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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats including item duplicating, infinite money and easy bound weapons. There's also cheats for easy leveling and attribute gaining.

More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 337 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Questions & Answers page.

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Unlockable Achievements

Complete each achievement to get the corresponding Gamerscore.

Unlock 'Apprentice', Fighters Guild - Gamerscore 10:

Reach Apprentice rank in the Fighters Guild.

Unlock 'Apprentice', Mages Guild - Gamerscore 10:

Reach Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild.

Unlock 'Assassin', Dark Brotherhood - Gamerscore 10:

Reach Assassin rank in the Dark Brotherhood.

Unlock 'Associate', Fighters Guild - Gamerscore 10:

Join the Fighters Guild.

Unlock 'Associate', Mages Guild - Gamerscore 10:

Join the Mages Guild.

Unlock 'Bandit', Thieves Guild - Gamerscore 10:

Reach Bandit rank in the Thieves Guild.

Unlock 'Bloodletter', Arena - Gamerscore 10:

Reach Bloodletter r..

See Through Walls

When you have the Magic Staff reduce it's status to zero. Then attack a wall and you will be able to see whats on the other side.

Avoid Becoming Over-Encumbered

Making potions is an easy way to lose weight to avoid being over-encumbered.

Defeating Dread Zombies Easily

Use a weapon enchanted with some sort of Fire attack, such as the Longsword Of The Blaze or the Fire Blade. When you have this the Dread Zombies will die within three hits.

Easy Blade Experience

The following trick can be used to master your Blade Skill quickly. Go to the Imperial Waterfront then go directly south from there. You will then eventually find a place called Faregyl Inn. Once inside, talk to Alix Lencolia and he will master your Blade Skill. You will need at least 9,000 Gold (you do not have to do it all at once).

Gray Aegis

The following trick can be used to get The Gray Aegis from the Arena combatant. Let him break his sword on you so he puts away his sword and shield. Then kill him and revive him with the Staff Of Worms. Duplicate him with the Skull Of Corruption. Kill the clone. Line the clone's dead body up so you can access his inventory and quickly save. Load the saved game and repeatedly tap 'Open' until the clones inventory becomes available.

How to find the Dragon Sword with Cool Spell!

You first will need to find a castle called "Battle Horn Castle" (I am not sure if it requires DLC, but I have shivering isles..) After you reached Battle Horn Castle, go to the training room, where the orc is.. Then inside the training room, there is a shooting area to shoot your bows, go in that room, and go behind the target that you shoot at.. Then use a light spell or Night eye, then you will see a candle, activate the candle behind the target, and a door in the wall will open, go inside, go in the door, and then there will be a skeleton thats powerful, and some type of mage with him aswell.. Kill them both and pick up the sword that the skeleton has, It is called "Dragon Sword" once you equipt it, it will give you a sword called "Dragon Breath". Its a two hit kill! And if you kill ..

Helmet of Fin Gleam

I know others may have submited this but this is more detailed.

First travel to anvil (far west of the world map) and west on the coast you'll find an island . Around the middle of it you'll find a rock . From there look around West-ish, out to sea . Walk forward and swim down into the bottom and follow the ground until you reach a skeleton . The helmet is there. Its powers are night vision, water breathing and detect life 20 ft.

Still don't understand look up a video for it.

Money Cheat

To get over 1 million gold in pure form with no requirements other than:

1: you will need a weapon or you can use fists

2: you must follow the instructions accurately

3: you must have some gold already and be willing to give some of that gold up for a bribe. The more you give the easier and faster you will have millions of it returned to you. ( For example I had 1345 coins and only gave up 768 for the bribe)

4: You will require 1 or more lockpicks.

Now follow these instructions if you are willing to be wealthy and rich:

1: Go to the map section and fast travel to the talos plaza district of the empirial city which is located to the center of the big map.

2: Find dorians house which is up the steps in front of you and on your right side and ..

Suicidal Troll

Honest to god 100% not some cheat this has, actualy already happened on the game, and was meant to be there....

For those of you who know where the panthers mouth is head there for those of you who don't, South East of Bravil is a river, Panther river, swim down this,not far, you should come to a bridge crossing the river, in the water beloew the bridge is a Dead troll search the body and retrieve A Poorly Scrawn Note which reads,

"Mee Wurst Troll Evurr"

"Nobuddy Pay Brijj Tole"

"Me Nott Sceary Enuf"

A comical refrence to the fairytale troll under the bridge, coincidence I think not....

