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1: Anvil Recommendation

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Mages Guild

Anvil Recommendation

In the Anvil Mages Guild hall, locate and speak to Carahil; she should be behind the counter in the main hall. Select the 'Recommendation' dialogue option to get started. Carahil explains that there have been several cases of merchants being found dead along the Gold Road near Brina Cross Inn. Frost burns on the victims suggest that a mage is behind the murders. It's your job to investigate the matter.

Before heading off, select the 'Rogue Mage' dialogue option while speaking to Carahil to receive three scrolls of Frost Shell. When you're ready to set out, make your way to Brina Cross Inn north of Anvil and speak to Arielle Jurard inside. After speaking to her, approach the inn keeper and ask for a room. Then, head up the stairs, walk down to the end of the hall, and enter the room there.

Travel along the Gold Road after speaking to Arielle Jurard and sleeping at the Brina Cross Inn to encounter Caminalda.

Wait in your room until Arielle Jurard enters; she instructs you to sleep at Brina Cross Inn, and then travel along the Gold Road toward the ruined city of Kvatch after awakening. Use the bed to sleep for at least one hour, and then exit Brina Cross Inn. Travel along the Gold Road and you will eventually be stopped by Caminalda.

Caminalda is the mage behind these attacks, so you're going to have to take her down. Arielle and her battlemage friend will show up to assist in the fight, however, so besting Caminalda shouldn't be too difficult. If you were given Frost Shell scrolls by Carahil, use them now to take the punch out the rouge mage's ice-based spells. When the job is done, return to Anvil and inform Carahil of your success.

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