel, snatched the stone, and are currently heading east from Bruma. Exit the chapel and leave Bruma. Follow the active quest marker to a Khajiit bandit named K'Sharr. Ask him about the Stone of St. Alessia. He tells you that the group of bandits were attacked by Ogres. The Ogres swiped the stone from the group of bandits leaving only K'Sharr alive. Select the 'Sedor' dialogue option to have the ruins marked on your map.

Intercept K'Sharr east of Bruma to learn the whereabouts of the Stone of St. Alessia.

Sedor is located far east of Bruma, so follow your compass to these ruins and head inside. Ogres occupy Sedor, so be ready for a fight. You'll want to take your time here, as being attacked by multiple Ogres at once can prove deadly.

Upon entering Sedor, follow the linear path until you come to a split. Keep heading straight at the split and go down the steps to reach a large area. Enter the small area at the north end of the room and step on the floor panel there to lower a door nearby. Return to the previous room exit via the passage along the west wall. Turn right at the T-junction, continue along, and turn right again when you can.

Follow this path to reach a short bridge. Activate the Press Block at the end of the bridge, then jump down to the lower level and proceed through the Iron Gate along the north wall. The Stone of St. Alessia is on the pedestal in the middle of this area, so grab it and backtrack to the entrance.

The Stone of St. Alessia has been brought to the Ogre-infested ruins of Sedor.

Return to the Chapel of Talos in Bruma and give the stone to Cirroc. He'll give you some potions as thanks. Return to Anvil and tell Azzan that you have completed the contract. If you have completed 'The Noble's Daughter' quest as well, speak to Azzan about your advancement to be promoted back to Guardian.

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