1,000,000 Gold

Get the cure for vamp. Then bring it to the count, he will give it to his wife. After that he will tell you to come back the next day. Find a place to wait then go back and talk to him. Ask for a reward, he will give you 1000 gold. Then just keep asking him for another reward. You can do this as much as you want and will keep getting 1000 gold. Me and a friend did it so we now have 1,000,000 gold.

The Helmet of Fin-Gleam

What you do is go to the island just off of the coast near Anvil. You get onto that island and the jump in the water.Line yourself up with the rock on the island and dive. [b][/b] [i][/i] WARNING! YOU MAY NEED A WATER BREATHING SPELL! Go down to the bottom and you will find a skeleton with a glass helmet called Fin Gleam.It is enchanted with water breathing, night eye, and something else (!it's a surprise!) Thanks for reading!

All 15 Daedric Artifacts

When you progress to a certain quest in the main storyline called 'Blood of the Daedra', Martin requires you to give him a daedric artifact and warns you that this will remove the artifact from the face of Tamriel. Now if you are a collector and want to have one of every item in the game, then there is a simple way to get around this. There are 4 Daedric items which can actually be cloned unlike the others, these items are the Ring of Namira, Azura's Star, Wabbajack and the Ring of Kahjiiti. Using a duplication glitch clone one of the above mentioned items and you will be able to have all daedric artifacts still in your posession after this quest.

Keep Bound Weapon

Ok, to do this you need the following- a bound weapon or armor spell, an enemy, and a repair hammer. Cast your weapon and hit 1 time, it'll degrade to 99 then immediately go to your repair hammer and repair your bound weapon, now drop it, wait until the time limit runs out and then pick it up. You now have your own bound weapon. It weighs nothing and is worth noting, but has all the statistics of a regular daedric weapon! PLEASE RATE!!!


Infinite money

Note: you will need a horse.

Go to the camp site outside of Kavatch. There should be a green skinned woman you can sell stuff to. While on your horse, sell her your sword that you have equipped. It will come up saying, "You can't sell the weapon you have equipped", but you will still get the money you were selling it for.

Continue to do this and your money will fly up. I got 100,000 gold in about 5 minutes.

Easiest way to do all dark brotherhood and thieves guild quests

Before you do ANYTHING in those two factions, join the arcane univesity or download frostcrag spire.

If you join the arcane univ that means you must complete all recommendations (just clarrifying) become either a journeyman of illusion AND mysticism and be sure you have A LOT OF grand soul gems w/ gand soul levels. Then get a full suit of whatever type of armour you're best at (heavy/light), get a strong weapon and a shield, get a ring or necklace, Then enchant 5 pieces of armour w/ chameleon (this includes the shield) and the other w/ detect life, enchant your peice of jewelery w/ night eye, then enchant your weapon to make it do a lot of damage like fire or ice

Grand soul gems will chameleon 20%

5 peices of armour 20% invisible each = 100% invisible and still able to do..

Item duplicating

Low on cash? Need things to sell? Then follow this easy guide to make loads of the same item!

1) Load an arrow into your bow, but don't fire it.

2) Go into your inventory, and press A twice on the arrows you have equipped.

3) Then drop the item you wish to clone.

4) Voila! Done!

A few words of warning:

If there are any items you no longer want, then collect them all and drop them at the same time so they go into a big pile, if you leave them out separatly then your game may freeze.

Aim at the ground when doing this, if the arrow misses you could hit someone and get in trouble with the guards.

If you have the Game of the Year edition ot bought the expansions online you may have to press A 4 - 5 times rather than twice.

The new infinite cash glitch mega money !!!!!!!!

Well you no that if you kill dorian and get his cash it's like 1000coins

I no a better way it made me 208,561,156 coins.

You need a paralise spell (1 second)

Now paralise him he will try to fight you stop him from fighting you(holdblock and talk)bribe him full then paralise him keep doing this till you have about 100k gold in him you can take unlimite gold and is good because if you run out of cash you can just go back and do it again bacause hes not dead


The guards will come in about 1 min so do it quick then youll be fine

But if you go to jail you Dont loose the cash Smile

Thank-you for your time

How to increase your handtohand, blade, blunt, or sneak

You MUST be on xbox live to do this

first you must download the vile lair, then buy the prisoner from some dude on the stairs in the inn to the west of the imperial city. After that go to the prisoner and attack him with anything or sneak near him


Duplicate items

All you need for this is multipule magic scrolls and a item that you want more of. First press A on the scroll that you have more then one of. Second drop the item you wish to duplicate. Note: dose not work on some items, items that are currently equiped, or any wepons or armor that has been damaged or enhanced by high armor skill, any magic wepons that dosen't have a full charge, or quest items that it wont let you drop. Dont duplicate any item that quanity is one if the number of scrolls is more then 150 might slow or freeze you game if you do so.

Amazing stats

Ok. For this little cheat you NEED to have completed the dark brtoher hood and become the listener. Go to your speaker in the cheydinhal sanctuary and attack her. She has a knike that does 1 attack so you'll be safe. Beat her over and over and over again. Your stats will go up and there is NO consequense. If you start dying then surrender and she ALWAYS accepts. Wait a little bit then do it again as your heath is back up and so is hers. By the way she als Never dies, she goes unconscious. Have fun with this as i do.

Fast and easy leveling! (FOR OBLIVION)

Ok, this cheat will let you max out your stats in no time... Or at least get them to 90 or higher.


Look for Peryites shrine, It's right of bravil go across the lake and keep going by the river, and keep going untill yo see a dragon head on your compass then follow it... Whats this? All the people are frozen, GOOD FREE DUMMY PRACTICE! Stock up on alot of blades or blunt, or hell use your own fist magic anything. FIRST DO NOT TALK TO THE SHRINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so pull out your blade and start wacking at them, and you'll level very fast, you might want to push them into a rock or a tree wall so they don't move when you wack them because they move when you hit them.

Ok well, np guys have fun wackin..

Best Glitch In Whole Game! New Doubling Glitch, After Patch!!!

Okey, So, your running out of health potions, picklocks, magika potions.... Are you running out of anything? Not anymore!!

This gitch will allow you to double, tripple, quadrupple, anything up to x50 of mostly anything in the whole game! Wanna know...?

All you need is:

- up to 2 scrolles ( Any more and your game may freeze and you will have to re-start your xbox :( )

- Whatever you want to double. Ill say the Gold Ring for the sake of confusion.

Okey. Get up your inventory and double tap A on the scrolles. Now go down to the Gold Rings (The Thing you Wonna Double) and click X. Now press B to leave your inventory, and if you did it corectly 2 Gold Rings will fall down at your feet.

If you can't be bothred to do it 2 at ..

Copying items

Just get a bow and some arrows, draw an arrow back, press B to go into your inventory, press A on your arrows, now drop the item you want copied. The item will be copied to the exact amount of arrows you have. (so 20 arrows will copy 20 steel helmets) this also means if you have a broken weapon and you are out of repair hammers, copy the weapon and it will appear brand new and (if it's a magical item) fully charged. P.S. This does not work with all the items on the game but about 96% of them.

Mace of Doom & Wilderness

In order to perform this cheat you must have Frostcrag spire. To start off Ive known about this cheat but never tried to do it until I stumbled on it on accident. I suggest you have everything moved out of the spire and into a house or somewhere, because in order to do it you must get rid of the the spire. If you are standing at the head of the altar looking towards the door and save it and delete frostcrag spire from downloads (do not worry you can download it again for free after deletion) When you reload the file where you saved at the spire you should be in a pitch black room except for in front of you there is a small light. Hover (because your not walking anymore) over to a light that that is directly ahead of you and do not stop for anything. (You must be quick to do this as well...

Infinite Money (Dorian Glitch)

When you get out of the imperial prison sewers and get to the imperial city fast travel to the middle and look for a door that says Dorians house and go in and bribe him as much as possible then close the door and kill him. Then when you loot him you can loot the mony from him for one week in the game after that the cheat will go away.happy spending.(note: make sure that you close the door and stand in front of it so he can't get around you.)

Locatiing The Fin Gleam (Enchanted Glass Helm) At Any Level.

Fin Gleam Helm (Glass Helm)

Fin gleam is a unique glass helm which can be found at any level,

Very useful to a low level character, although it is obviously a very

Unattractive piece of kit if you don't like glassn armor.

To find fin gleam, head west from anvil until you reach the waterfront.

There should be a small island a few yards from the shore, most likely

Populated by numerous mudcrabs, use your map and you will see the small

Island just offshore. Head onto this island and go to it's west side,

Then into the water.

Follow the slope of the island right down the the sea bed, and you will

Find a skeleton not far from the island, nestled between some large

Rocks. On top of this skeleton is Fin Gleam. To make thin..

Fin Gleam Helmet

There is a weird helmet called Fin Gleam which is good during the night and breathing under water. It is found west past Anvil on a small island. Look for that then go a bit more west and under water and it's between 2 rocks. I've found it and love it, the best ever for any quest.

Duplicating much easier

Okay I have read everyones cheat on how to duplicate and for me I can't get it to work, so here is an much easier and simple way.

Don't use bow and arrows!!

There are 2 different and easier ways to do this.

1) Equip your fists or a weapon, not the bow.

Now you must do this quick.

Hit (are) trigger and during mid swing hit (B) to open inventory.

Once inventory is open, equip arrows...NOTE: you must have at least 10 arrows or more,.

Equip arrows if not already equipped if not hit (A) twice and you will read the following message..."You can't change weapons while attacking", than hit (X) to drop item and exit inventory.

With this cheat, you can duplicate potions, spells, jewelery and soul gems just not quest items.

Works really good for repair h..

One ring to rule them all....

For all you stealthy people out there...

If your favorite skill is stealth, then my discovery will aid you greatly. It just so happens I found a ring of invisibility. If I remember correctly, I found it in the Oblivion Gate outside of Cheydinhal. On a daedra. When you go in the Gate, make sure you leave no stone unturned when you ascend the tower inside the gate. It won't be easy to spot the daedra wearing it(obivously). You can then hotkey the ring, and turn it on, and off whenever you want. It tis' pretty awesome, and is VERY helpful when sneaking about. (The ring has a chameleon skill of 25%, making you invisible, and lasts until you take it off.)

Happy sneaking. - The Prodigy

Instant kill weapon(only tried on easy)

This is a really cool thing but I reccomend that you have lots of grand soul gems.

Firts get a really good weapon and go to the enchanting station and enchant the weapon with an grand soul gem and have it put on as drain health for max damage no bonus time and no area damage and it is awsome I did that with my madness longsword and I made it drain 61 points of health(put in mind that I used a gem with 800 power so it's not that great as a 1600 gem) I did that with a fine iron long and I made it drain health 90 and area 2 for 2 seconds it was wicked.

How to upgrade your Heavy Armor skill easily.

First, this may require a few health potions, healing magic, and that you are wearing heavy armor at all times.

Go to a fighting guild hall (Preferably one with lots of people in it.) Pull out your weapon and attack someone within the guild. Holster your weapon and go run into a corner. Everyone in the guild will come to attack you. Just sit in the corner and take the pain until you reach your desired Heavy Armor level which may take some time. You may yield to your attackers at any time to end the fight. However if the authorities get involved, you may need to pay a fine.

Don't worry, the fine should be low if you only struck the guild member once. (The fine should be atleast 40 gold or more.)

The gates of aetheries

It's a can get it from a doom stone near bleak flats cave

Steps to heaven... Lol

Hey I found this out by cloning the wrong item... Well get a paintbrush and clone it about 200 - 400 times and then if you drop 1 you will see that they float so just drop 2 next to eachother and then you got a homemade step... Jump on the step and make annother one... Carry on doing that and then you will be able to get anywhere you want...

Ps. Don't try to get on the big tower in the center of the imperial city, you will just fall through and it takes very long because you keep on falling...

Unlimited iron arrows

Go to the battle arena and stand next to the guy shooting the arrows when he shoots them grab them then he will go up to the target and walk back do this as many times as necessary

Faster Spell Casting

Select a spell, hold down block, and cast the spell(if you have a shield just hold down block, if you don't have a shield then just have your weapon out and block that way). Just press the cast button constantly. This will double the speed of any spell being cast. It is really good for leveling up, or killing people a little faster.

Multiply stones, gems, arrows and lock-picks

First equipt a bow with atleast 70 arrows. Pull back the arrow and open your inventory screen. Once you have opened the inventory screen, scroll to your equipted arrows and select unequipt. after you have selected unequipt, scroll to the item you would like to multiply, drop that item and exit the inventory screen. The game screen will slow down for a short time but, it will re-gain it's normal speed. the item you have chosen to dupelacate will be all over the ground. There will be the same ammount of arrows as items you dupelacated.

Have fun with this cheat I did!!!

Never Damaged Weapons and Infinite Free Recharge

O.k first get two items that are exactly the same that you want to use this for.

Second hotkey one of the two to any hotkey spot.

Third equip it using the hotkey.

Last If you unequip it and then reequip it using the hotkey it will get fully repared and if it's magical it will also get fully rechaged. It's Awsome I use it all the time that way I don't have to repair and pay to rechage my items. It should work. It works for me.

The Real Money Cheat

Go to the imperial city and go to Dorian's house, talk to him and do the bribe thing (NOTE: you don't have to use money) Then close the wooden door and kill him, if he runs outside DO NOT GO OUT (if you do you'll get caught by the guard and you won't kill Dorian) wait for him instead he WILL come back in. When you kill him, loot him and take everything except the money, then loot him again and take his money and you'll be able to take it as many times as you want. Doing this will get you about 100,000 in a minuit!!



Need Good Armor???

Hey! Do you need some armor? Then go a little north of leyiwan on the west side following the road until you reach rockmilk cave......enter at your own risk!!


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